Saint Mary’s commencement moved online, alternative celebration to occur fall 2020

first_imgCommencement for the Saint Mary’s class of 2020 will take place virtually May 16 at noon, Interim President Nancy Nekvasil announced Thursday in an email.In addition to the virtual ceremony, the College plans to host a face-to-face ceremony in the fall.“The fall date would allow enough time for some of the traditions so important to you as well as participating in a commencement ceremony,” Nekvasil said in the email.The email contained a link to a survey for students to select a date for the face-to-face ceremony that will work best for them.“Saint Mary’s College is asking for input from the class of 2020 for an alternative commencement celebration,” the survey said. “This is in addition to the virtual ceremony held on May 16, 2020. This two-day celebration will begin on a Friday with tower tours, handprints, opening of the circle and a walk down the Avenue followed by a graduation ceremony offered on Saturday.”Nekvasil offered an alternative should the plans for a gathering later in 2020 fall through.“If for any reason we are unable to have the fall face-to-face commencement, we will invite your participation in Reunion late May/early June of 2021,” she said in the email. “Even though you will not be at your five-year mark, we think that would be a very special time for you to gather as a class. We don’t have this worked out, but I wanted you to know so you can plan.”Tags: Class of 2020, Commencement, Interim President Nancy Nekvasil, Saint Mary’s Collegelast_img read more

Drop Dead Perfect Will Play Off-Broadway

first_img Related Shows Drop Dead Perfect Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 11, 2015 View Comments Look who’s back in a dress! Erasmus Fenn’s Drop Dead Perfect, a new comedy that satirizes movie melodramas, will play off-Broadway’s Theatre at St. Clements July 15 through August 10. Directed by Joe Brancato, the production will star stage vet Everett Quinton, alongside Jason Cruz, Jason Edward Cook and Michael Keyloun. Opening night is set for July 20.Quinton recently directed the off-Broadway revival of The Mystery of Irma Vep, the original production of which Quinton starred in in 1984. His stage credits include Macbeth, Sabrina La Caprichiosa, Travesties and his one-person show, Bitch Slapped By God. Cruz has appeared on stage in The Tempest and Jesus Hopped the “A” Train and on screen in Here You Go, which he also co-wrote and produced. Cook’s theater credits include Grinch, With Glee and Big River. Keyloun recently starred in Around the World in 80 Days.Drop Dead Perfect follows Idris Seabright (Quinton), a wealthy, eccentric mistress of a Key West cottage. When her beloved ward Vivien decides to abandon the Florida Keys to pursue art in Greenwich Village and Idris’ lawyer becomes alarmingly interested in her investments, Idris’ life begins its outrageous downward spiral. After she receives a visit from a mysterious stranger who bears an undeniable resemblance to her long-lost love, her life erupts into over-the-top comic mayhem.last_img read more

Free computers

first_imgBy Sharon DowdyUniversity of GeorgiaDuring the holidays, 50 lucky Georgia students got their own personal computer, and neither Santa nor their parents had to pay a penny. The free computers were awarded through Georgia 4-H’s Need-A-Computer Program.The program began eight years ago as the brainchild of then 4-H’er Rachel McCarthy of Walton County. She and her father Jim refurbished donated computers for needy 4-H’ers in her home county. When she graduated, her sister Amanda inherited the project.In 2003, the Georgia 4-H Youth Technology Leadership Team took the project to the state level. Since then, the team has awarded more than 200 computers to students across Georgia. Donated computers“All 50 computers were donated from George Walton Academy in Monroe,” said Cheryl Varnadoe, a UGA Extension 4-H specialist and the technology leadership team’s state coordinator.The team accepts computer donations all year and stores them in a room donated by StorageMart. Each fall they refurbish the computers for the winning applicants. This includes loading them with licensed software programs.”Most of the computers are two or three years old,” Varnadoe said. “We don’t accept older computers because we want to give the students computers that will be capable of running current programs and the Internet.”This year, the tech team received 160 applications for the 50 available computers.For more information on donating a computer or to apply for the 2009 program, visit Must be a 4-H’er to applyTo apply for a free computer, students must be in the fifth through 12th grades and be a member of 4-H. The students must also write an essay about why they want and need a computer and submit letters of reference from their teachers and community leaders.Members of the 4-H technology team or collegiate 4-H’ers deliver the computers to 4-H Fall Forum where the computers are picked up by representatives of the winners’ local UGA Cooperative Extension office. The 4-H agent then delivers the computer to the winner.Sixth-grader Beatriz Jiminez of Eastman was one of the lucky computer winners. Jiminez’s reasons for wanting a computer weren’t purely selfish.A bilingual student, she helps her teachers by translating for a student who doesn’t speak English, said Beverly Green, Jiminez’s 4-H leader.“She was so excited when I told she had won that she grabbed me and gave me a big hug,” Green said. “The possibilities are endless for her now that she has a computer, and she can help many other students, too.”last_img read more

