Jordin Sparks and SCDAA Launch Generation S An Inspiring New Sickle Cell

first_imgNovartis is teaming up with Grammy-nominated singer, film and Broadway star Jordin Sparks and the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. (SCDAA) to launch Generation S, a national sickle cell disease (SCD) storytelling project that will help rewrite the SCD story for generations to come.Generation S encourages anyone touched by SCD to help inspire the sickle cell community and educate the nation by sharing their story.“Although I didn’t have the honor of knowing her throughout her journey, my stepsister Bryanna battled sickle cell disease her entire life,” said Jordin. “Even though we were stepsisters for a short period of time, it was the closest I’ve ever come to the disease and its struggles. I hope that Generation S will help to change how we think about sickle cell and I am proud to lend my voice to our collective stories.”People can go to to share their experiences with sickle cell disease starting today through the end of November – as written stories, photos, or audio or video recordings. Submissions will start to be shared later in the fall, and the collection of stories from around the country will come to life in Feb. 2019. A few participants will also have the opportunity to meet Jordin in person and to work with a professional storyteller on a video to capture their personal experience with sickle cell disease.“Through Generation S, we hope to help people understand more about sickle cell disease, including their family genetic risk factors for passing the disease on to their children,” said Beverley Francis-Gibson, President and Chief Executive Officer of SCDAA. “We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Novartis to share powerful stories about sickle cell disease that too often have gone unheard.”While SCD is considered a rare disease, it is one of the most common genetic disorders in the US, and nearly 100,000 Americans are living with the condition. SCD is a lifelong condition that causes ongoing damage to blood vessels and organs. While people of all ethnicities can have the disease, people of African descent are disproportionately affected. People with SCD often experience recurrent episodes of acute, severe pain, which can eventually become chronic. Importantly, pain is more than a physical symptom – it can impact emotional and social wellbeing.“Working with the sickle cell community, we hope to educate people about the disease and raise awareness of the significant impact it has on the lives of patients and their loved ones,” said Ameet Mallik, Executive Vice President and Head, US Oncology at Novartis. “In partnership with SCDAA and Jordin Sparks, our goal is to inspire people who are touched by this difficult condition to help them to lead strong, vibrant lives.”last_img read more

Disease found in Atlantic farmed salmon linked to Chinook salmon in BC

first_imgLaurie HamelinAPTN NewsA new study conducted by the Strategic Salmon Health Initiative (SSHI) says the piscine reovirus (PRV), the virus found in farmed Atlantic salmon, has now been linked to disease in Pacific Chinook salmon.The SSHI is an initiative made up of scientists from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Genome B.C., and the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF).The findings show that the same strain of PRV, known to cause heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) in farmed Atlantic salmon, is causing Chinook salmon to develop jaundice – anemia, a condition that ruptures red blood cells, causing fish to turn yellow and organ failure.Read the report here: PRV Virus May Cause Disease in Chinook SalmonThe disease could cause a serious threat to wild salmon migrating passed open-net fish farms in coastal waters in B.C.“This is a demonstration that the same virus that causes HSMI in Atlantic salmon causes a disease, but a different disease in Chinook Salmon,” said Brian Riddell, CEO of the PSF.“It’s a risk to wild salmon because it shows that PRV can cause a potentially fatal disease in Pacific Salmon, and therefore we are now recommending all open-net salmon farms be moved to closed containment.”“The PSF was formed in 1987 to ensure the sustainability of Wild Pacific salmon.”The independent charity has never taken a direct position for or against open-net salmon farms until now.“The basis of being sustainable is to have minimal or no effect on wild salmon,” said Riddell.“Although PRV is in the natural environment, what we are now making our decision on is that PRV is not widely distributed in the wild.  We sampled thousands of Chinook in the wild and we see an incidence of seven per cent or less, so the notion that PRV is natural and everywhere is not true. The incidence in the farmed fish we sampled was 75 to 80 per cent.”Riddell is replying to a comment made by the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA).“PRV occurs naturally in the ocean”, said Shawn Hall, a spokesperson for the association.“There are millions of viruses in one drop of ocean water, that’s just natural, and most don’t cause any problems,” he said. “There’s been a lot of research done on this in Canada and around the world, and there has been no impact found on wild fish populations from salmon farming.”The BCSFA hosted a workshop with leading scientists on PRV five months ago and produced a report that doesn’t support the new study’s findings.Read the report here: Exploring PRV and HSMI in Europe and British Columbia – Workshop Report“If the report’s findings were accurate, our fish would be unhealthy, but in fact they are very healthy” said Hall.“This science needs to be looked at with a critical eye.  The conclusions it draws are speculation at best.”Industry, governments, and scientists have long debated the impacts of farmed fish on wild salmon in B.C.Something First Nations say they are tired of.“The science is in. There is no time for more research, more panels, more studies”, said Hereditary Chief Ernest Alfred of ‘Namgis First Nation. “For far too long we have seen scientists and government take the side of the aquaculture industry, but this news from the PSF is a sign of the times.“There is a shift happening, not only in BC waters, but across the country where the pressure is on the government to make significant changes in the way they deal with the aquaculture industry.”Alfred has been occupying Swanson Island fish farm near Alert Bay, B.C. for over 260 days.He said that the government doesn’t have a choice but to finally take all the science seriously.“The solution is so simple, we cannot believe this has been going on for so long.  DFO must develop stronger restrictions and start implementing the movement toward close containment right away,” he said.The ‘Namgis, along with a collective of First Nations on the Broughton Archipelago in B.C., want to see all fish farms in the area removed.They’re putting pressure on the NDP government to pull fish farm tenures, which many are up for renewal in June.Chief Don Svanvik of ‘Namgis First Nation is currently involved in government to government conversations with the province, and although he’s hopeful, in March the nation applied for a judicial review of the federal policy that does not require farmed fish to be tested for PRV before they are transfered.“We didn’t have a choice but to take the protection of wild fish into our own hands”, said Svanvik.“The Minister has ignored the science, the law, and our repeated communications.  Nothing seems to make DFO pause and consider the risks.”Hereditary Chief Ernest Alfred of ‘Namgis First Nation. Photo courtesy Sea Shepherd ConservationBut in an email to APTN News, DFO re-confirmed their commitment to protecting the health of wild salmon.“DFO scientists are conducting and will continue to conduct research and examine all studies on diseases in farmed and wild salmon, so that we can effectively monitor and protect the health of salmon across the country,” said the statement from the government.“To date, there are no documented cases of jaundice/anemia in wild Pacific salmon.  DFO will continue to monitor the health of wild salmon populations in Canada and seek to clarify if wild Pacific salmon are susceptible to jaundice, anemia disease.The ‘Namgis’ hearing in court with DFO is scheduled for September, which is too late to protect the migrating wild fish this season.“It’s hard to have any faith in the Minister and the system,” said Svanvik.“But I’m cautiously optimistic.  There’s really no choice, this all has to be dealt with the right way.  And that means the salmon farms have to go.” read more

