first_img(Mike) Mancini compared the championship to the iconic Maine-Endwell football run. “I don’t know if the kids really knew but the coaches knew, we knew how special it was.” Mike Mancini and Jayden Fanara are now sophomores at Maine-Endwell High School, and agreed the final out against South Korea was one of the top moments from that summer. “The strikeout curveball, I was just starstruck,” said Mancini. Fanara said “the stadium just kind of erupted.” Nearly four years since the monumental moment, the team remembers it vividly. Mancini said he remembers one coach calling it “the Disneyland of baseball.” “The coaches would try and put it into perspective, but we were just young kids trying to play baseball.” “‘Just like everything in life it’s all about making memories, and that’s what we did, we made memories,” said Coach Mancini. “Live the dream. Don’t blink.” “You dream to go there as a kid, and to play there is something that much more special,” said Mancini. “The football team with the 62 streak. As a kid and ball boy for them, you’re like ‘wow they made history I wish I could do that.’ Then fast forward and you’re doing it, you really don’t think anything of it but you really did make a big impact on Maine-Endwell.” “Our goal was going to be to make it to Williamsport, and we knew we were good enough to make it there, we just never could have dreamed of actually getting there,” said Fanara. While there is no Little League World Series happening this summer, Mancini has advice for the teams playing on the worldwide stage in the future. “Like” Nicole Menner on Facebook and “Follow” her on Twitter. (WBNG) — The 2016 Maine-Endwell Little League World Series championship game will reair on ESPN 2 Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. From the start of the season, the team knew it was special. The experience was life-changing for the kids, coaches and the Maine-Endwell community. Mike’s dad Joe Mancini was a coach on the team, and said the coaches were more nervous than the kids. At the time, the team didn’t fully comprehend the stage they were playing on, which Mancini said left off the pressure. last_img

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