Personal income leads Vermont revenue increase

first_imgThe vital personal income tax, up over 5 percent, rebounded last month to once again push Vermont tax receipts ahead of targets, if only modestly. Another positive sign for the economy is that all consumption taxes – sales, meals and rooms, gasoline, vehicle purchase – showed growth, even if only slightly in some cases.Today, Secretary of Administration Jeb Spaulding released the November 2011 General Fund (GF) revenue results. November is the fifth month of fiscal year (FY) 2012. General Fund revenues totaled $78.60 million for November 2011, and were +$2.19 million or +2.87% above the $76.41 million consensus revenue forecast for the month. Year to date, General Fund revenues were $472.64 million, and +$12.13 million or +2.63% above the target of $460.51 million for FY 2012. Cumulatively, General Fund receipts through November 31, 2011 now exceed the prior fiscal year (FY 2011) to date receipts as of November 31, 2010 by +5.61%.‘Naturally, we are pleased that General fund revenues continued a positive trend for the month and through the first five months of the fiscal year. All four of the major tax sources – Personal Income, Sales & Use, Rooms and Meals, and Corporate Income – are ahead of target and last year’s actual results, for the month and year to date,’ said Secretary Spaulding.Current targets reflect the Fiscal Year 2012 Consensus Revenue Forecast adopted by the Emergency Board at their July 21, 2011 meeting. Statutorily, the State is required to revise the Consensus Revenue Forecast two times per year, in January and July; the Emergency Board may schedule interim revisions if deemed necessary. The next Emergency Board meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2012.Personal Income Tax (PI) receipts are the largest single state revenue source providing approximately 50 percent of total GF revenue. PI Tax receipts are reported Net-of-Personal Income Tax refunds. Net Personal Income Tax is comprised of PI Withholding Tax, PI Estimated Payments, PI Refunds Paid, and PI Other. Net PI Receipts for November were recorded at $35.88 million, +$1.80 million or +5.28% above the monthly target of $34.08 million. Year to date, Net PI Receipts were $231.92 million, +$2.45 million or +1.07% ahead of target.Corporate Income Taxes are also reported net-of refunds and account for approximately 18.9% of annual General Fund Revenue. November Net Corporate Receipts of $0.82 million were +$0.71 million or +624.87% ahead of the monthly target of $0.11 million. Year to date Corporate receipts were $31.31 million, +$10.19 million or +48.24% ahead of target; these results are also 19.10% ahead of the same period in the prior fiscal year.Secretary Spaulding explained, ‘While Net Personal Income Tax receipts are holding slightly ahead of target on a cumulative basis (+1.07%), we do have some concerns in regard to cumulative Corporate Income Tax receipts. Taking a closer look at the individual Corporate Income Tax components shows that the above target performance has been driven by lower Corporate Refund activity and higher Corporate Estimated payment receipts than projected. We believe there is a chance that a good deal of these above target receipts may be offset by higher refunds next spring.’Consumption tax results for November were above target for the month: Sales & Use Tax receipts of $18.53 million were above target by +$0.72 million (+4.02%); Rooms & Meals Tax receipts of $11.14 million exceeded target by +$0.49 million (+4.61%). Year to date, Sales & Use Tax receipts of $95.02 million exceeded target by +$0.10 million or +0.11% and Rooms & Meals Tax receipts of $57.62 are above target by +$2.22 million or +4.01% for the current fiscal year (FY 2012). As compared to the same period for the prior fiscal year (FY 2011), cumulative November consumption taxes (Sales & Use, and Meals & Rooms) exceeded the prior year results by +5.30% and 4.01% respectively.The remaining non-major tax components include Insurance, Inheritance & Estate Tax, Real Property Transfer Tax, and ‘Other’ (which includes: Bank Franchise Tax, Telephone Tax, Liquor Tax, Beverage Tax, Fees, and Other Taxes). The results for the remaining non-major categories for November were as follows: Insurance Tax, $6.25 million (-6.94%); Inheritance & Estate Tax, $1.50 (-0.62%); Property Transfer Tax, $0.54 million (-31.48%); and ‘Other’, $3.93 million (-16.90%). The year to date November results for the remaining non-major categories were: Insurance Tax, $14.83 million (-2.41%); Inheritance & Estate Tax, $8.09 (+1.37%); Property Transfer Tax, $3.56 million (-11.66%); and ‘Other’, $30.31 million (-6.49%). Cumulatively, the total non-major component receipts of $56.79 million were below the prior year total of $60.94 million by -$4.15 million, or -6.81%. However, the shortfall versus prior year in ‘Other’ is primarily due to one-time extraordinary settlement activity in Bank Franchise Tax during August of the prior year.Transportation FundSecretary Spaulding also released the non-dedicated Transportation Fund Revenue for November. Total non-dedicated Transportation Fund receipts of $17.59 million for the month exceeded target by +$2.58 million (+17.16%), against the monthly target of $15.01 million. The November year to date Transportation Fund receipts of $90.24 million was ahead of the $88.70 million target by +$1.54 million or +1.74%. Year to date November FY 2012 non-dedicated Transportation Funds have now exceeded the prior year (FY 2011) by 1.40% for the same four month period.Individual Transportation Fund revenue receipts components for November all exceeded target for the month: Gasoline Tax, $4.86 million or +1.31% above target; Diesel Tax, $1.58 million or +51.57% above target; Motor Vehicle Purchase & Use Tax, $4.31 million or +18.64% ahead of target; Motor Vehicle Fees, $5.47 million or +17.96% above; and Other Fees, $1.37 million or +51.74% above the monthly target. Year to date results for the individual Transportation Fund revenue components for November were: Gasoline Tax, $26.16 million or -0.08% short of target; Diesel Tax, $6.35 million or +6.58% above target; Motor Vehicle Purchase & Use Tax, $22.04 million or -1.82% behind target; Motor Vehicle Fees, $28.81 million or +3.74% ahead of target; and Other Fees, $6.88 million or +8.58% above the monthly target.Secretary Spaulding said, ‘November was by far the best month the Transportation Fund has experienced to date this fiscal year (FY 2012), recouping all of the below target receipts through October and more. The fact that each individual Transportation Fund tax component was favorable to target for the month was especially good news. Cumulatively, the non-dedicated Transportation Fund receipts through November are +1.40% ahead of the prior fiscal year (FY 2011) but remains -4.20% below the FY 2008 total for the same five-month period.’The Secretary also reported on the results for the Transportation Infrastructure Bond Fund (’TIB’). TIB Fund Gas receipts for November were $1.74 million or +18.12% in excess of target; year to date TIB Gas receipts were $9.19 million or +16.39% ahead of target. TIB Fund Diesel receipts for the month were $0.21 million or +26.87% above the monthly target; year to date TIB Diesel receipts were $0.77 million or +6.08% ahead of target. The Secretary reiterated his comments from last month by stating that, ‘Our access to additional bonding capacity due to the cumulative above target results for TIB, is important to remember, should it be needed for Tropical Storm Irene related transportation infrastructure.’ The TIB Fund receipts are noted below the following table:Education FundToday, Secretary Spaulding released the ‘non-Property Tax’ Education Fund revenues (which constitute approximately 12% of the total Education Fund sources). The non-Property Tax Education Fund receipts for November totaled $13.47 million, or +$0.84 million (+6.65%) above the $12.63 million target for the month. Year to date, non-Property Tax Education Fund receipts were $66.44 million, or -0.57% short of the year to date target. The individual Education Fund revenue component results for November were: Sales & Use Tax, $9.27 million, or +4.02% above target; Motor Vehicle Purchase & Use Tax, $2.16 million or +18.64%; Lottery Transfer, $2.05 million or +7.49% above; Education Fund Interest for November was under $0.01 million against a similar target. Year to date receipts by component were: Sales & Use Tax, $47.51 million, or +0.11% ahead of target; Motor Vehicle Purchase & Use Tax, $11.02 million or -1.82%; Lottery Transfer, $7.89 million or -3.07% below target; year to date Education Fund Interest for November was under $0.02 million against a target of below $0.01 million. As compared to prior year, FY 2012 year to date non-Property Tax Education Fund receipts are 5.40% ahead of the FY 2011 results for the same period.ConclusionSecretary Spaulding concluded, ‘It is definitely good news that the General Fund has exceeded target for the fourth consecutive month. However, uncertainty from the continuing global economic instability and the unknown extent of federal budget cuts require us to remain cautious. While the current results indicate a positive note for the current fiscal year (FY 2012), there remains a good deal of uncertainty for FY 2013. We look towards the January Consensus Revenue Forecast revision, scheduled for consideration by the Emergency Board on January 18, 2012, with interest and what we hope will be a clearer picture of the revenue future for our three major funds.’ Administration. 12.16.2011last_img read more