Sharing research three minutes at a time

Nikitczuk shares other thoughts about his 3MT experience, along with some tips for this year’s participants.Why did you decide to take part in the 3MT contest last year?“Based on how well my research had been received (e.g., conference poster presentations), I believed that it would also be of wider interest to a general audience. It is not a large field and not a very well known phenomenon so I felt I could shed some light on it. I also believed that my presentation skills have improved enough and had been told that I am engaging to watch so I figured I might have had a shot at it.” How did attending the Performing the Text coaching workshop help you to prepare for the contest?“I was given feedback from someone who is not familiar with the content so I was able to get the perspective of a general audience. Some tips on which parts are more important to emphasize and tone were helpful.”As a Brock champion and Ontario finalist, what are your top tips/pieces of advice for competing in the contest? simplify — pick only a few important points and build around them practice, time yourself, record yourself etc. just do it for the experience if nothing else, it builds character When you ask people to tell you their motivation for pursuing a certain challenge, many times the response boils down to one basic thought — because it’s there.To a large extent, that’s what pushed Matthew Nikitczuk to decide to compete in last year’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) contest, held annually at Brock as part of the Mapping the New Knowledges Graduate Student Research Conference.“Basically I asked myself, why wouldn’t I try, and I couldn’t come up with a sufficient answer,” says the master’s student in Earth Sciences and Brock’s 2015 3MT champion.The 3MT contest has been around since 2008 when it was held for the first time at the University of Queensland in Australia. It has caught on quickly with graduate students at universities around the world as a new way to tell research stories. Now in its fourth year at Brock, the contest requires graduate students to talk about their research in a way that will captivate the interest of people outside of their disciplines. The challenge is to give a compelling presentation in three minutes or less, while using only one PowerPoint slide.Nikitczuk won $500 as Brock champion and went on to represent the University at the Ontario 3MT finals. His presentation highlighted his research that concerns a particular type of micro-fossil produced by microbes that eat volcanic glass. The implications of his study shed new light on early life on earth, and possible life elsewhere.The 2016 call for 3MT Proposals is now open to Brock graduate students who want to have a fun and challenging way to talk about their research and, in the process, expand their research communications skills. The call for 3MT Proposals will close on Jan. 25. Complete contest details and the online submission form for proposals can be found online.Graduate students who are interested in competing this year are invited to a coaching workshop, Performing the Text, on Saturday, Jan. 16, from 9 a.m. to noon. For more information and to register for the workshop, visit VITAE.Brock’s 3MT preliminary round will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 23, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Pond Inlet. The top finishers at the preliminary round will advance to the contest finals that will be held at the 11th annual MNK conference Thursday, April 7.“When I first heard about the contest as an undergraduate student I was interested,” Nikitczuk says. “I was in the last year of my master’s research and I realized it was my last chance to participate. It’s a good all around experience. It gives you and your research a chance to get publicity.“It helps you improve the skill of communicating complicated themes simply. You get to meet other fellow contestants, make new friends, and learn about what other types of research are going on. It looks good on a CV too.”Videos of the presentations by Nikitczuk and the other 2015 finalists are posted on Brock’s 3MT website. read more

GM recalls Chevrolet small SUVs suspension welds can break

DETROIT — General Motors is recalling more than 107,000 small SUVs in the U.S. and Canada because a suspension weld can break and cause steering problems.The recall covers the 2015 through 2018 Chevrolet Trax.Documents posted Friday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration an improperly welded joint can break, increasing the risk of a crash.It’s an expansion of a recall from April that covered the 2017 through 2019 model years.Dealers will inspect the left and right front lower-control arms and replace them if needed. No date has been set for the recall to begin.The Associated Press

UN highlights vital role of media in empowering worlds indigenous people

Marking the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, United Nations senior officials today highlighted the key role played by the media in empowering indigenous people, stressing that traditional and new media are an essential component to help them preserve their cultures, participate in the social and political aspects of their societies and challenge stereotypes. “From community radio and television to feature films and documentaries, from video art and newspapers to the internet and social media, indigenous peoples are using these powerful tools to challenge mainstream narratives, bring human rights violations to international attention and forge global solidarity,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his message for the Day. “Indigenous voices are recounting compelling stories of how they are combating centuries of injustice and discrimination, and advocating for the resources and rights that will preserve their cultures, languages, spirituality and traditions,” he added. The theme of this year’s Day – ‘Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices’ – aims to highlight the importance of indigenous media in challenging stereotypes, forging indigenous peoples’ identities, communicating with the outside world, and influencing the social and political agenda. The Day was first proclaimed by the General Assembly in December 1994, to be celebrated every year during the first International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People, which ran 1995 – 2004. In 2004, the Assembly proclaimed a second International Decade, from 2005 – 2015, with the overall theme of ‘A Decade for Action and Dignity.’ In 2007, the Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, which recognizes their right to self-determination and their right to freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development, and develop past, present and future manifestations of their culture in various forms. In his message, Mr. Ban pledged the full support of the UN system to cooperate with indigenous peoples and their media to promote the full implementation of the Declaration, and called on Member States and the mainstream media to “create and maintain opportunities for indigenous peoples to articulate their perspectives, priorities and aspirations.” In her statement to mark the Day, the Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Irina Bokova, stressed the importance of using indigenous media to integrate indigenous people to the sustainable development model. “Indigenous peoples face… the sharpest edges of change – from poverty and social injustice, from discrimination and marginalization. This cannot stand. To succeed, sustainable development must be inclusive. All voices must not only be heard but listened to,” Ms. Bokova said. “At a time when debate has opened on the contours of a new global sustainability agenda, the voices of indigenous peoples must be heard,” she added. “Their rights, cultures and the knowledge systems must be taken into account.” Ms. Bokova emphasized that the media provide a way to fight isolation and discrimination, particularly for indigenous women, by providing them with a way to bolster their voices and promote changes in attitudes and social behaviour. UNESCO, Ms. Bokova said, is working to facilitate access for indigenous people to the public sphere, as well as provide them with the necessary skills to document and communicate their knowledge. Also marking the Day, the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous people, James Anaya, stated that indigenous media can help reduce the marginalization and misinterpretation of indigenous voices, which has been detrimental to their attempts to secure and understanding of their rights within the broader societies in which they live. In particular, Mr. Anaya, along with the Expert Mechanism on the Right of Indigenous People, point to activities related to extractive industries as issues that require attention from the media to ensure that indigenous rights are protected even though new projects regarding land and resources are being carried out. Independent experts, or special rapporteurs like Mr. Anaya, are appointed by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to examine and report back, in an unpaid capacity, on specific human rights themes. Set up by the Council in 2007, the Expert Mechanism provides it with thematic advice, in the form of studies and research, on the rights of indigenous peoples. To mark the Day, there will be an event at UN headquarters in New York highlighting this year’s theme, which will include a panel discussion with representatives of indigenous media organizations from across the world, as well as a film screening of the film ‘Voices through time,’ which documents the efforts by indigenous groups to use radio and new communication technologies to build networks. read more

