Census 2020: Time is Running Out

first_img× There is no citizenship question on the census form. Information about individuals is confidential.  Everyone living in Bayonne should be counted regardless of where they came from.In Census 2020, for the first time in American history, people can be counted in the census by responding on the Internet, by telephone, or on paper.  We urge everyone to be counted right now, before the end of July.  In August, the Census Bureau will send out census takers door-to-door to anyone who has not responded.  We will be better off as a community if more of our residents respond before the door-to-door operation begins.  If you do not want census workers knocking at your door, please respond right now.  You will need to use your address to get started.If you wish to be counted in the census online, please go to www.2020census.gov, then follow the directions.If you received a paper census form in the mail, and you would like to use it, please fill out the form and send it back.If you would like to be counted by telephone, there are phone numbers for English and several other languages.  Here are census phone lines for some languages spoken in Bayonne:  English, 844-330-2020; Spanish, 844-468-2020; Polish, 844-479-2020; Arabic, 844-416-2020; and Tagalog, 844-478-2020.Everyone counts. It’s time to be counted.  Thank you for helping our community have a successful census. This week, the U.S. Census Bureau is sending out reminder postcards to every residential address on file in Bayonne that has not responded yet to Census 2020.  It is vitally important for our community that everyone be counted, regardless of citizenship status, age, race, color, creed, ethnic background, gender, or orientation.  Please include any children who live with you when your household is counted.As of this writing, only 54.4 percent of Bayonne households have responded to Census 2020.  Our response rate needs to be much higher, so that Bayonne gets the funding that we need over the next ten years.  Statewide, 64.1 percent of New Jersey’s households have responded to the census.  Let’s not fall behind the rest of the state. A complete count of Bayonne’s population would enable us to obtain our fair share of federal and state programs that are based on census figures. We stand to gain or lose millions of dollars over the next ten years based on how many residents take part in Census 2020.last_img read more