The government accepted an amendment to the regulation for concessions on tourist land in camps

first_imgAt the last session of the Government, held on Thursday, “Decree on Amendments to the Decree on the Procedure, Manner and Conditions for Obtaining a Concession on Tourist Land in Camps Co-Owned by the Republic of Croatia”. Namely, the amendments are as follows: Article 10, paragraph 1, which refers to the deadline for payment of the variable part of the concession fee, now states that the payment is made no later than 31 May of the current year. The deadline is changed because the existing provision did not take into account the legal deadline for preparing the final financial statements. Article 3 of the said Regulation has been supplemented with a new paragraph which stipulates that the occupied area is considered to be the area of ​​the camp that was not estimated in the conversion of the socially-owned enterprise, and was part of the camp at the time of conversion. This specifies the concept of occupied area, which is stated in the formula, and whose meaning has not been specified so far. The amendment to Article 9 refers to the variable part of the concession fee, which is now calculated in proportion to the square meters occupied in relation to the entire area of ​​the camp, and according to the criteria in the figure below. Attachment: REGULATION on amendments to the Decree on the procedure, manner and conditions for obtaining a concession on tourist land in camps co-owned by the Republic of Croatia After Article 19a, Article 19b is added, which introduces and regulates the possibility of installment payment of the concession fee. The article stipulates that, at the request of the company, the obligation to pay the difference in the concession fee may be payable over a period of three years, in three equal annual installments, with each installment due on 30 September of the current year. The explanation of the amendments to the Decree states that the aim of the proposed amendment to the Decree is to remove the obstacle to the calculation of the variable part of the concession fee for the use of tourist land in camps, because the Ministry of Tourism is not able to issue invoices for the variable part of the concession fee. the amendment to the Regulation does not harmonize the criteria for calculating the fee according to the development index of the city / municipality in which the camp is located in accordance with the appropriate development groups into which local self-government units are classified in accordance with the new Decision on classifying local and regional self-government units. . Photo: Aminess Park Mareda, Camping.hrlast_img read more

MSC: Terminals, cargo operations not impacted by network outage

first_imgThe network outage that hit one of Mediterranean Shipping Company’s servers in Geneva last week is not affecting the company’s cargo operations, the company said on Monday. The Swiss-based container shipping heavyweight insists that the outage remains confined to its headquarters, impacting solely some internal data processes, and MyMSC. The liner major said that significant progress has been made to solve the network outage in Geneva and MSC’s team of experts continues working on the issue. “All MSC departments, terminals and depots are serving customers as usual and cargo is flowing without interruptions. Customers can continue place bookings and online booking platforms such as INTTRA and others remain functional,” MSC statement reads. When approached on Friday by our news desk, the company did not rule out the possibility of a cyber-attack.last_img read more

Real Madrid Former President Dies of Coronavirus Disease

first_img Promoted ContentCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?A Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This DayThe Best Cars Of All Time10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its Growth6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Drone6 Incredibly Strange Facts About Hurricanes10 Amazing Characters We Wish Were Official Disney Princesses Loading… Former president of Laliga giants Real Madrid, Lorenzo Sanz, has died after a battle with the Coronavirus disease, his family and the Santiago Bernabeu side have announced. Sanz who died a the age of 76 won some laurels during his reign as president of Real Madrid FC and basketball team from 1995 to 2000. Sanz was reportedly admitted to a hospital in Madrid earlier last week where his Covid-19 infection was manages until he gave up the ghost on Saturday. His son, Lorenzo, confirmed the sad new of his father’s passing in Tweet on Saturday. “My father has just died. He did not deserve it to end in this manner. One of the best, most courageous and hard working people I have seen in my life. His family and Real Madrid were his passion,” Lorenzo [Jnr.] tweeted. lorenzo-sanz-real-madrid-coronavirus-laliga-covid-19Sanz celebrates Champions League title success with Real Madrid players Real Madrid and Laliga followed up Lorenzo’s announcement with official statements on their respective online platforms. “Real Madrid, its president and the board of directors regret with great consternation the death ofLorenzo Sanz, who was president of Real Madrid from 1995 to 2000,’ Real Madrid stated on their website. “They also want to express their deepest condolences and all their affection and affection to his wife Mari Luz, their children; Lorenzo, Francisco, Fernando, María Luz Malula and Diana, and their family and friends. Condolences that also extend to all Real Madrid.center_img Also Read: Ex-Man United Star Fellaini Contracts Coronavirus “Today, Real Madrid is mourning the loss of a president who dedicated a large part of his life to his great passion: Real Madrid. “Given the current circumstances, Real Madrid will pay him the recognition he deserves as soon as possible.” The club also tweeted: “With Lorenzo Sanz as president of @realmadriden, the club won two European Cups and an Intercontinental Cup, a league title, a Spanish Super Cup, a basketball league title and the Saporta Cup. #RealMadrid.” Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos also took to Twitter express his grief over the passing. “Very sad day for Real Madrid. Lorenzo Sanz connected yesterday and today with two numbers for the story: 7 and 8 [Champions League triumphs in 1998 and 2000},” Ramos tweeted. “His death saddens even more these difficult days in which we find ourselves. My deep condolences to family and friends. Rest in peace.” Former Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas was also in a mourning mood on Saturday and tweeted: “DEP President, a big hug to family and friends in these difficult times. And a very special memory for those who have also left us because of this fatal virus. Much strength to all.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Soccer heads to PSU with chance for Big Ten title