Best of the Outdoors 2008: Paddling

first_img FAVORITE PADDLING EVENT Gauley Fest, W.Va.The annual celebration of the dam releases of the Gauley River, Gauley Fest draws boaters from all over the country for a weekend of camaraderie and lighthearted competition.“Gauley Fest is the biggest conglomeration of kayakers in any one spot in the United States, maybe even the world. It always seems to rain at Gauley Fest, so the last couple of years there’s been some quality mud wrestling. And last year Dagger brought out a stripper pole. There were quite a few guys that got onto that thing, and a few women too. You’ve got everything at Gauley Fest. There’s a lot of industry hype behind it, but it still manages to be a grassroots event. People sleep on the ground at night and paddle all day.”—Steve Page, boater, American Whitewater volunteer, and Gauley Fest enthusiast NEXT BEST2. Green Race, N.C.3. Jerry’s Baddle, N.C.4. Potomac Whitewater Festival, D.C.5. Boater Chick Festival, N.C.6. Cheoah River Festival, N.C.7. Tallulah River Festival, Ga.8. Cheat River Festival, W.Va.9. Russell Fork Rendezvous, Ky.10. French Broad River Festival, N.C.10. Ohiopyle Over the Falls Festival, Pa.PADDLING MOMENTS OF THE YEARAmerican Whitewater negotiates new legal access for the Gauley River in West Virginia… The Foothills Conservancy buys land bordering Wilson Creek, which was originally slated for neighborhood development…Tennessee creek-boater Jeff West starts the Mile High Club, a nationwide push for boaters to drop a mile of vertical in a single day…Emily Jackson (daughter of World Freestyle Champ Eric Jackson) wins Freestyle World Cup Championships… South Carolina’s Congaree River is designated a National Recreation Trail.BEST WHITEWATER RIVERChattooga RiverThe Wild and Scenic Chattooga River is a class IV/V whitewater run on the border of South Carolina and Georgia.“Dam released rivers are always the same. The Chattooga is a different river every time you run it—it’s always changing with the water level. Most other rivers in the Southeast have roads beside them. The Chattooga is isolated and primitive. Only three companies run trips on this river, and we stagger our trips so we never see each other. On other rivers, it can be like bumper boats, all the companies jockeying for position. This is the greatest river in the country. I wouldn’t guide anywhere else.”—Rob McCormick, veteran raft guide NEXT BEST2. Gauley River, W.Va.3. Upper Yough River, M.D.4. New River, W.Va.5. Cheoah River, N.C.6. Tallulah River, Ga.7. Russell Fork, Va.8. Green River, N.C.9. Potomac River, Md./D.C.10. Wilson Creek, N.C.BEST RAPID Gorilla, Green River Gorilla is a class V+ drop through a tight notch in the Green River Gorge. It is the most revered rapid in “the Narrows” and the highlight of the Green Race for spectators.“Gorilla has become a rite of passage. After running Gorilla for nearly 20 years, I still get jacked every time I run it. I like the many faces of Gorilla—and the Green River. I like the focus that comes over you as you line up the approach into the “notch.” I like the Green Race Day when a thousand spectators scream as racers test themselves on the drop. I also like the days when it’s just me and a buddy. I have a lot of memories from time spent at Gorilla, everything from reveling in a perfect day with friends to mourning the loss of another.”—Shane Benedict, Liquid Logic kayaks NEXT BEST2. Bull Sluice, Chattooga, Ga.3. Sweets Falls, Gauley River, W.Va.4. Oceana, Tallula River, Ga.5. Baby Falls, Tellico River, Tenn.6. Triple Drop, Wilson Creek, N.C.7. Hell Hole, Ocoee, Tenn.8. No Fishing Falls, South Fork of the Piney, Va.9. El Horendo, Russell Fork, Va.10. Quarter Mile, Nolichucky, Tenn.PADDLING HEROKevin ColburnAs the national stewardship director for American Whitewater, Kevin Colburn has played an integral role in negotiating the relicensing of dams on major southern rivers like the Cheoah, Ocoee, Nantahala, and Tuckasegee. Recently, he’s been fighting hard for boating access on the Upper Chattooga. How did you get into paddling?In junior high, I went on a rafting trip with an outdoor club to the Lehigh River. It was October and it snowed the whole time. I wore a 6mm wetsuit and wool socks. I was instantly hooked.You’ve been with AW for a while now.I started out of grad school working immediately on dam relicensing issues east of the Mississippi. It was so daunting. I was in meetings for the Cheoah, Nanty, and Tuck at least twice a week. It was intense right away. If you would have asked me at 25 if I would still be doing this job at 32, I would have said no way. But it’s fun, so here I am.Any success stories that stand out in your opinion?The Cheoah, hands down. It’s one of the few projects that I’ve worked from beginning to end, and it’s such a well-rounded victory. I can go paddle that river and know I helped put water in it. It’s very tangible. I’ll be proud of the West Fork of the Tuckasegee too. It’ll be a decade-long project by the time I finally get my boat wet in that river, but it will be worth it.How do you feel about the process surrounding the Upper Chattooga?Honestly, I’m disillusioned by the whole process. I assumed that river management happens based on reason and standards, but the Chattooga has given me a glimpse of the wizard behind the curtain, and it’s not pretty. Ultimately, the outcome will be good and the process has already benefited the environment. Because we have forced them to look at the river and its watershed, the Forest Service found 20 miles of illegal trails and campsites.BEST FLATWATER PADDLELake Jocassee, S.C.This 7,500-acre mountain lake is located at the base of the Escarpment in South Carolina. Surrounded predominantly by public land, several streams and rivers meet the lake in dramatic waterfalls tucked inside lush coves.“Lake Jocassee provides great access to the Foothills Trail and Gorges State Park, and the waterfalls provide spectacular destination paddles and great canyoneering opportunities. Flatwater paddling isn’t as popular around here as whitewater kayaking. It requires perseverance and patience.”—Joe Moerschbacher, owner of Pura Vida Adventures. NEXT BEST2. Lake Santeetlah, N.C.3. Congaree National Park, S.C.4. New River, N.C.5. Chesapeake Bay, Md./Va.6. Outer Banks, N.C.7. Lake Fontana, N.C.8. Cumberland Island National Seashore, Ga.9. Chattanooga Waterfront (Tennessee River), Tenn.10. Summersville Lake, W.Va.last_img read more

