UAE: Fincantieri to Extend Al Fattan Shipyard in Abu Dhabi

first_img View post tag: UAE March 7, 2012 UAE: Fincantieri to Extend Al Fattan Shipyard in Abu Dhabi View post tag: Fincantieri Fincantieri, the Italian shipbuilder, is going to extend the Al Fattan shipyard in Abu Dhabi as part of Etihad Ship Building (ESB), its new joint venture in the UAE, reports The National.“Etihad Ship Building is set to become our main logistical hub in an area which is of strategic importance for Fincantieri with a view to building ships ordered by local navies in the region,” said Alberto Maestrini, the senior vice president of naval vessels at Fincantieri.Expected to be completed by 2017, the new facility will comprise a prefabrication shed, a large hull assembly and ship refit area, a 5,000 ton shiplift, workshops, warehousing and offices.The Italian company is currently constructing three vessels for the UAE Navy at Italian shipyards, including an Abu Dhabi-class anti-submarine corvette and two “Falaj 2″ stealth-class patrol vessels scheduled to be delivered between the end of this year and early next year.ESB joint venture, established in 2010 between Al Fattan Ship Industries, Melara Middle East and Fincantieri, is currently performing maintenance work on two Iraqi Navy patrol crafts, originally built for Iraq by Fincantieri, with a contract for two more to follow.According to Mr. Maestrini the aim for ESB is to become a prime contractor for naval vessels. The yard is constantly looking for maintenance and refit orders and is working on new design concepts, such as a request from the UAE Navy to evaluate the new Skorpio project, a design for a 70-knot, 15 meter stealth patrol craft.ESB joint venture as a part of Fincantieri’s strategy to expand its business to Brazil, USA, India and UAE will likely cost Fincantieri a whopping € 15 billion (approx $ 19.7 billion) over the next five years.[mappress]Naval Today Staff , March 07, 2012 Share this article View post tag: Dhabi Industry newscenter_img View post tag: extend View post tag: Fattan View post tag: shipyard View post tag: Abu View post tag: Al Back to overview,Home naval-today UAE: Fincantieri to Extend Al Fattan Shipyard in Abu Dhabi last_img read more


first_imgAbout Evansville-Vanderburgh Airport Authority District (EVVAD)The Evansville-Vanderburgh Airport Authority District (EVAAD) owns and operates Evansville Regional Airport. The EVAAD also owns Thunderbolt Golf Course and leases other buildings and parcels of land around the airport. In all, the airport authority owns and maintains approximately 1,700 acres, with total property employment exceeding 500 employees. Evansville Regional Airport is served by all three legacy carriers – American Airlines, Delta and United, and low-cost carrier Allegiant, which connect passengers to hundreds of competitive-priced domestic and international destinations daily via direct flights to five top-rate hub cities – Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Charlotte and Chicago, as well as direct flights to Orlando/Sanford. Evansville Regional Airport generates more than $900 million in economic benefits annually, per the Economic Survey completed by the Aviation Association of Indiana in 2012. “It’s an exciting time for our board, as Gretchen brings a wealth of experience,” said Rick Kaskel, EVAAD Board President. “We are confident that her contributions will complement our existing board of directors and her leadership will be invaluable.”Muchnick joins current board members Kaskel, J.P. Engelbrecht, Vice-President, Alan Leibundguth, Treasurer and E.O. “Pete” Popham, Jr., Secretary. Muchnick serves as the vice president of Marketing at F.C. Tucker Emge Realtors, where she’s worked since 2006, and oversees the company’s marketing and branding efforts, marketing tools for real estate agents and the company’s Information Technology department. Prior to F.C. Tucker, Muchnick began her career with The Proctor & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University. EVANSVILLE-VANDERBURGH AIRPORT AUTHORITY WELCOMES NEW MEMBER TO ITS BOARD EVANSVILLE – The Evansville Vanderburgh Airport Authority District (EVAAD) announces that Gretchen Muchnick has joined its board of directors.“We are thrilled to add Gretchen to our board,” said Doug Joest, EVAAD Executive Director. “Her valuable experience and expertise across the fields of business, marketing and engineering will be an asset to the airport authority.” FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

One thing to change: Anecdotes aren’t data

first_img Related Many people are convinced that the country is irredeemably racist, sexist, homophobic, and sexually assaultive, whereas all of these scourges are in steady decline (albeit not quickly enough). People on both the right and left have become cynical about global institutions because they think that the world is becoming poorer and more war-torn, whereas in recent decades global measures of extreme poverty and battle deaths have plummeted.People are terrified of nuclear power (the most scalable form of carbon-free energy) because of images of Three Mile Island (which killed no one), Fukushima (which killed no one; the deaths were caused by the tsunami and a panicked, unnecessary evacuation), and Chernobyl (which killed fewer people than are killed by coal every day). They imagine that fossil fuels can be replaced by solar energy, without doing the math on how many square miles would have to be tiled with solar panels to satisfy the world’s vastly growing thirst for electricity. And they think that voluntary sacrifices, like unplugging laptop chargers, are a sensible way to deal with climate change.How do we change this destructive statistical illiteracy and disdain for data? We need to make “factfulness” (as Hans, Ola, and Anna Rosling call it) an inherent part of the culture of education, journalism, commentary, and politics. An awareness of the infirmity of unaided human intuition should be part of the conventional wisdom of every educated person. Guiding policy or activism by conspicuous events, without reference to data, should come to be seen as risible as guiding them by omens, dreams, or whether Jupiter is rising in Sagittarius.— Steven PinkerJohnstone Family Professor of PsychologyNext week: Abraham “Avi” Loeb discusses why he wants more scientists to think like children. Giving ‘good’ a rigorous inspection Steven Pinker’s history of thought Steven Pinker makes case for human progress in ‘Enlightenment Now’ Wielding data against doom and gloomcenter_img Greene, Pinker, and Singer trade ideas on how to be moral — and happy This is the first part of a series called Focal Point, in which we ask a range of Harvard faculty members to answer the same question. Focal PointSteven PinkerQuestion: What is one thing wrong with the world that you would change, and why?Too many leaders and influencers, including politicians, journalists, intellectuals, and academics, surrender to the cognitive bias of assessing the world through anecdotes and images rather than data and facts.Our president assumed office with a dystopian vision of American “carnage” in an era in which violent crime rates were close to historical lows. His Republican predecessor created a massive new federal department and launched two destructive wars to protect Americans against a hazard, terrorism, that most years kills fewer people than bee stings and lightning strikes. In the year after the 9/11 attacks, 1,500 Americans who were scared away from flying perished in car crashes, unaware that a Boston-LA air trip has the same risk as driving 12 miles.One death from a self-driving Tesla makes worldwide headlines, but the 1.25 million deaths each year from human-driven vehicles don’t. Small children are traumatized by school drills that teach them how to hide from rampage shooters, who have an infinitesimal chance of killing them compared with car crashes, drownings, or, for that matter, non-rampage killers, who slay the equivalent of a Sandy Hook and a half every day. Several heavily publicized police shootings have persuaded activists that minorities are in mortal danger from racist cops, whereas three analyses (two by Harvard faculty, Sendhil Mullainathan and Roland Fryer) have shown no racial bias in police shootings. “How do we change this destructive statistical illiteracy and disdain for data?” The Daily Gazette Sign up for daily emails to get the latest Harvard news. ‘What could be more interesting than how the mind works?’last_img read more