HTC to debut their own Facebook phone at Mobile World Congress

first_imgThis year’s Mobile World Congress seems like it will have a heavy Facebook presence. Earlier today, we already heard tell of INQ‘s two new Facebook phones, and now sources are telling the Financial Times that HTC will be releasing their own Facebook phone that will feature a dedicated button that will, at the very least, act as a shortcut to the world’s largest social network.The handset — which is likely an Android phone due to that operating system’s expandability — may offer deeper integration with Facebook than just a quick-launch button though. Although details are unknown at this point, it’s possible that HTC will leverage Facebook’s APIs to integrate the social network’s status, photo and video sharing functionality.One way they could accomplish this is through HTC’s Sense software, the modified UI they ship all of their Android phones with. This UI already has some degree of Facebook integration in the way it pulls status updates and allows users to publish messages to their profile from a central point. Perhaps HTC means to dramatically extend the Sense UI to more robustly handle Facebook functionality, and the new shortcut button is simply an external reflection of that software change. Either way, it seems very, very likely that HTC plans more than just slapping another hardware button on every phone, with one source telling the Financial Times that Facebook functionality remains “one of HTC’s main pushes for the year.”Read more at Slashgearlast_img read more