Emergency Drinking Beer

first_imgI spend a lot of time with my kids, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because the children are our future, we’re making memories and all that crap. It’s a curse because my kids are 7, and 7 year olds can be bat shit crazy. They’ll spend entire afternoons pretending to be cats and meowing at each other. I’ll ask if they want PBJs for lunch and they’ll meow and lick their paws. It’s enough to make a man drink.Enter Emergency Drinking Beer, a straightforward lager from Georgia’s Wild Heaven Craft Beers. There’s nothing fancy about Emergency Drinking Beer. It’s relatively light, easy drinking and barely above near-beer status at a modest 4% ABV. It’s the beer you have on hand at all times in case of an emergency. You put a couple in your glove box. You have one stashed in your bedside table. You pack one along with snacks and Bandaids when you take the kids to the park. At the pool along with the sunscreen. You definitely put one of these in your backpack along with the first aid kit when you head out for a day hike. Add a single Emergency Drinking Beer for every day you’ll be in the wilderness.Emergency Drinking Beer isn’t for getting drunk. You crack one if you take a wrong turn on the trail. You crack one when you’re boss lays into your TPS report. You crack one when you endo on your mountain bike. And you crack one when your kids turn into monkeys at the grocery store and start pulling cereal boxes off the shelves and laughing like diabolical geniuses. Maybe you crack two Emergency Drinking Beers.last_img read more

Ay Haiti is Spain’s No. 1 Hit of Solidarity

first_imgBy Dialogo May 04, 2010 Spanish producer Carlos Jean brought together some of the biggest names in music to use their voices to extend a helping hand toward Haitians reeling from the earthquake that devastated the country on Jan. 12. “At first, I felt powerless,” said Jean, who is of Haitian descent. “I felt it was the right moment for all of us to do our small part and help out.” That is precisely how “Ay Haiti,” a solidarity initiative in the form of a musical hymn, was born. “In just six days more than 30,000 people came together through the Internet,” Jean said. “We had to do something.” Since its release on April 20, the theme that features Alejandro Sanz, Enrique Iglesias, Miguel Bosé, Macaco, Juanes, Estopa, Shakira and La Oreja de Van Gogh (Van Gogh’s Ear) has become the top-selling song in Spain, according to Sony Music. Singers Shakira, Juanes and Marta Sánchez, as well as soccer superstar Kun Aguero are featured on the music video for the relief single “Ay Haiti.” The song’s video, featuring such soccer players as Diego Forlán, Kaká and Sergio Agüero, and actress Paz Vega, also is getting plenty of play nationwide, according to Sony Music. The solidarity initiative took off when Jean organized some sessions of dance music, known as “mixing for Haiti,” to raise funds for Intermón Oxfam, a Spanish nonprofit organization providing assistance to the Haitian people. Intermón Oxfam has received around €7million (US$9.3 million) in donations from Spain and more than €75 million (US$99.8 million) worldwide. “It was a spontaneous call to participate: we skipped all the conventional channels as collaborations normally go,” said David Summers, of the musical group Hombres G (G Men), during the presentation of the project “Ay Haiti.” “Nobody even thought of making a single penny off of this.” The artists – all of whom were volunteers – adjusted their schedules so they could produce a chart-topping hit for a great cause, Summers said. The group performed the song live in front of a crowd of 14,000 during “La Noche de Cadena 100,” a huge concert in Madrid on April 24.last_img read more

