first_imgDeepCode is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help software engineers write cleaner code. It’s a bit like Grammarly or the Hemingway Editor, but for code. It works in an ingenious way. Using AI, it reads your GitHub repositories and highlights anything that might be broken or cause compatibility issues. It is currently only available for Java, JavaScript, and Python, but more languages are going to be added. DeepCode is more than a debugger Sure, DeepCode might sound a little like a glorified debugger. But it’s important to understand it’s much more than that. It doesn’t just correct errors, it can actually help you to improve the code you write. That means the project’s mission isn’t just code that works, but code that works better. It’s thanks to AI that DeepCode is able to support code performance too – the software learns ‘rules’ about how code works best. And because DeepCode is an AI system, it’s only going to get better as it learns more. Speaking to TechCrunch, Boris Paskalev claimed that DeepCode has more than 250,000 rules. This is “growing daily.” Paskalev went on to explain: “We built a platform that understands the intent of the code… We autonomously understand millions of repositories and note the changes developers are making. Then we train our AI engine with those changes and can provide unique suggestions to every single line of code analyzed by our platform.” DeepCode is a compelling prospect for developers. As applications become more complex, and efficiency becomes increasingly more important, a simple solution to unlocking greater performance could be invaluable. It’s no surprise that it has already raised 1.1 milion in investment from VC company btov. It’s only going to become more popular with investors as the popularity of the platform grows. This might mean the end of spaghetti code, which can only be a good thing. Find out more about DeepCode and it’s pricing here. Read more: Active Learning: An approach to training machine learning models efficientlylast_img

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