first_imgCentrica fast-tracks its potential leadersOn 4 Jun 2002 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Top-performing middle managers at utility firm Centrica are beingfast-tracked through a central development centre set up to identify theleaders of tomorrow. Kay Penney, talent management director at Centrica, told the conference thecentre was established following research which highlighted shortfalls in itsprevious approach to developing high performers and future leaders. The study, based on a group of eight high achievers, reveals that while theyall had strong technical and intellectual abilities, they lacked basic peopleskills. Now all managers earmarked with leadership potential are put through thedevelopment centre, which is designed to highlight the full range ofindividuals’ strengths and weaknesses, including how they relate to theircolleagues. The leadership candidates take part in a three-day exercise where they areset a project which concludes with all candidates giving a 30-minutepresentation to 40 frontline staff. Penney said the development centre is helping Centrica identify and fullyexploit the potential in its most talented staff. “We have a huge amountof unfulfilled potential and we need to work out how to measure it and maximiseit,” she said. Only one of the 110 middle managers who have undertaken the programme so farhas proved to have outstanding leadership skills. The company identified five people as having the potential to be outstandingleaders and 33 with the potential to be a senior executive. High-potential staff are fast-tracked centrally and given access to mentorsand development initiatives while the rest are handed back to local HR. Centrica split from British Gas in 1997 and changed its business focusthrough acquisitions of firms such as AA and Goldfish and now has Britain’slargest customer base of around 19 million. By Ross Wigham last_img

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