Simply the best awards for improving the tourist offer and creativity

first_imgThe plaques were presented to the winners by Tomislav Fain, President of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, and Maja Šimenc, Director of DMK Vall042 and the PUT Exchange. Ružica Mikačić for many years of journalistic work and expressed creativity in designing and realizing a number of attractive contents in the field of tourism, which gave a significant contribution to Croatian tourist journalism, but also to the improvement of overall Croatian tourism, especially in Dalmatia; Source / photo: DMK Wall 042 The “Simply the best” award for creativity and improvement of the tourist offer in six categories – catering, events, travel agencies, new projects, people, special awards – was received by 45 individuals and companies from the tourism sector. Category “Manifestations“It is divided into four groups. In the group “Preservation of traditional local customs”, awards were given to Bela nedeja (Kastav), Eko etno Gacka (Otočac), LIDAS (Pleternica) and (Sr) etno Selce (Crikvenica riviera). In the group “Entertainment and recreational facilities”, the awards were won by Country Weekend (Koprivnica), Toy Festival (Ivanić Grad) and Slovenian Weekend (Biograd na Moru). The winners of the group “Culture and eno-gastronomy” are the Pearl of the Sea (Supetar on Brač), Black Sheep (Baška), Strawberry & Sparkling Festival and Voloder Autumn (Voloder). In the last group “Sport and Recreation”, Du Motion (Dubrovnik), Lipik 3 × 3 Challenger (Lipik), Boat Marathon (Metković) and Uvati Vitar (Sutivan) received awards. Ivan Srakovčić for many years of innovative and creative entrepreneurial activity in the development of new tourist products, thus making an immeasurable contribution to the development and quality of the tourist offer of the Karlovac region; As part of the business tourism exchange PUT, which gathered more than 150 participants from five countries in Gradac, the annual awards of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies and the magazine Way to Croatia were presented today at a ceremony at the Hotel Labineca. “A new project in tourismIs the category whose winners of the award are Adrenaline Park Duboka (Nature Park Papuk), Eco Ethno Farm Savus (Bukovlje), Interpretation Center for Maritime Heritage (Lošinj), Marcin Farm – Family Farm Martin Subotić (Germans), Paleo Park (Bale), Project Passes through time (Vodnjan), Project Šišanske legende (Ližnjan), Project Virtual and cultural tourism (Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County), Project For Zlarin without plastic (Zlarin) and Wine, olive & heritage festival (Jelsa).center_img Pavo Jerković for many years of creative work on shaping the special tourist offer, which marked the development of new tourist products with his own example, and gave an exceptional contribution to the tourist development of the Neretva Valley; Awards in the third category “Travel agency“Received Sunturist (Novalja), Viatica travel (Brestovec Orehovički), Aquamarin CK (Banska Bystrica, Slovakia) and TA Lambada (Bugojno, BiH). “Special recognitionsReceived Hotel Esplanada (Zagreb) for excellence, quality and year-round design of special facilities which significantly enriches the tourist offer of the destination, Krapina-Zagorje County for quality and development of year-round tourist offer based on tradition of life, culture and customs which makes Zagorje today positioned as attractive , content and the most developed Croatian continental destination and the Municipality of Vir for creativity and quality of year-round design of the tourist offer and continuous development and realization of new tourist contents, which significantly raised the attractiveness of the