first_imgI spend a lot of time with my kids, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because the children are our future, we’re making memories and all that crap. It’s a curse because my kids are 7, and 7 year olds can be bat shit crazy. They’ll spend entire afternoons pretending to be cats and meowing at each other. I’ll ask if they want PBJs for lunch and they’ll meow and lick their paws. It’s enough to make a man drink.Enter Emergency Drinking Beer, a straightforward lager from Georgia’s Wild Heaven Craft Beers. There’s nothing fancy about Emergency Drinking Beer. It’s relatively light, easy drinking and barely above near-beer status at a modest 4% ABV. It’s the beer you have on hand at all times in case of an emergency. You put a couple in your glove box. You have one stashed in your bedside table. You pack one along with snacks and Bandaids when you take the kids to the park. At the pool along with the sunscreen. You definitely put one of these in your backpack along with the first aid kit when you head out for a day hike. Add a single Emergency Drinking Beer for every day you’ll be in the wilderness.Emergency Drinking Beer isn’t for getting drunk. You crack one if you take a wrong turn on the trail. You crack one when you’re boss lays into your TPS report. You crack one when you endo on your mountain bike. And you crack one when your kids turn into monkeys at the grocery store and start pulling cereal boxes off the shelves and laughing like diabolical geniuses. Maybe you crack two Emergency Drinking Beers.last_img

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