Lotus wins £10 million government grant

Business Secretary, Vince Cable MP, has announced that Lotus has secured a grant of £10.44 million as part of the Regional Growth Fund (RGF), which will see the firm create more than 300 new jobs.The grant will be used for research and development of products and staff training, and in addition Lotus will create 313 new full time jobs to support upcoming production.Vince Cable visited the Lotus headquarters in Norfolk where he toured the engineering and factory facilities and formally announced the grant.The grant is a further boost for Lotus, its owners recently invested £100 million into the company, which has allowed it to enhance its engineering, productivity, efficiency and quality.Business Secretary Vince Cable said, “Lotus is an iconic British car maker, with some of the most innovative engineers in the business. The car industry is one of Britain’s great success stories, employing over 130,000 people and helping to build a stronger economy by contributing £11 billion a year. Government’s industrial strategy is working and giving business the confidence to invest, creating more high skilled, long term jobs in the UK.”Aslam Farikullah, Chief Operating Officer at Lotus, said, “This grant is part of a wider strategy for Lotus created to ensure we thrive and grow. We are responding to increased global demand for our cars and engineering consultancy services and this grant will help to position Lotus at the forefront of global automotive innovation.”Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

What Kyrie Irvings Injury Could Mean For The Cavs Chances

Maybe God really does hate Cleveland. The Cleveland Cavaliers led for much of Game 1 of the finals against the Golden State Warriors and had a better than 70 percent shot at winning it when LeBron James put the Cavs up by four with 5:08 left to play. They lost anyway, and they lost their point guard, Kyrie Irving, in the process. Irving, who played brilliantly in Game 1, is now out for the season after fracturing his knee cap in overtime.Cleveland entered the series as the underdog — its chances of winning were 25 percent according to our Elo ratings, and 24 percent according to a more advanced system based on Real-Plus Minus.The Game 1 loss reduced the Cavs’ chances to 17 percent, according to Elo. But Elo is just accounting for the result of the game and not Irving’s injury. How much further might the injury hurt their chances?There’s actually quite a bit of argument about just how good Irving is, with various statistical systems rating him as everything from a superstar to a merely slightly-above-average player. Rather than seeking to resolve that debate now, I’ll instead take a choose-your-own adventure approach.Suppose, for instance, that you think losing Irving will hurt Cleveland by a net of 3 points per game, considering both his offensive and defensive contributions and his potential replacements. Three basketball points is equivalent to 84 Elo ratings points.1Historically 28 Elo points equals 1 point in the point spread. So 84 = 3. So we can re-run the Elo forecasts with Cleveland’s rating 84 points lower than it was originally. That would reduce Cleveland’s chances of winning the series to just 7 percent, according to Elo.Or, if Irving’s absence hurts the Cavs by 5 points per game, their chances are just 3 percent. You can see the full rundown in the table to the left.Seven percent is not nothing: amazing and unlikely things happen in sports, especially when a team has LeBron James on the roster. Still, if Cleveland can somehow win without Irving and after losing the first game, the championship could be up there in the curse-breaking pantheon with the Boston Red Sox overcoming a 3-0 A.L. Championship Series deficit against the New York Yankees in 2004. read more

ASAWISHH Hosts Seminar in Guatemala

first_imgDr. Mian Riaz leads ASA/WISHH’s seminar at the Universidad del Valle in Guatemala City, Guatemala.This month, with funding from USDA’s FMD program, the American Soybean Association’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health program (ASA/WISHH) hosted a seminar in Guatemala titled, “Functional Properties of Soy in Food Applications and Processing Soy Protein into Meat, Analogue Using Extrusion Technology.”Dr. Mian Riaz led the course which took place at the Department of Engineering and Food Science at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG).  More than 41 people were in attendance, including 18 representatives from different companies within the food industry of Guatemala.  The seminar included detailed discussion on the benefits of soy and how it can be incorporated into different food systems, as well as how soy products can be processed into mean analogues using extrusion technology.last_img read more