first_imgSenior Scott Lorenz will look to lead the Badgers to a Big Ten championship.[/media-credit]With a chance to win the regular season Big Ten title, everything is on the line for the Wisconsin men’s soccer team as it prepares to go to University Park to face Penn State (9-5-2) Saturday.“It’s a huge game for us,” senior Scott Lorenz said. “One of our preseason goals was to give ourselves a chance to win the Big Ten in the regular season, and to have this one play out until the end of the regular season is a big step for us. We are really looking forward to it.”With just one conference game remaining in regular season play, five Big Ten teams are separated by just half a game in conference records.Lorenz, who scored the game-winning goal in overtime against Michigan State Oct. 11 to send the Badgers (6-7-2) on their 3-1 stretch since, acknowledged the excitement that comes with such a close contest as the season wraps up.“It’s real exciting to be in a real tight race at the end of the year,” Lorenz said. “To have things in your own destiny and be able to play that out is something you always look forward to.”UW, which is 3-2 in conference play, has improved throughout the season and hopes to compete at its highest level in this tightly contested end-of-season run.“I just want us to be playing our best come this time of the year,” UW head coach Todd Yeagely said. “When you play toward your potential, your opportunity for positive results is there.”Rather than dwelling on the team’s failures against NIU, Yeagley emphasized that the team is still in great position and excited about the opportunity to clinch the Big Ten regular season title with a win Saturday and some help from Northwestern.Along with a Badger win over Penn State, UW needs Northwestern to tie or lose one of its final two conference games.“We didn’t play that well [Wednesday night], but we certainly didn’t take too many steps backward,” Yeagley said. “We have a lot of momentum going right now, and I think this group is really dedicated to getting back on track on Saturday.”According to Lorenz, though, focus should not be an issue for Saturday’s game, recognizing that the whole team knows what is at stake.“(In terms of the) team staying focused, we didn’t have the best game yesterday,” he said. “But everyone knows what’s on the line for Saturday, and I don’t think there will be a focus issue at all.”Lorenz, who has seen both the good and bad with Wisconsin, playing all but 11 minutes thus far this season, reiterated a similar feeling of focusing on the situation at hand rather than dwelling on the past.“It was kind of a ‘forget and move on’ attitude (after the NIU game),” Lorenz said. “We didn’t play well, and we know we didn’t play well. We got an unfortunate bounce for their goal and we’ll learn from it, fix that mistake and just try to move on, because we know that big things lie ahead.”To refrain from falling victim to a similar outcome against Penn State, the team must be more aggressive on defense and try to get more goal-scoring opportunities offensively.“We have got to create more chances (against Penn State) — I don’t think we created enough chances [Wednesday],” Lorenz said. “We are going to come out and play real aggressive, force the game on them, and open it up, because at this point, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”Penn State ranks first in the Big Ten in shots and goals per game, while being tied for goals allowed and shutouts defensively.Senior forward Jason Yeisley — the team captain and All-American candidate — has led the team offensively, scoring eight goals and 20 total points.“[The Nittany Lions] are having a great year,” Lorenz said. “I think Jason Yeisley coming back for the team this year is a big boost for them. I think they have rallied around it, and their team has just kind of been hot all year.“We know they are going to be a tough opponent,” he continued. “They always have been, regardless of their record the past couple of years. It is still a Big Ten game — we have got to come out and they have got to play.”The team has high expectations for its final conference game of the year as the Badgers try to solidify their spot as the No. 1 team in the Big Ten Tournament.“The expectation is a win, nothing short of [one],” Lorenz said. “We have put ourselves in this position and we are not going to go out there and pray for a tie or hope something flies our way — we are going to do everything we can in our power to get the victory.”last_img read more