destination. Awards in the category “Persons“Received: Category “restaurant”Consists of three groups -” Offer of traditional food and beverages – restaurants “,” Offer of traditional food and beverages – picnic areas “and” Accommodation facilities with additional facilities “. In the first group, the awards were won by Mashtel Distillery (Nin), Klijet Lojzekova hiža (Gusakovec) and Restaurant Zlatne gorice (Kneginec Gornji). In the group related to picnic areas, the awards were won by the Kršlinov mlin picnic area (Bregana), the Mihoci picnic area (Maglenča) and the Vukovar house (Vukovar). In the last group, the winners are Hotel Boškinac (Novalja), Rooms Maksimilian (Osijek), Villa Covri (Brtonigla) and Zaton Holiday Resort (Zaton). Đurđica Šimičić for her creativity and inventiveness in the development of the destination management process and quality improvement in tourism, which gave a special contribution to building the tourist recognition of Lošinj and its positioning among the most attractive Croatian tourist destinations.last_img read more

Half of coronavirus patients given ventilation died: German study

first_imgOlder patients were also significantly more vulnerable, as 27 percent of patients in their 70s died while 38 percent of those above 80 years old failed to pull through.”These high mortality rates clearly show that a relatively high number of patients with a very serious course of disease were treated in hospitals,” said Juergen Klauber, director of WIdO.”Such serious course of diseases mainly affect older people and people whose health is already compromised, but also occur in younger patients,” he warned, urging the population to take necessary precautions to prevent new infections.Of the 10,021 patients, 1,727 were given mechanical ventilation. While almost twice as many who received ventilation were men, the mortality rates were similar gender-wise, the study said. One in five patients hospitalized in Germany over the coronavirus succumbed to the disease, with the fatality rate rising to 53 percent for those who received ventilation, a study showed Wednesday.Data of 10,000 patients admitted to 930 German hospitals between February 26 and April 19 were analyzed by the German Interdisciplinary Association of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine, the Technical University of Berlin and AOK health insurance group’s research arm WIdO.Hospitalized male patients had a higher mortality rate than women, with 25 percent compared to 19 percent. Topics :center_img Patients were staying in hospitals for an average of 14 days, with those not on ventilation hospitalized for an average of 12 days while the duration for those who needed help breathing rose to 25 days.Reinhard Busse, professor of healthcare management at TU Berlin, noted that on average, 240 days of ventilation would be required for every 100 hospitalized patients.”These are important numbers to prepare for a second wave of the pandemic. However, we do not anticipate any problems with normal hospital beds, even with high infection rates,” he added.Thanks to its decentralized healthcare system, Germany has been able to significantly ramp up its capacity to treat COVID-19 patients, avoiding scenes like in Italy where some hospitals were overwhelmed by the sudden huge caseload.However, health experts have urged against complacency, with the head of the RKI disease control agency, Lothar Wieler, repeatedly urging the population to keep to hygiene rules like social distancing or mask wearing.With the summer holiday season in full swing, politicians are also watching anxiously at infection numbers which have ticked up in recent weeks.As of Wednesday, Germany has recorded 206,926 cases of infections including 9,128 deaths.last_img read more

