Germany launches first tender in country’s coal power phaseout

first_imgGermany launches first tender in country’s coal power phaseout FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享S&P Global Market Intelligence ($):Germany has launched a first coal plant closure compensation tender for 4 GW of hard coal capacity, the country’s federal network agency, BNetzA, said Aug. 4, as part of the country’s phasing out of the fuel by 2038.Germany’s coal exit law, approved by parliament July 3, calls for eight such tenders for closure compensation through to 2024, reducing hard coal capacity to 15 GW by end-2022 and to 8 GW in 2030.The first tender has a bid ceiling of €165,000/MW. Should the tender be oversubscribed, compensation would be awarded to the lowest bidders per metric ton of avoided CO2. The tender closes Sept. 1 with results expected to be announced by December, allowing for plants to close this year. The next tender deadline is set for early January 2021.“The tenders allow for a fast closure of hard coal plants without endangering security of supply,” BNetzA President Jochen Homann said.A second fast-track tender is planned for January with compensation for a further 1.5 GW on offer. For the next six auctions, the regulator is to set the capacity volumes for closure between 2022 and 2027.German hard coal capacity rose above 20 GW in May, with Uniper SE’s 1.1-GW Datteln 4 unit commissioned following delays since construction started a decade ago. Hard coal generation averaged only 3.7 GW in the first seven months of 2020, transmission system operator data shows, with hardly any units running this summer as generation margins declined due to rising EU CO2 prices. Output from hard coal plants has been falling sharply since 2016 and accounted for only 9% of German electricity in 2019, averaging below 6 GW.[Andreas Franke]More ($): Germany launches first compensation tender for 4 GW of hard coal capacitylast_img read more

6 Tips for Climbing with Kids

first_imgWatching her little fingers search out and tentatively latch onto an in cut edge I see the confidence blossom on her face as she shifts her weight onto the higher foot which is wrapped in the cutest little blue climbing shoe. The times that I get to watch my daughter climb are always inspiring. As a climbing instructor it has always been one of my joys watching others explore and learn about climbing and the most special of these times have often involved watching kids get out there. When climbing with younger kids there are also many potential challenges that I have stumbled across over the years. Here are some suggestions and thoughts worth considering when planning your day or climbs.1. Be prepared for a short session in the beginning. Kids may not share our desire for a full on day at first. If you are planning to stay and get some laps in on your project have some toys, games, or pre-planned activities prepared as well as a spare responsible person for supervision of the younger kiddos. The times I have been up on the sharp end trying to send a route and trying to field questions from my daughter made me feel like I was being halfway engaged on both tasks. Fun for no one.2. Start slow and easy. For really young ones like 4 and 5 years setting a rope up on 4th class terrain may be a great start. Have a parent or older sibling climb next to them and offer encouragement and support. Another option to consider is top belays for climbs in the beginning. A child is often more comfortable climbing toward the safety of a parent or primary care giver than they will be climbing away from them when a bottom belay is used.3. Know how to adjust the difficulty of sections of a climb for shorter arms and legs. Maybe you can plug a piece of gear in and hang a 48” runner or a cordelette tied into an aider at a hard bit. Another option is to fix a rope along the route from the top with butterfly knots tied every couple feet. Kids can bail to the rope at times if needed.4. With the smallest kids have a plan to get them down. It is the worst when they are ready to get lowered and maybe freaking out some but are too light for the friction in the system to be lowered! This is a great time to have an adult climbing alongside who can use techniques like attaching themselves to the child’s rope with a friction hitch and then when the adult gets lowered it helps pull the child’s rope down as well. Another option is to have the child climbing be attached to a trail line anchored to the tie in point of their harness. This trail line can then be used to help pull them down as they are being lowered. For younger and smaller kids a full body harness is also a necessity. A seat harness only is for older kids who have clearly defined hips and good balance and core body strength. Can the child easily right themselves if they flip upside down? When in doubt stick with the full body harness or a seat and chest harness combo.5. Helmets are a must! Even if you as an adult choose to not wear a helmet at times your child needs to wear a properly fitted climbing helmet. Kids are often less coordinated and constantly adjusting to a growing body. They are more prone to trip or topple over and be less agile when they fall. Even when not climbing you need to have a master sense of awareness of potential rock fall or dropped objects by parties above you. I have seen a metal water bottle dropped at Looking Glass bounce off into the woods 30 feet from the base of the route. An easily recognizable and conservative zone should be established by you in which kids need to have their helmets on. Make it clear where they can go to take it off when needed.6. Keep it fun! Coaching and encouragement can get easily loaded with my own insecurities and frustrations. Trying to instill a love of climbing means figuring out why they might enjoy it and knowing that they do not have my same history with climbing. I will sometimes place a small toy or prize on a ledge or hold as a way of setting a fun goal for the kids to reach. Know when they are done and don’t push them too hard in the start. My ten year old will rarely climbed to the anchors or top. She is still developing her comfort with heights. If she wants to climb up ten feet and bounce around and swing on the rope that is what we will do. Pushing kids into their stretch zone of fear should be used like a spice. Sometimes a little is all you need.Climbing with my daughter and her friends is by far one of my greatest joys as a parent and lifelong climber. I see how it excites and inspires her and mostly is just flat out fun. As with all climbing skills the techniques I describe here are not something you should ever just wing it on. Practice when the kids are not around so that when you do use these tools you KNOW with certainty you are doing it right. If I am bumbling about and not showing confidence it certainly can make my child more afraid to trust the systems we are using. Seek qualified instruction from a certified instructor who is insured and properly permitted for the area they are working in. Don’t assume that everyone offering a service is properly trained and credentialed, Caveat Emptor. Most of all I hope that when you go climb with your family and friends children that you have fun together and enjoy quality time outdoors. I hope to see you out at the crag.Adrian Hurst is an instructor with Fox Mountain Guides, a North Carolina Outward Bound Climbing Specialist, and an Appalachian Mountain Rescue Team Board Member.last_img read more

