Juggler, Robot Entertain Crowd at WAFU Finals

first_imgThe young man juggler in a display with the chair while the robotic human being stands behind himThere was a side attraction at the finals of the West Africa Football Union (WAFU) between eventual winners, The Gambia and host Liberia on May 6 at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.It was in the first game between La Cote d’Ivoire and Mali when the two men, a bottle juggler and another moving in calculated steps appeared near the perimeter of the pitch.Though my location on the field (VIP) did not allow me the chance to get closer to the two men, I was able to capture their images as both of them; particularly the bottle juggler began to demonstrate his skills.At first he held three empty stout bottles or what appeared to be three empty plastic bottles. He held the three bottles together and pulled out and threw it so high that before it could descend to his location, he would throw the other two at the same time.He juggles with the three bottles all at once in rapid movementBy now the one he had first thrown into the air, would easily fall into his hand and he would continue with the process with rapid motion that drew the attention of soccer fans.He would keep his rapid motion on for several seconds as he moved back and forth the direction the bottles were descending and he was so expert about it that at no occasion did the any of the bottle fall, by any chance.Afterward he would hand over the three bottles to the robot man and picked up a white empty plastic chair. As you can see in one of the pictures, he would place an angle edge of the chair somewhere on his face and allow his hands to fall on his side. Surprisingly he would keep the chair in a steady position for several minutes.After some performance, the robot man would pick the scene. With his body painted white, in a dark shades with red writings on his chest and his stomach, he would robotically move one step after the other as if he was being controlled by a magnetic system inside or outside his body.Lately, there have been a good number of people who are earning a form of income through advertising messages or products for businesses and some government agencies. The man had WINNERS written on his chest.The young man in question behaved as if he was walking on motorized wheels, as robots are programmed with dozens of movable segments that are typically made of metal or plastic. In a pure imitation, the young man behaved as if he were a real robot that spins wheels and pivot jointed segments with some sort of actuator or a hydraulic system, a pneumatic system (a system driven by compressed gasses). The imitation was so perfect that many people wondered how he could get it so perfectly right.In any case, those were the two side attractions that provided a form of entertainment for thousands who thronged the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, particularly in the final day of the tournament as the two teams engaged each other in a grand finale.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Arnold wants China annexed

first_img Paris not burning – as much: In a tremendous setback to dissidents who have taken a torch to the country, French officials say that the protests have lessened as the demonstrators are slowly running out of cars to burn. “They are burning cars faster than we can build them,” said Mssr. Bijou, minister of transportation. “On a positive note, Paris traffic has never run so smoothly.” McBrain Food: When school officials took junk food off the menu at Inglewood High School, students’ business IQ went up 200 percent. Turning adversity into an economic opportunity and giving Colombian drug lords a run for their money, some students launched a black-market cartel to smuggle the banned food into school and sell it at a 20 percent profit. While school administrators were indignant over the students’ using the junk-food shortage to gouge the student body, oil company CEOs have begun a new employee-recruitment policy at local high schools. Steve Young is author of “Great Failures of the Extremely Successful” and can be heard on Los Angeles’ KTLK-AM (1150) on Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! A rnold in China: With the overwhelmingly positive reaction he received in China, the governor has announced plans to call for a special election to redistrict China into California. “It’s about time we stop putting geographic designations in the hands of biased, map-bending cartographers,” said the popular-everywhere-but-California governor., It wasn’t that big a fib: White House papers show that the big oil companies did participate in Vice President Dick Cheney’s secret energy policy meetings. Oil company CEOs told senators last week that their companies did not participate. A release from the oil giants, titled “We thought you were talking about another secret energy meeting,” explained the discrepancy. “Do you think it’s easy keeping track of all the secret energy meetings we go to? Which meeting was which? Who was there? What did they serve for dessert? After a while, you can understand how one secret meeting blends into another.” More Watergate nostalgia: Bob Woodward of The Washington Post revealed that he was told by a senior White House official that Joseph Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA three months before that news was reported in a column by Robert Novak. Woodward explained that he had mixed up this information with his promise not to reveal Deep Throat’s identity. “As a reporter, there are so many things you promise – or what some cynics call ‘lying’ – to get the inside story, who can keep them straight?” said the formerly credible investigative reporter. “In fact, I had planned not to reveal that I was actually Robert Redford until after I had died – d’oh!” God takes blame for Pat Robertson: In a stunning announcement, the Lord said that he, in fact, was responsible for 700 Club chief executive Pat Robertson and his asinine proclamations, such as a proclamation that God would not help the citizens of Dover, Pa., because they voted out the board of education members who wanted “intelligent design” to be taught in their schools. “I was sure when people saw what orifice Robertson was talking out of, they would get it,” said the Intelligent Designer himself. “Guess the joke was too inside.” AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals Dodgers name new GM: And the task at hand won’t be a walk in the park. New general manager Ned Colletti won’t have the advantage recent Dodger general managers have had – a winner to break up. “Ned’s job won’t be easy,” said a nervously twitching team official who chose to remain anonymous so that he could keep his job. “With so little talent and even less chemistry, tearing apart the team, as well as the hearts of Dodger fans, will be a toughie.” Huh?: GQ magazine has announced that it will name Jennifer Aniston its 2005 Man of the Year. In a totally unrelated story, most heterosexual men now think they must be gay. Those darn holiday speeches: In response to the president’s decision to use a Veterans Day speech to slam his critics, including many who are veterans, Democrats announced that they will have a rebuttal, but they will wait until Presidents Day to give it. Coming up next for the president: his annual Thanksgiving Day message, which will take the Pilgrims to task. Secure your load: Studies of Los Angeles freeways have found that most traffic problems emanate from a mattress in the far-left lane. Efforts to remove the mattress have been, to date, unsuccessful. Just the naughty parts: In now what seems just a big misunderstanding over what some thought was a call by Bill O’Reilly for al-Qaida to attack San Francisco, the radio-TV talk-show host clarified his comments. “I didn’t mean all of San Francisco,” explained the no-spinmeister. “My God, I love that city. I just meant the part that doesn’t watch ‘The Factor.”‘ last_img read more