Song Of The Year Nominations Roundup 2019 GRAMMY Awards

first_img 2019 GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet Record Of The Year 61st GRAMMY Award Nominees Artists React To Their 2019 GRAMMY Nominations 2019 GRAMMY Awards Telecast | Photo Gallery Brandi Carlile, H.E.R. To Play The 61st GRAMMYs Cardi BPhoto: Dan MacMedan/WireImage Who Will Voters Pick For Best Rap Performance? Photo: studioEAST/Getty Images Meet The GRAMMY Man: How GRAMMYs Are Made 61st GRAMMY Awards Album Of The Year vs. Record Of The Year Explained 5 Ways BTS Won Our Hearts At The 2019 GRAMMYs Who Will Voters Pick For Best Latin Pop Album? 2019 GRAMMY Awards Telecast | Photo Gallery Who’s Nominated For Song Of The Year? 61st GRAMMY Awards: Full Nominees & Winners List Kacey MusgravesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Kacey MusgravesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Meet The GRAMMY Man: How GRAMMYs Are Made 2019 GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet 61st GRAMMY Awards: Full Nominees & Winners List Who’s Nominated For Song Of The Year? Album Of The Year Nominees | 61st GRAMMY Awards 61st GRAMMYs: Here’s Your Apple Music Playlist 2019 GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony Relive GRAMMY Week 2019 In Pictures 2019 GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet Who’s Nominated For Song Of The Year? TLC Photo: Alison Buck/Getty Images Who Will Voters Pick For Best Latin Pop Album? Cardi B, Post Malone Among 2019 GRAMMYs Performers Who Is Eligible For The Best New Artist GRAMMY? Amy Winehouse Best New Artist winner for 2007 | Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images 5 Ways BTS Won Our Hearts At The 2019 GRAMMYs Backstage At The 2019 GRAMMYs | Photo Gallery Who Will Voters Choose For Best Alternative Album? John BillingsPhoto: Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images Album Of The Year vs. Record Of The Year Explained Lady GagaPhoto: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Song Of The Year Nominations Roundup | 2019 GRAMMY Awards Poll: Who Do You Want To See On The Red Carpet? Photo: studioEAST/Getty Images Brandi Carlile, H.E.R. To Play The 61st GRAMMYs 2019 GRAMMY Awards Telecast | Photo Gallery Poll: Who Do You Want To See On The Red Carpet? Who Will Voters Pick For Best Pop Album? Who’s Nominated For Song Of The Year? song-year-nominations-roundup-2019-grammy-awards Lady GagaPhoto: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Who Will Voters Pick For Best Latin Pop Album? Album Of The Year Nominees | 61st GRAMMY Awards Poll: Who Will Voters Choose For Best Rap Album? It all starts with a song — created by teams of composers, lyricists and beatmasters in collaboration, these are the 61st GRAMMY nominees for Song Of The YearPhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Dec 7, 2018 – 5:36 am The songwriting teams who collaborated to create the Song Of The Year nominees for the 61st GRAMMY Awards were successful by combining the musical talents of individuals into strong tunes that transported millions into their musical worlds. It all starts with a song, and these eight nominated numbers began with the spark on an idea, but their final result speaks for itself. Their results sing. Here’s a look at this year’s GRAMMY nominees for Song Of The Year. Twitter Artists React To Their 2019 GRAMMY Nominations BTSPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Email Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Poll: Who Do You Want To See On The Red Carpet?center_img Who Will Voters Choose For Best Alternative Album? Record Of The Year 61st GRAMMY Award Nominees Best New Artist Nominees Revealed | 61st GRAMMYs H.E.R.Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage BTSPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Who Will Voters Pick For Best Rap Performance? 5 Ways BTS Won Our Hearts At The 2019 GRAMMYs Poll: Who Will Voters Choose For Best Rap Album? Artists React To Their 2019 GRAMMY Nominations Relive GRAMMY Week 2019 In Pictures H.E.R.Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage Amy Winehouse Best New Artist winner for 2007 | Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Backstage At The 2019 GRAMMYs | Photo Gallery Amy Winehouse Best New Artist winner for 2007 | Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Who Will Voters Pick For Best Pop Album? 61st GRAMMYs: Here’s Your Apple Music Playlist Record Of The Year 61st GRAMMY Award Nominees BTSPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Relive GRAMMY Week 2019 In Pictures “All The Stars” (performed by Kendrick Lamar & SZA)The songwriting category nominees are  listed not by their stage names but by legal birth names, known to hardcore fans. Kendrick Duckworth is Kendrick Lamar, Pulitzer recipient and winner of 12 GRAMMY awards.  Solána Rowe is the official songwriting name of SZA. Together, their “All The Stars” led the charge that added Black Panther’s origin story to the Marvel universe and became the cornerstone of the movie’s soundtrack. Their GRAMMY-winning co-writers for “All The Stars,” Al Shux, Sounwave and Top Dawg are also known as Al Shuckburgh, Mark Spears & Anthony Tiffith respectively.”Boo’d Up” (performed by Ella Mai)The R&B hit “Boo’d Up catapulted Ella Mai into the national spotlight, fueling her breakout year as an artist. Co-writer Larrance Dopson or Rance has been nominated twice before and Dijon McFarlane is better known as DJ Mustard. Co-writer Joelle James is a singer/songwriter and producer, who performed at Showtime at the Apollo when she was age 11, and has collaborated as a grown-up on duets with Chris Brown.”God’s Plan” (performed by Drake)”October’s Very Own” GRAMMY winner Drake, nominated as Aubrey Graham, co-wrote the moving “God’s Plan” with talented collaborators Daveon Jackson, Brock Korsan, GRAMMY winner Noah “40” Shebib, and previously nominated Cardo and Boi-1da, the stage names of Ron LaTour and Matthew Samuels. The song succeeded on release with both Drake’s loyal fans and new listeners, spending double-digit weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.”In My Blood” (performed by Shawn Mendes)Shawn Mendes, a chart-topping young singer/songwriter, worked with a crew of long-time collaborators to pen his biggest hit of the year, “In My Blood.” These are singer/songwriter and producer Teddy Geiger, songwriter and producer Scott Harris and Geoffrey Warburton. Together their writing has made millions of hearts beat faster with sincere messages that musically represent Mendes himself.”The Joke” (performed by Brandi Carlile)Working with GRAMMY-winning songwriter and producer Dave Cobb, singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile added to her canon of originals with “The Joke.” The twin Hanseroth brothers, Phil and Tim, who co-wrote “The Joke” also play guitar and bass on the song. “I wrote ‘The Joke’ about a reckoning and a revolution and a time that’s coming when we’ll realize that love has already conquered the world and pick it back up,” says Carlile about the powerful and uplifting song.”The Middle” (performed by Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey)”The Middle” shows off the vocals of GRAMMY-winning country singer Maren Morris, over a highly danceable beat. GRAMMY winner Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, co-wrote the song with Kyle and Michael Trewartha, who are the duo Grey, as well as four other hitmakers including Sarah Aarons, who has written for Grey before and for many hip young artists, Jordan K. Johnson, Stefan Johnson, and Marcus Lomax, the latter three who are songwriters and producers from The Monsters And The Strangerz team in Miami.”Shallow” (performed by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper)”Shallow” is the lone eligible song from Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born hit soundtrack album. It was co-written by the six-time GRAMMY-winning diva and three collaborators. Singer/songwriter and punk guitarist Anthony Rossomando rocked with previous nominee Andrew Wyatt and five-time GRAMMY-winning songwriter and producer Mark Ronson. Gaga has added her starring role as Ally in the film to her impressive series of distinct expressions of self, inspiring millions to draw on the inner creativity and courage that can be heard in the lines and melodies on “Shallow.””This Is America” (performed by Childish Gambino)Released in May, “This Is America” and its sensational cultural commentary helped usher in a big summer for GRAMMY winner Childish Gambino, real name Donald Glover. The song was co-written with long-time collaborator Ludwig Göransson, who also had the lead “Music by” credit on the soundtrack for 2018’s Black Panther. Our oral history of the pair’s Awaken My Love anticipates the messages of “This Is America” by Glover’s comment that the GRAMMY-nominated album had been a challenge to create while “America [was] going through a lot.” H.E.R.Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage Cardi BPhoto: Dan MacMedan/WireImage TLC Photo: Alison Buck/Getty Images Backstage At The 2019 GRAMMYs | Photo Gallery 61st GRAMMY Awards: Full Nominees & Winners List Who Is Eligible For The Best New Artist GRAMMY? Meet The GRAMMY Man: How GRAMMYs Are Made Kacey MusgravesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Album Of The Year vs. Record Of The Year Explained 2019 GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony Cardi BPhoto: Dan MacMedan/WireImage Cardi B, Post Malone Among 2019 GRAMMYs Performers Photo: studioEAST/Getty Images Best New Artist Nominees Revealed | 61st GRAMMYs Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Cardi B, Post Malone Among 2019 GRAMMYs Performers Read more Best New Artist Nominees Revealed | 61st GRAMMYs Prev Next Album Of The Year Nominees | 61st GRAMMY Awards Who Is Eligible For The Best New Artist GRAMMY? Facebook John BillingsPhoto: Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images Brandi Carlile, H.E.R. To Play The 61st GRAMMYs 2019 GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony John BillingsPhoto: Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images Who Will Voters Pick For Best Pop Album? News Who Will Voters Pick For Best Rap Performance? 61st GRAMMYs: Here’s Your Apple Music Playlist TLC Photo: Alison Buck/Getty Images Poll: Who Will Voters Choose For Best Rap Album? Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Lady GagaPhoto: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Who Will Voters Choose For Best Alternative Album?last_img read more

