NASSCORP Has Done It Again!

first_imgAfter erecting that beautiful, imposing structure at ELWA Junction, which now houses the Liberia Revenue Authority, the National Social Security Corporation (NASSCORP) quickly acquired the property next door and is now putting up another multistoried building, which they say is to be used for a diagnostic center to help modernize the nation’s healthcare delivery system. This new building is very near completion and NASSCORP Managing Director Dewitt von Balmoos yesterday told the Daily Observer that the diagnostic center should be in operation by mid-year.Asked how he came to think of such an important facility which is not too common around here, he joked, “Every now and then I come up with some bright ideas.”But there is more that this young, dynamic and visionary public servant and his great public corporation are doing. Now they have nearly completed their new headquarters at 24th Street. We guess that within a year they will be moving in. The building NASSCORP currently occupies is also its own, but he said it has grown too small for its operations, so they had to acquire more land, on which they have now built their new head office.And to demonstrate that NASSCORP is not just a big organization, but one with a big heart, it has shown compassion for its new 24th Street neighbors. NASSCORP has constructed a concrete road leading from its building at Tubman Boulevard leading all the way to the Atlantic beach where 24th Street ends. This has made NASSCORP’s new neighbors very happy, for during the Rains they have had to contend with a lot of water and even mud; while during the Dry, there is the swirling dust.One thing more we have recently learnt of NASSCORP. Mr. von Balmoos says they plan to build regional offices in every county, and are later this week traveling to Kakata, Margibi County to inspect their nearly completed headquarters there.We wonder how those who ran NASSCORP during the Doe, Taylor and Gyude Bryant regimes feel today? Many of them did nothing but loot the corporation, and when the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration took them, among others, to court, the Liberian courts gave them a carte blanche passage to freedom! They and some other looters, not only from NASSCORP but even the Finance and other Ministries, built big buildings in various parts of Monrovia, and are today boasting that they are rich. What riches when you have to bow your heads in public, self-convicted with the guilt of ill-gotten “wealth?” Jesus asks the question, “What does it profit a man—or person—if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”We wonder further what happened to all the financial resources of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA) under the watch of its powerful former Commissioner, Binyah Kesselly. Yes, the LMA paved a good part of the Marshall Road, and fixed its training buildings in Marshall City. Maritime also paid for workers to keep the Monrovia beaches clean—for a while. But where else did Maritime’s millions of United States dollars go? We pray that most other public servants will emulate the pristine example of DeWitt von Balmoos, NASSCORP Managing Director. Would that we had more public servants like him, Liberia would be one of the fastest developing nations in Africa. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more