Gothams Hatter is still scary the second time around

first_img NYCC 18: The Cast of Gotham On Bane, Batman and Saying GoodbyeDC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC News Batman villains are at their best when they scare the living crap out of us. That’s why we love The Joker so much. It’s why Scarecrow’s sequence in Batman: Arkham Asylum is the one we all remember. And it’s why the introduction of the Mad Hatter to Gotham breathed some life into an otherwise slow third season.This week, we got to see how dangerous he really is. Even though Jim escaped with his life at the end of the last episode, he’s still under the Hatter’s spell. His search for the hypnotist goes, of course, through Barbara who briefly reminisces about if they were married, but offers little actual help. We know the characters get together in the comics, but with the direction they’ve taken Barbara in the show, the flirtation is awkward now.Gordon heads down to GCPD to ask Commissioner Barnes if he can talk to Alice. Barnes still isn’t too happy with Gordon’s decision to become a private investigator/bounty hunter, but he eventually gives Jim five minutes in the interrogation room. There, Alice reveals the reason she’s on the run from her brother. Besides the fact that his face is the stuff of nightmares. She tells Jim that her brother used to use his abilities to control her. At first, it was just to keep her nearby. Then he put thoughts in her brain “that no brother should have.” Ew. She also explains that her blood power is similar to her brother’s hypnosis. She says it brings out people’s true nature.Mad Hatter recruits wrestling henchmen on Gotham. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Their conversation is cut short as the Hatter has recruited a team of wrestlers to storm the police station so he can get his sister. Jim tries to escort Alice out of the station safely, but the Hatter blocks their way. Pulling out his watch again, the Hatter nearly forces Jim to kill himself again, this time with his own gun. The Hatter escapes with Alice and Lee knocks Jim out to save him. When he comes to, Lee tells Jim that she still cares for him even though she’s moved on, while Bullock interrogates one of the arrested wrestlers to find out where the Hatter went.Bullock and Jim track him down to one of Gotham’s many abandoned amusement parks. This time, Jim’s able to resist the Hatter’s hypnosis. Alice tries to break free but ends up falling off a ledge and gets impaled on a pole. The Hatter escapes with one of his henchmen and Barnes while investigating the crime scene, feels a drop of Alice’s blood fall into his eye. We’ll have to wait until next week to see what comes of that.Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) campaigns for mayor. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Elsewhere in Gotham, the Penguin gets elected mayor, promising to “make Gotham safe again.” With plots like this, it’s no wonder the Gotham Comic Con panel got so political. At first, Penguin tries to rig the election, but Nigma prevents it from happening. He’s confident that the people will elect the Penguin on their own, which they do. In his acceptance speech, Penguin names Nigma as his chief of staff. Something we can clearly see won’t sit well at GCPD next week.Finally, we had some teenage angst drama with Bruce and his clone. The clone pretends to be Bruce to go out with Selina. When she get caught trying to steal money from the rich, criminal patrons of a bar she’s captured and almost tortured, but clone-Bruce breaks in and makes short work of everyone. Once they’re free, Selina notices some scars on the clone’s stomach and deduces that he’s not Bruce.He tells her everything, and Selina confides in him as well. When the question of Bruce comes up, Selina brushes it off. “Forget about him. He’s more messed up than you.” Which, since he’ll eventually put on a bat suit and fight crime, is probably true. The clone kisses Selina, and she leaves. Alfred and the real Bruce find the clone, who accuses Bruce of having everything but not being able to use it to get what he wants. He says he’s leaving Gotham forever and asks Bruce to thank Selina for the kiss. That gets Bruce jealous at first, but makes him happy when he reasons that she probably thought it was him. The clone doesn’t get as far as he hoped, as he is pulled into a limo by the Court of Owls.Bruce Wayne’s clone (David Mazouz) kisses Selina (Camren Bicondova). (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)This episode is more set-up, but unlike the first two episodes of the season, it’s interesting and meaningful. The pieces for the rest of the season are all in place, and we can clearly see all the directions the show can go from here. Penguin is mayor, which will no doubt make Gotham an even more terrifying place to live. He was able to get an angry mob to attack people with supernatural abilities. And that was before he had any real power of his own.The Hatter is still out there, blaming Jim and the GCPD for the death of his sister, and Commissioner Barnes probably isn’t long for this world. Shame too, he was one of the best additions to the show last season. And now there’s the question of what the Court of Owls plans to do with the clone of Bruce. Gotham finally has some momentum behind it. Hopefully, it can keep up the pace. Stay on targetlast_img read more