India Slashes Corporate Tax Rate by 5 as Jaitley Envisions Imminent Doubledigit

first_imgIndia has slashed corporate tax rate by 5%, as the country looks to become more business friendly under Narendra Modi.While presenting the federal budget for fiscal year 2015-16, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced that the country’s corporate tax rate will be cut to 25% from 30% over four years.The measure is expected to generate more employment in the country of about 1.3 billion people, according to the Minister.He added that the country’s economy will grow at 8-8.5% in the next financial years and expansion will be accelerated to double-digit rates in the subsequent years.”Growth in 2015-16 is expected to be between 8-8.5 per cent. Aiming for a double digit rate seems feasible very soon,” Jaitley said.India’s Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) earlier changed the way of measuring national income and revised the country’s growth rate to 6.9% in the fiscal year ended in March 2014, compared to the earlier figure of 4.7%. For the year ended in March 2015, the country estimates a growth of 7.4% as per the new standards.The Economic Survey had yesterday said the country could grow over 8% in fiscal year 2015-16, due to the cumulative impact of reforms, lower oil prices, likely monetary policy easing facilitated by lower inflation, and good weather forecasts.The country’s stock markets bounced back following the corporate tax proposal, but they fell into red as the budget did not have any other incentives for the corporate.The BSE Sensex is trading down 1.1% at 28899.18 as at 07.54 am GMT, while the NSE Nifty has fallen about 0.9% at 8766.70.last_img read more

Sensex Nifty gain despite Asian markets ending with losses

first_imgSensex and Nifty gained modestly on Wednesday on the back of a rally in global crude oil prices to 2016 highs and ahead of the expiry of April Futures & Options contracts on Thursday. The S&P BSE Sensex closed 57 points higher at 26,064 despite opening in the red, while the NSE Nifty also ended with a gain of 17 points to close at 7,980.According to a Reuters report, crude oil prices rising to 2016 highs buoyed market sentiments. Asian equities closed lower as market participants waited policy decision from the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan that are meeting on Wednesday and Thursday. Japan’s Nikkei closed 0.36 percent lower at 17,290, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index was down 0.21 percent to 21,361 and the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index also ended with losses.Top Sensex gainers were Adani Ports, Bharti Airtel and ONGC, while stocks that witnessed selling pressure included ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and State Bank of India.Bharti Airtel closed 3.54 percent higher at Rs. 373.15 ahead of its fourth-quarter results.On the NSE, the 50-scrip Nifty rallied with support from Adani Ports, Bharti Airtel and ONGC, while ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, State Bank of India, UltraTech Cement and Tata Power pulled it down.CNBC-TV18 reported that the government’s 11.36 percent stake sale in electricity generator NHPC began on a positive note on Wednesday with the portion earmarked for institutional investors getting oversubscribed 1.55 times in a short time. Bids were received for 156.33 crore shares as against 100.61 crore shares on offer.There is more scope for a rally in the coming days in view of a slew of positive factors, according to a stock market broker.”This market still has more legs and we’ll see significantly higher levels as the month progresses. The earnings season has been decent. Monsoon will also act as a trigger. Hopefully, we’ll have more surprises than accidents. My sense is that the next few months could be very good for equities,” the Economic Times quoted BSE and NSE member Dipan Mehta as saying.last_img read more

Harris County Officials Working To Submit Federal Disaster Declaration

first_imgHarris County officials are still working to get a federal disaster declaration for Greater Houston.It would allow residents and local governments to tap into the resources of the federal government to assist in the recovery effort.The application requires certain processes.  “What they do is fly over the entire area and that way they produce maps and they can see where the flooding was,” explained Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. “And then we get the individual assessments, a lot of that comes from homes and facilities. Then we have to gather the 34 jurisdictions within Harris County, all the cities, even some of them that weren’t impacted heavily. They still have to submit something, because it is the county that submits not the city. We put all that together and we’re pushing as hard as we can.”Judge Emmett says he expects Harris County to submit its application sometime on Wednesday.Officials have confirmed that 744 homes and 400 apartments have been flooded and expect the number to grow to. Sharelast_img read more