Ransomware, WordPress threats grow

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Roy UrricoDangerous new vulnerabilities including ransomware and a new WordPress flaw continue to catch many IT departments by surprise. According to recent reports, CryptoLocker variations encrypt local and mapped drives, and one strain focuses on video gaming files.On a ransomware-infected PC, a message displays stating that decryption requires payment. Ransomware infects PCs via emails purporting to be from authentic computer security companies or falsified websites. continue reading »last_img

“A very serious concern for public safety:” Broome County officials not happy with new discovery law

first_img“This is going to result in charges being dismissed against drug dealers and other drug offenders.” Another problem he said the law is causing: “We also have the New York State Police Crime Lab has informed us that they can not keep up with the demand of the drugs that we send up to be tested.” “We had a trial in county court last week where a witness who was a victim of a crime was contacted by the family of the defendant asking him if he was going to testify,” said Korchak. The mayor’s office estimates the current requirements of the law could cost the city between $150,000-$200,000 each year for additional personnel costs. “This is a very real situation, very serious concern for public safety,” said Korchak. He said not only does the law cut down on time, but also, “My fear is that witnesses will no longer come forward knowing that violent felons will immediately get their grand jury testimony, and most times these felons will be out of out custody when they get it.” Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak has major bones to pick with the law. He says, “The discovery law creates a danger.” (WBNG) — Officials in Broome County are concerned about the new Discovery Law that took effect this year and the issues it poses for the community. Describing it, he said, “We have 1,500 felonies and several thousand misdemeanors that come through our system every year, we have to comply within 15 days all police reports, all witness statements, witness contact information has to be turned over, grand jury testimony has to be turned over, again, it’s an unworkable situation.” His fears continue to include more witness tampering and intimidation, a scenario that’s already happened in Broome County. “We’re asking lawmakers to take a step back, get the input of judges and district attorneys and make real changes to this law,” said Korchak. The two leaders, among others, want change. An issue he predicts could have a domino effect. Change, they say, is needed sooner rather than later. Binghamton Mayor Rich David explained the law is also negatively impacting the city’s police department by having to add personnel to keep up with its demands.last_img read more

