iPhone Nano Will Have No Builtin Memory Rumor

first_imgMore rumors about the rumored iPhone nano rumor. According to another rumor from more anonymous sources, the device, said to be due out this summer, will be completely devoid of built-in storage. In attempting to bring the cost of the device down, Apple has apparently stripped it of all manner of features, including one of the most pricey–flash memory.Yep, if the rumor is to be believed, the new iPhone nano will be a cloud-only device, which perhaps goes a ways toward explaining those MobileMe updates that are said to also be coming this summer. We may also finally see the cloud-based fruits of Apple’s purchase (and subsequent shut down) of Lala.One thing’s for sure, the carriers would no doubt love such a move–keeping users entirely dependent on streaming for, well, pretty much everything.last_img read more