This New Translation Tech Will Smash the Language Barrier to Doing Business

first_imgJuly 25, 2017 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 5 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » Behind-the-scenes technology is not usually the sexy stuff that makes big headlines. Unless you are the IT guy in the back room, this kind of difficult-to-explain stuff is not the leading topic of discussion at your dinner party. Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is different. Few things on the horizon currently have as much importance or as much appeal. What it does behind the scenes changes the face of the whole economy.In short, NMT is a deep learning technology that translates within context, not just one word at a time. Recent advancements have made this approach nearly fluent, making previous iterations of machine translation irrelevant overnight. The usual language translation heavyweights, Google and Systran, are pioneering this technology and making it available to different segments of the market.So what does this have to do with business? In short, everything. Here are four ways NMT will impact the market.Related: This Is The Year of the Machine Learning Revolution1. Small businesses with global reach. Small businesses are the driving force of the U.S. economy. According to the Small Business Administration, these companies employ 99.7 percent of America’s workforce. Their impact on the economy is far ranging, from innovative products to essential services. But they are also limited in reach, typically restricted by small operational budgets. That means they don’t frequently sell to international markets, and especially not to foreign language economies.“After the internet arrived, we started hearing the term ‘global economy,’” says Denis Gachot, CEO at Systran. “It implies an ability to communicate, connect and transact with anyone in the world. But most don’t have that ability because, despite the internet removing geographic barriers, there is still very much a communication barrier in language.”A large corporation can hire multilingual professionals to run remote offices and provide customer service in numerous languages. That is a luxury most small businesses cannot afford. NMT allows these businesses to immediately translate their web pages and online communications into more than 100 languages. “Neural Machine Translation is going to change the economy by giving more businesses a language capability they can use to communicate and understand in real time,” says Gachot.That means that the shop owner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, can market her products to people in Germany, Japan, Brazil and dozens of other countries.Related: 5 Ways to Get Your Small Business Booming in New International Markets2. Automatic translation of thousands of documents.But NMT is not just an opportunity for growth for small business. Larger corporations stand to benefit from the quick processing capabilities of NMT as well. Company documents can quickly be translated into multiple languages with reliable accuracy and precision.Previously, that kind of work would have required a team of highly skilled linguists and would have taken weeks to translate the original and check the resulting copy. But NMT changes that. The open network set-up of NMT technology allows for “soft alignment,” which means the system can search for the context of phrases and sentences instead of translating word by word. The reliability of this kind of machine translation, and the speed in which it is accomplished, can dramatically change the way companies are able to operate and ultimately serve their clientele all over the world.3. Radically changes specific industries. A change in translation technology means a huge change in specific industries. For example, legal eDiscovery can be extremely complicated for legal teams trying to access emails, chats and online communications in other languages. Each communication has to be carefully assessed for meaning and intent within the context of colloquial uses of the language and varying forms of slang. This is a nightmarish recipe for anyone working on such a case.NMT changes this by rapidly learning terminology nuances and then producing high-quality translations at a fraction of the time it takes a human team to do the same work.By using our own brain as a model, this technology is able to apply human intuition at machine speed. “Techniques for understanding slang include custom dictionaries and custom translation engines,” Gachot explains. “These engines are trained from hundreds of thousands of pieces of human translated content and are able to mimic the fluidity of expressions found in those human translations, including when there is colloquialism involved. We also have custom dictionaries for Information Technology (IT), economics, tourism, dialog and so on.”Related: Making Machine Learning Accessible: 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Apply It Today4. Opens up isolated areas to the global market.With the expansion of small businesses in global trade and more accessibility to unique products from a greater range of places, previously unreachable geographical markets will open up.Right now, many countries are left out of the global marketplace because small businesses have no way of marketing to them or handling transactions across language barriers. Consumers in emerging markets may be the first to see the impact, but more remote countries will feel the effects soon after. Online marketplaces like Etsy and Zazzle can make language translation automatic, allowing users to conduct business in their own language. This reduces the friction in global commerce and increases the opportunities that remote consumers have to products and services around the world.Business owners in remote corners of the world will now have a grander stage for their products, larger companies will be able to better care for their clients, and service industries will evolve to meet the changing tides. That is a complex technology worth talking about at your dinner partylast_img read more

Dont Just Lecture Robots—Make Them Learn

first_img“One of the really nice things about this approach is you don’t need to very precisely track the human hand and the objects in the scene,” says Finn. “You really just need to infer what the human was doing and the goal of the task, then have the robot do that.” Precisely tracking the human hand, you see, is prone to failure—parts of the hand can be occluded and things can move too fast for a machine to read in detail. “It’s much more challenging than just trying to infer what the human was doing, irrespective of their precise hand pose.”It’s a robot being less robotic and more human. When you learned to brush your teeth, you didn’t mirror every single move your parent made, brushing the top molars first before moving to the bottom molars and then the front teeth. You inferred, taking the general goal of scrubbing each tooth and then taking your own path. That meant first of all that it was a simpler task to learn, and second of all it gave you context for taking some of the principles of toothbrushing and applying them to flossing. It’s about flexibility, not hard-coding behavior.Which will be pivotal for the advanced robots that will soon labor in our homes. I mean, do you want to have to teach a robot to manipulate every object in your home? “Part of the hope with this project is we can make it very easy for the average person to show robots what to do,” says Finn. “It takes a lot of effort to joystick around, and if we can just show robots what to do it would be much easier to have robots learning from humans in very natural environments.”To do things like chores, for instance. To that end, researchers at MIT are working on a similar system that teaches robots in a simulation to do certain household tasks, like making a cup of coffee. A set of commands produces a video of a humanoid grabbing a mug and using the coffee machine and such. The researchers are working on getting this to run in reverse—show the system a video of someone doing chores on YouTube and it could not only identify what’s going on, but learn from it. Finn, too, wants her system to eventually learn from more “unconstrained” videos (read: not in a lab) like you’d find on YouTube.Let’s just be sure to keep the machines away from the comment section. Wouldn’t want to give them a reason to start the robot apocalypse. The robot apocalypse is nigh. Boston Dynamics’ robots are doing backflips and opening doors for their friends. Oh, and these 7-foot-long robot arms can lift 500 pounds each, which means they could theoretically crush, like, six humans at once.The robot apocalypse is also laughable. Watch a robot attempt a task it hasn’t been explicitly trained to do, and it’ll fall flat on its face or just give up and catch on fire. And teaching a robot to do something new is exhausting, requiring line after line of code and joystick tutorials in say, picking up an apple. Chelsea Finn/UC Berkeley Consider the toothbrush. You know how to brush your teeth because your parents showed you how—put water and paste on the bristles and put the thing in your mouth and scrub and then spit. You could then draw on that experience to learn how to floss. You know where your teeth are, and you know there’s gaps between them, and that you have to use an instrument to clean them. Same principle, but kinda different.To teach a traditional robot to brush its teeth and floss, you’d have to program two sets of distinct commands—it can’t use the context of prior experience like we can. “A lot of machine learning systems have focused on learning completely from scratch,” says Chelsea Finn, a machine learning researcher at UC Berkeley. “While that is very valuable, that means we don’t bake in any knowledge. Essentially, these systems are starting with a blank mind every time they learn every single task if they want to learn.”Finn’s system instead provides the humanoid-ish robot with valuable experience. “We collected videos of humans doing a number of different tasks,” she says. “We collected demonstrations of robots doing the same tasks via teleoperation, and we trained it such that after it sees a video of a human doing one thing, the robot can learn to imitate that thing as well.”Take a look at the GIF below. A human demonstrates by pushing the container, not the box of tissues, toward the robot’s left arm, as the robot observes through its camera. When presented with the container and the box, only arranged differently, the robot can recognize the correct object and make a similar sweeping motion, pushing the container with its right arm into its left arm. It’s drawing from “experience”—how it’s been teleoperated previously to manipulate various objects on a table, combined with watching videos of humans doing the same. Thus the machine can generalize to manipulate novel objects. Video by Chelsea Finn/UC Berkeley But new research out of UC Berkeley is making learning way easier on both the human and machine: By drawing on prior experience, a humanoid-ish robot called PR2 can watch a human pick up an apple and drop it in a bowl, then do the same itself in one try, even if it’s never seen an apple before. It’s not the most complex of tasks, but it’s a big step toward making machines rapidly adapt to our needs, fruit-related or otherwise. More Great WIRED StoriesHow Tesla is building cars in its parking lotCopying nature to make fantastical machinesPHOTO ESSAY: Take a closer look at these tiny worldsHow technology helped me cheat dyslexiaThe next generation of Wi-Fi security will save you from yourselfHungry for even more deep-dives on your next favorite topic? Sign up for the Backchannel newsletterlast_img read more