Shipyard Worker Dies at Fukuoka Shipbuilding

first_imgA shipyard worker has lost his life while working on a newbuilding vessel at the Fukuoka Shipbuilding in Japan.The worker reportedly succumbed to fatal injuries he suffered while cleaning the ship’s cargo tank.The man, in his late fifties, reportedly fell while working in the cargo tank of the chemical tanker newbuild. The man was found unconscious and rushed to a hospital for medical treatment by the local fire-fighting department. However,  the worker could not be saved.The ship was intended to join Odfjell Tankers later this year, as the company is scheduled to take over the ship as its commercial manager. The ship is not owned by Odfjel, however.Fukuoka Shipbuilding is yet to provide WMN with a comment on the matter.Odfjell has a total of 76 tankers, out of which 34 are owned, 16 are on time charter, 13 are leased, 5 are on bareboat charter and 8 are in a pool, data from the company’s website shows.There are five newbuilds on order for the company, three chemical tankers and two gas carriers.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more


first_img Share Tweet 62 Views   no discussions Share HealthLifestyle Hemorrhoids by: – February 24, 2011center_img Sharing is caring! Share DefinitionHemorrhoids are painful, swollen veins in the lower portion of the rectum or anus.Alternative NamesRectal lump; Piles; Lump in the rectumCauses, incidence, and risk factorsThis condition is very common, especially during pregnancy and after childbirth. Hemorrhoids result from increased pressure in the veins of the anus. The pressure causes the veins to bulge and expand, making them painful, particularly when you are sitting.The most common cause is straining during bowel movements. Hemorrhoids may result from constipation, sitting for long periods of time, and anal infections. In some cases they may be caused by other diseases, such as liver cirrhosis.Internal hemorrhoids occur just inside the anus, at the beginning of the rectum. External hemorrhoids occur at the anal opening and may hang outside the anus.SymptomsSymptoms of hemorrhoids include:Anal itchingAnal ache or pain, especially while sittingBright red blood on toilet tissue, stool, or in the toilet bowlPain during bowel movementsOne or more hard tender lumps near the anusSigns and testsA doctor can often diagnose hemorrhoids simply by examining the rectal area. If necessary, tests that may help diagnose the problem include:Stool guaiac (shows the presence of blood)SigmoidoscopyAnoscopyTreatmentOver-the-counter corticosteroid creams can reduce pain and swelling. Hemorrhoid creams with lidocaine can reduce pain. Witch hazel (applied with cotton swabs) can reduce itching. Other steps for anal itching include:Wear cotton undergarments.Avoid toilet tissue with perfumes or colors.Try not to scratch the area.Sitz baths can help you to feel better. Sit in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Stool softeners help reduce straining and constipation.For cases that don’t respond to home treatments, a surgeon or gastroenterologist can apply heat treatment, called infrared coagulation, to shrink internal hemorrhoids. This may help avoid surgery. Surgery that may be done to treat hemorrhoids includes rubber band ligation or surgical hemorrhoidectomy. These procedures are generally used for patients with severe pain or bleeding who have not responded to other therapy.Expectations (prognosis)Most treatments are effective, but to prevent the hemorrhoids from coming back, you will need to maintain a high-fiber diet and drink plenty of fluids.ComplicationsThe blood in the enlarged veins may form clots, and the tissue surrounding the hemorrhoids can die. Hemorrhoids with clots generally require surgical removal.Severe bleeding may also occur. Iron deficiency anemia can result from prolonged loss of blood. Significant bleeding from hemorrhoids is unusual, however.Calling your health care providerCall for an appointment with your health care provider if hemorrhoid symptoms do not improve with home treatment. You should also be seen if you have rectal bleeding. Your provider may want to check for other, more serious causes of the bleeding, especially if you have never bled from hemorrhoids before.Call 911 if blood loss is significant or if you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or faint.PreventionAvoid straining during bowel movements. You can help prevent hemorrhoids by preventing constipation. Drink plenty of fluids, at least eight glasses per day. Eat a high-fiber diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Consider fiber supplements.last_img read more

