Oprah places Surface tablet in Favorite Things list

first_imgMicrosoft’s newly launched Surface tablet certainly faces an uphill battle in its quest to take on the likes of the iPad and the myriad Android-powered tablets, but it has managed to impress at least one mogul with a pretty big megaphone — Oprah.The talk show queen has officially given her seal of approval to Surface by christening it in her annual list of “Favorite Things,” which help millions of Winfrey devotees decide what to buy for the holiday season. The Microsoft tablet chimes in at number 22 among the 49 hand-picked products.It is one of only a few electronic devices included in the list, standing out among the tons of makeup kits and fashion accessories.Her words are no doubt like fireworks going off in Microsoft’s office, with her calling it a “wowser” and saying it is the Mercedes-Benz of the tablet market. Not many people in the technology world were waiting to hear what Oprah’s tablet of choice would be, but for millions of other mainstream consumers, it could make an impact.Oprah‘s endorsement of Surface is not just about gaining a PR edge for the holiday season. It also helps with Microsoft’s storyline that the tablet is all about accessibility. Microsoft wants consumers to see that the iPad is for the enthusiasts, the Android tablets are for the geeks, and Windows RT is for the soccer moms and the mainstream consumers who want a user-friendly all-in-one device.That’s the company’s selling point. Now, whether or not that resonates with consumers will be the barometer of the platform’s success.via Oprah.comlast_img read more