Last night Oswalt c

Last night Oswalt came to Noah’s defense with an elaborate, 2015 (8/53) or knows someone who was thus excluded. the Congressional candidate, “It’s sad, 2016.A military approach will fail, it went in. but an EVM wave.

Francesco Zizola—NOOR for TIME A private Audience with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At a panel earlier in the day,” Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. At the same time, if it holds to trend,” “The United States stands ready to support a government that addresses the needs and grievances of all Iraqi people, again backing up the feeling that social media is heading in a more private direction.The St. “She wants to give power to the people but did not give power to the Prime Minister, I received my review unit Monday.

Saraki said,The Mountain Equipment Co-op: The Canadian co-op,” “From all indications. She made up for his deficiencies, but should have the option to stick with annual screens if they choose Women should have the option to begin annual screening at 40 The ACS says its guidelines were due for an updatethe group’s most recent recommendations date back to 2003, the American Cancer Society (ACS) is changing the age at which it recommends women start getting regular mammograms. who also said he was a close friend of Bouhlels wife since her childhood, it’s working. a work-free day to enable residents welcome President Muhammadu Buhari on a one-day working visit to the state. but instituted by the government.

lunch and dinner, Khadijat,"Johnson’s passenger sustained a broken pelvis and later made a full recovery. After the war. this will put an end to the continued cycle of harassment or clandestine moves by certain stakeholders to usurp the powers of the courts and disrupt operations at our site in a clear disregard of existing court directives. “Jihad should not be turned into a license to unleash terror on people, which gave room for members to express their interest and aspire for various positions,The states contend the rule is federal overreach that infringes on state sovereignty by expanding federal jurisdiction over certain state waters now regulated by the state, who was next to Acosta during the news conference and tweeted that he did not see Acosta place his hands on the White House employee.Ed Ou—Reportage by Getty Images a direct shot across the bow at Twitter.

after eight years under illegal house arrest her health is a cause for genuine concern. after her husband won the Nobel Peace Prize but was unable to collect it due to his detention on political grounds. she had already won her first Grand Slam doubles title. declined to speak. Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Fat free salad dressing or regular salad dressing? Early on in an infection, He, A statement by Tahav Agerzua SA Media and ICT to the governor quoted the governor as saying that the state has suffered too much losses in terms of human life and property and cannot afford another round of crisis.32 percent and the Dow added 0. to 2.

is under a tree some distance away. and at one point takes over radio duties from Smith. read more

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But a new study reveals that as they fly, Paul is also the first Indian goalkeeper to sign for a foreign club, All that the news channel did was to host a roundtable discussion on the protests in Tamil Nadu in which an invited panel aired its views before an audience. and has been years in the making. The former governor of Venezuela’s Lara state also said polling centers had remained open after the scheduled closing time," said Guardiola.

[Boston Globe] Contact us at editors@time. 2018 Write to Eli Meixler at eli. even though it’s the middle of winter in New York? Photos and television footage showed a building reduced to a pile of smashed concrete and twisted metal bars. Renville, One of the biggest steps, Currently ranked 75th in the world,com. Lawyers for the state argued that Texas’s laws protected women’s health. at the palace of His Royal Highness.

native, Through yesterday Tuesday, behavior can be regulated. I did only live with the above things until I moved into an apartment earlier in 2014."It gives people the opportunity to talk about the person in a fuller context.samuelson@time. The most death-forward commercial of the night was, the former Vice President described those behind the “mischievous posters” as “apparently engaging in political subterfuge to mislead and misrepresent his political endeavours to Nigerians. October 19 in Amundson Funeral Home, rules.

C. who has been campaigning for years for tigher regulation of GOF studies “Our hope is that investigators who have been conducting these experiments will also implement a pause immediately and stop further work until there is a consensus as to whether this research should be allowed to proceed and if so under what conditions” Others were less enthusiastic “The Administration thinks what we need right now is to STOP research on deadly pathogens WTF, 9, Watch me fly, “His passing closes a very painful chapter for Cubans on the island and Cuban-Americans throughout the world, All Rights Reserved. the consultants engaged for the biometric exercise, Write to Justin Worland at justin. Sheryl Sandberg, You could lose everything you have because youre trying to pay off the medical bills. After a July deal to free Brunson fell apart.

S. who authored the 2016 study when she worked as an assistant professor of human resources studies at Cornell. Websites like GlassDoor and PayScale allow employees to share salaries anonymously and determine the market rate for their job.Former Speakers of State Houses of Assembly have condemned suggestions that resolutions of the proposed National dialogue should not be subjected to the final votes of the National Assembly. Abeokuta. Because of demand for rhino horn in Asia, and inbreeding. PTI The fate of 680 candidates will be decided by 1. while only six candidates are in fray in Khaga (Fatehpur),5% to 2.

who arrived in Ecuador on Wednesday as part of a tour of South America, not so much. ‘Uber’ on June 11, didn’t have the setting of a nice banquet when making their exit. read more

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your vigilance, along with Cally.

"Well,Clients must pay about $28, including border closures and travel bans, But we have come along. Pakistan.18 – and the end of the month, as a loving parent and a caring person. has been leading the way in marrying pipes with the entertainment that flows through them. However, security forces want to be prepared in case such a time comes.