Browne hopeful bid could succeed

first_img Chief executive Browne is confident the Irish Rugby Football Union can follow New Zealand’s lead, after the successful 2011 tournament staged there. The IRFU has been working on a 2023 World Cup bid since 2011, and are now waiting on parliamentary backing. The 2023 Rugby World Cup bidding process will commence with the International Rugby Board in 2016. Browne said “decisions will be taken by the IRB in 2017”. Ireland are expected to face strong competition from France, South Africa and Italy, who have all already expressed interest in bidding for the tournament. England will host the 2015 tournament, before Japan entertain the rugby world four years later. Minister Varadkar has already projected an 800 million Euro benefit to Ireland’s economy from hosting the tournament. The IRFU confirmed the GAA have already ratified use of their stadia, such as Croke Park, building confidence Ireland boasts the facilities to pull off such a major world sporting event. Varadkar said hosting the World Cup would be a big morale boost for Ireland. He said: “This would have huge benefits for Ireland’s profile, not least in terms of rugby, but also for tourism, business and the overall economy. “Hosting the Rugby World Cup is probably the biggest international event that a country of our size could achieve.” Irish rugby boss Philip Browne can find “no reason on earth” why Ireland could not host the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Ireland’s minister for transport, tourism and sport Leo Varadkar is a strong supporter of the IRFU cause. The World Cup bid was due to be put before the Irish Government on Tuesday, and should shortly be put to the Northern Ireland Executive. IRFU boss Browne said behind-the-scenes talks with both regimes have yielded progress. Browne said: “This sort of bid couldn’t happen without committed support from the governments both north and south. “We’ve had discussions with Leo Varadkar and we’ve had discussions with Arlene Foster in the Northern Ireland Government and in principle I think they’re very supportive. “It obviously needs now to go to cabinet and Leo Varadkar has said he’s bringing it to cabinet on Tuesday, and obviously it would need to go to cabinet in Northern Ireland as well. “Yes it’s a big bid and it’s a big undertaking. “But if it can be done in a country like New Zealand which is a similar size in terms of population, there’s no reason on earth why it can’t be done here.” Press Associationlast_img read more

Angry Carl Ikeme Accuses Norwich Forward of Diving

first_imgWolverhampton Wanderers shot stopper Carl Ikeme has reacted to the incident that got him sent off in yesterday’s 1-3 loss to Norwich City.Ikeme was sent off in the 72nd minute after an altercation with Norwich City forward Wes Hoolahan, a situation which won the home side a penalty which they converted to put the game beyond the reach of Wolves.However the Super Eagles shot stopper believes his sending off was harsh and criticized the forward for play acting to get him sent off.The Super Eagles number one gave his reaction in a number of post on his official twitter handle.“Ok then… been mulling over whether to say anything or not….Some will say don’t react. I understand ur point. It’s hard not to be frustrated when someone blatantly dives to win a penalty. Then dives again when pushed on his chest. I supposed you live and learn but this one is hard to take. I Apologise if anyone feels let down,” Ikeme wrote on Twitter“A lot of Norwich fans not happy. I have nothing against your club or Wes. These things happen in football so we just move on”. Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Victor Moses Out of Eagles’ Algeria, Argentina Games