Energy Efficiency and Economic Benefits Emphasized in DEP’s 2015 Climate Change Action Plan Update

first_img Efficiency,  Energy,  Government Reform,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today accepted the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) 2015 Climate Change Action Plan Update that details how increasing energy efficiency in all sectors and at all levels will play a key role in reducing Pennsylvania’s greenhouse gas emissions by target year 2030.The Pennsylvania Climate Change Act of 2008 mandated the Climate Change Action Plan in 2009 as well as updates every three years. The 2015 update presents data from the EPA State Inventory Tool for 2000 through 2012 (the most recent data available), showing an overall decrease of 15.93 percent in net emissions, reflecting a shift by some power plants from coal to natural gas, as well as the success of Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency programs. Overall, Pennsylvania’s total greenhouse emissions are projected to be lower in 2030 than in 2000, with reductions in the residential, commercial, transportation, agriculture and waste sectors.“Addressing climate change and the real impact on the health of our citizens, the costs of our businesses and the environment must be a priority for not just the commonwealth, but all sectors,” Governor Wolf said.The update presents 13 work plans to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. An economic analysis of the work plans included in the Plan shows that the majority have the potential to generate not only greenhouse gas emissions reductions but also significant improvements in total employment, total income and real disposable personal income.With Pennsylvania being the third largest emitter of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the country, additional reductions are needed. Pennsylvania will be 3°C (5.4°F) warmer by 2050 than it was in 2000, according to the 2015 Climate Impacts Assessment Report by the Penn State University Environment and Natural Resources Institute. The result will be dangerously high summer temperatures and more severe storms, increased threat of certain insect-borne diseases, and drastic changes to agriculture and water quality.“The consequences of inaction on climate change will be felt by all Pennsylvanians,” said DEP Acting Secretary McDonnell, “It will affect the food we grow, the energy we use, our recreation, and even our health.”The majority of work plans in the 2015 Climate Change Action Plan Update focus on energy efficiency measures. The greatest emissions reductions would be achieved by holding new buildings to an emissions performance standard 60 percent lower than the regional average. Sizable emissions reduction would also be attained by continuing Act 129 of 2008, which requires utilities to come up with plans to encourage energy efficiency among their customers, through 2031.Other work plans address coal mine methane recovery, the latest building energy codes, heating oil conservation and fuel switching, combined heat and power systems, ground source heat pumps, energy technical assistance for manufacturers, tree-planting programs, energy efficiency financing for homeowners, semi-truck adaptations, and anaerobic manure digesters.The plans were created in partnership with the Climate Change Advisory Committee, whose members include the secretaries of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Department of Community and Economic Development; the chair of the Public Utilities Commission; and Governor’s Office and legislative appointees. All plans were voted on, with most approved unanimously.The Center for Climate Strategies conducted macroeconomic analyses to determine the potential costs, benefits, and job impacts of the work plans. In addition to environmental benefits, the analysis shows economic benefits, including increased jobs.Highlighting the important role that all Pennsylvanians play in helping to lower emissions, the update includes 25 actions individuals can take, including lowering their energy use, finding energy efficiency financing, reducing food waste, and planting trees to absorb carbon.# # #Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Energy Efficiency and Economic Benefits Emphasized in DEP’s 2015 Climate Change Action Plan Update August 22, 2016center_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more