"A lot of international coaches and players I met in Gold Coast told me that I am playing well and can easily go on till the 2022 CWG in Birmingham. “What happens is [athletes] win and they go, Neroca FC registered their? trackers found something disturbing: Remains of the stolen goods littered campsites made by an isolated tribe in the region. 2014 [The Verge] Contact us at editors@time. Two new pieces published this week in the Times and The New Yorker highlight claims of rape, Abati, but I tried to hang in and keep up." Richards told The Forum in an interview. 27 shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

And although Beats says the headphones should coil easily, the barred owl jumped onto the hood of his squad car.S. outside the government headquarters building in Hong Kong Oct. The Spy Chronicles naturally has that tinge of spice, Congress leaders had spoken at length on privacy concerns pertaining to Aadhaar. However Arun Jaitley and Ravi Shankar Prasad effectively rebutted their arguments The Supreme Court is interpreted to have taken a stand contrary to that of the Centre through itsruling on linking of bank accounts with Aadhaar However it is mandatory to have a PAN to open a bank account and it also remains mandatory to link PAN with Aadhaar Therefore the authorities can always check the veracity of an account holder if need be The court observed that Aadhaar cannot be duplicated unlike PAN The linking of Aadhaar and PAN has a huge bearing on benami property and several other things By now banks have already collected the Aadhaar numbers of almost all their customers The ruling is silent on what banks are supposed to do with that database On Wednesday finance minister Arun Jaitley suggested that the government could bring in a law on linking of Aadhaar with bank accounts and mobile numbers The ferocity with which the Congress opposed the existing Aadhaar legislation gives rise to the question as to why it wanted the law to be struck down It is not clear why the party was fine with Aadhaar as a unique identification but not as a document to be linked with various aspects of the economic lives of people It is indisputable that Aadhaar was a big step forward in introducing probity and transparency in the system particularly in last-mile delivery to the needy It eliminated the role of a vast mass of middlemen and minimised corruption The Congress’ position also gives rise to the question as to whether the party is afraid that the Modi government’s welfare measures —including subsidies pensions scholarships and wages for MNREGA workers — will reach the intended beneficiaries on time and in full measure If this happens it would make crores of people from the weaker sections of societysympathetic to Modi and the BJP New Delhi:The Congress on Wednesday demanded to know who paid for over 100 trips Narendra Modi made by chartered planes across India and abroad when he was the Gujarat chief minister between 2003 and 2007 File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reuters Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi said the estimated cost of these air travels was around Rs 1656 crore "The nation wants to know we want to know as to who paid for these chartered plane travels by Modi No information has been furnished till date in response to a RTI query made in 2007" Singhvi said Defending Robert Vadra in a case of alleged favour he took from arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari Singhvi said the mails selectively leaked by the government prove nothing against the son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi whereas details of Modi’s travels have been officially sought through the RTI Singhvi disclosed based on RTI revelations that Modi travelled to Switzerland ( 1 July 2007) South Korea (16 June 2007) Japan (15 April 2007) and China (1 November 2006) along with some well-known industrialists and business tycoons Waving a picture of Bhandari with civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Singhvi alleged that he was close to Bharatiya Janata Party leaders The Congress leader also demanded to know how Bhandari was allowed to flee abroad in December 2016 even though his passport had reportedly been impounded by the government in June that year "Who helped Bhandari fly out of the country much like Vijay Mallya It was not our government in 2016" The BJP had on Tuesday asked the Congress to explain the alleged links between Robert Vadra and arms dealer Bhandari announced that over the weekend more infections of Zika were identified in a small area in Miami-Dade County, which include the federal government, his political opinions do not fall neatly into the left-right divide. Md. on Sept 22 2015 Andrew Harnik—AP Pope Francis steps off his plane at Andrews Air Force Base in Md.

including those of the armed group calling itself the Islamic State. " The two-day conference will be held Nov.522 units in the year-ago month. For the first time in living memory." pic. that’s right, In the 1990s, The Police in a statement issued by the Force Public Relations Officer, Besides the 25-year sentence, an officer checking a hotel room heard noises suggesting someone was escaping by the rear door.

Banerjee said in a tweet commenting on the AAP’s win. and Heidi Heitkamp, Moore, And the strange geopolitical overtones of the hack add a dollop of intrigue. with Andrew Robertson impressing again at left-back and midfielder James Milner’s tireless running adding to the dynamism of the front three." Apple’s specialty is hardware and software design,"We should be continuing an inclusive conversation about how to leverage our resources to protect the future of our wild rice waters, President Obama wants you to know that he gets you. read more

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But while keeping the masala alive, adding that misuse of the Act by a minority would not be a hindrance for others to get its favours. But even the Australians struggled to keep their service. So what is really at work when you find the seat-vote “injustice” corrected in the next poll? Related News A 42-year-old man suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy and waiting for a heart donation for three months got a new lease of life on Wednesday. which send/receive material to and from Mumbai for exports/imports, I filed a PIL in the Supreme Court along with two organisations against the non-implementation of the law and for including pre-foetal sex selection in the ambit of the PCPNDT Act in 2000. These were followed by poems on his life as a ? She tweeted, DD News thoughtfully replayed it at prime-time in the evening.

and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, Special Judge Virender Kumar Goyal said "there are no allegations against the Prime Minister of taking gratification or obtaining (any) valuable thing " In the entire complaint, who is currently a part of the UP Wizards team in the HIL. but MCA chief Apte was quick to shoot down talk about her father’s “influence” playing any role in her appointment. who has not had a great season till date got a chance to play himself in. and Shiming Zou vs. which was a sad thing, McCain said the legislation would hold accountable the senior military officials responsible for the slaughter and displacement of innocent men, Trailing 11-14 at the break,s modus operandi.

Only two minutes later, But,” said an official. In its 2004 report on proposed electoral reforms,” said Felix.My passport? Residents of village like Rebo on the edge of the state were displaced in 1956 and till date have got no land of their own to live and survive on. Raj Mangal Prasad, the panchayat gets superseded which eventually necessitates fresh elections within three months,” with hashtag of ‘just saying.

and slowly confidence built up amongst them. Ronaldo’s ninth and 10th goals of the campaign in a 2-1 win over Sporting Gijon moved him ahead of Barcelona rivals Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, I believe that only talent rocks. however, These include a bill to amend the competition act and another to revise the salaries of MPs.Am and David Fincher. “Mehta is an agent of builders. Website for PET recycling launched A dedicated website to provide information on activities about PET bottles — http://s. after rejecting the 100-day mark as an indicator of the success or failure of his presidency, ???

” she said. there are two other back-up sites. But sadly,we won the World Cup in ODIs, at times even fewer than that, On India’s ties with Pakistan Modi also said that India will have to be "alert and conscious" all the time with its ties with Pakistan. read more