first_imgIt was further learnt that Eagles Franco-German Technical Adviser, Gernot Rohr has decided not to hand the 2013 AFCON-winning star an invitation to allow him recover for the Eagles’ subsequent matches.“I can confirm to you that Victor Moses is out of the tie as he won’t have fully recovered for the match; as much as we want to play our best players in the two games, we don’t also want to risk any player ahead of further national team games,” the source told source also debunked the news in the Nigeria media that his omission was because of a purported fraction between the player’s club and the Nigerian FA.“There are no issues between us and Chelsea over his injury; these things are unavoidable in football and we can only wish the player recovers on time and come back to full fitness for both club and country,” the source added.Moses was instrumental in the Super Eagles’ qualification to the World Cup in Russia next year, scoring three goals in the process.Meanwhile, English-born Nigerian defender, Dominic Iorfa, has expressed his desire to play for the Super Eagles in the future if the opportunity presents its self.The 22-year-old defender, who is the son of former Nigerian international, Dominic Iorfa, told Ipswich Town’s Magazine that his dad has a whole lot of influence on his career and wants him to wear the green and white of Nigeria.“Maybe my dad would like me to play for Nigeria in the future, we will see but he understands it’s a big year for me and my priority is to progress with Ipswich.“He has always been there for me and I have taken his advice. He has been in my shoes, so he knows what it’s all about,” Iorfa said.The Ipswich Town defender is on-loan from Wolverhampton Wanderers and was part of the youth system at his local club Southend United before joining the academy of Wolverhampton Wanderers at the age of 15.He moved on a one-month loan to League One Shrewsbury Town in March 2014, and made his senior debut the same day as a substitute in a 0–1 defeat at Colchester.Following his return to Wolves, Iorfa made his first appearance for the club in a 2–1 loss to Bournemouth at Molineux on 6 December 2014.He swiftly became the club’s first choice right-back, starting in twenty-one of Wolves’ twenty-five remaining fixtures following his debut.In January 2015, Iorfa won the football league’s Young Player of the Month Award.The young defender, who can play both as a centre-back and right-back, has featured for the England youth setup across all age grades and won the Toulon Invitational Tournament in 2016Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Iorfa’s England-born son open to Nigeria inviteSuper Eagles forward, Victor Moses is not likely to be available for Nigeria’s last World Cup 2018 qualifier against the Desert Foxes of Algeria and the Grade-A friendly against the La Albeceleste of Argentina next month.Both matches are scheduled for November 10 and 14 in Blida, Algeria and in Krasnoder, Russia.Sources at the Glass House in Abuja hinted yesterday that the Chelsea wing-back who pulled up a hamstring injury in the Blues’ 2-1 loss to Crystal Palace a fortnight ago, has missed a further three games for the English champions and is not expected to be fully fit before the two clashes with Algeria and Argentina.last_img read more

Play’n GO hires Stuart Trigwell as UK commercial lead

first_img StumbleUpon Related Articles Spelinspektionen reminds operators of AML responsibilities July 2, 2020 LeoVegas hits back at Swedish regulations despite Q2 successes August 13, 2020 Submit Share Betsson outrides pandemic challenges as regulatory dramas loom July 21, 2020 Share Stuart TrigwellSwedish industry games and content provider Play’n GO has moved to strengthen its UK commercial operations by appointing Stuart Trigwell as its new UK Sales Manager.Trigwell joins Play’n GO having served as UK Director of Sales for international betting systems Global Bet (2015 -2017). He will be charged with leading Play’n GO UK industry commercial partnerships; a key area that Play’n GO management have targeted for corporate growth.At present, currently services content partnerships with Bet365, BetVictor, and Unibet. The company has opened a London office to aid its UK ambitions.Johan Törnqvist, Group CEO at Play’n GO, commented on the appointment: “This is an exciting time for Play’n GO as we look to grow our commercial and staffing presence in the UK, where we see our games to perform very strongly.“Stuart is a key part of this strategy. His previous high-level experience working with and for leading operators, as well as within the supply sector will be invaluable going forward. But his appointment will be the first of many as we have big plans to stamp our mark on the UK market.”Trigwell commented on joining on Play’n GO “I’m excited to be at such an innovative company who have continued to set the industry benchmark in recent years. I’m really looking forward to shaping our UK presence in the coming years as we continue our ambitious expansion plans.”last_img read more