Kalarippayat Anyone?

first_imgJust after dawn, Sajith Kumar S.S. joins a handful of men and boys in the heart of the bustling southern Indian city of Trivandrum to practice a rare, indigenous martial art once banned by British colonizers to the point of near extinction.After covering their lean brown bodies with oil and clad only in loincloths, the men go through a graceful sequence of warm-up exercises, then challenging postures and movements mimicking wild animal forms.It’s an inspiring demonstration of the raw power and sinuous strength of the lion, elephant, horse, cat, snake, rooster, wild boar and peacock.Kalarippayat, one of the oldest and unique forms of physical and martial training derived from the ancient Indian science of warfare and influenced by Hinduism, reached its peak between the 12th and 16th centuries in the state of Kerala. Performers Satish Kumar (left) and Srijith (right) demonstrate the Kalarippayat, an ancient martial art from the South Indian state of Kerala At the time, Kerala was divided into feuding principalities and Kalarippayat was practiced in a specially designed arena known as a kalari. It became a key part of cultural education for young men who were often called upon to defend their territory.Although considered a martial art complete with a distinctive set of weaponry, “this was (also) part of the national sport at that time … a social institution, a physical culture form combining spirituality, self discipline, body training, some elements of yoga and mental training, and this was compulsory for every youth at the time,” said Sathya Narayanan director and Gurukkal of the C.V.N Kalari Sangham in Trivandrum, where the men were training.Narayanan’s grandfather, C.V. Narayanan Nair pioneered to preserve the martial art form after extensive research. The C.V.N. Kalari was established in 1956 in his memory and 30 now exist throughout Kerala, all using the same lineage style.Like Gurukkal of the kalari, Narayanan, 44, plays the traditional dual role of martial arts master and physician trained in a special system of medicine similar to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, which uses herbs.However, his expertise has more to do with the treatment of orthopaedic disorders such as fractures, sprains and other injuries.During its peak, practically every Keralite village had a kalari where young men trained, Narayanan said. But when the colonial British discovered that those practicing the art possessed a superior mental and physical fitness, and could defeat their trained army soldiers in hand-to-hand combat, the British banned the practice.“Why? Because as the practitioners progressed in the study, they could specialize in weapons, and they became the source for the soldiers of the (indigenous) army at that time,” Narayanan said.The British banned Kalarippayat for about 70 years until a relaxation of laws allowed it to be practiced again on a limited scale in the early 20th century.But “They didn’t allow any warriors to be trained. That was prohibited,” said Narayanan. During the advanced stages of the art, students engage in battles using wooden and metal weapons.The kalari, built below ground level and with an earthen floor and a thatched roof, has a unique tropical architecture void of fans or air conditioners and its natural ventilation system prevents wind from entering.This helps to create a humid, cocoon-like environment that keeps practitioners warm during the cool monsoon season and cool during hot months. It measures 83 square meters and is about 6.40 meters high. Ideally students, including girls, begin training at the age of eight. However, Narayanan said most Indian females drop out after puberty. Even Indian boys do not practice the art widely, but it does attract Western martial arts students and scholars interested in ancient cultures.“Because it is hard to practice. It is not easy to learn. The process is long, and it demands a certain amount of discipline. So it is difficult, and the youngsters nowadays also don’t have the time also for that kind of thing,” said Narayanan.The discipline is about balance and suppleness more than endurance. So certain body types lend themselves better to achieving a beautiful lithe movement.But it also requires tremendous mental focus and concentration and the student must demonstrate the potential to develop, said Kalarippayat instructor Rajasekharan Nair, who has spent 36 years training and teaching at the C.V.N. Kalari. The 50-year-old, who works as a government administrator at a science research institute, could easily be mistaken for a man in his late 30s or early 40s.When asked if anyone could be trained in the art, he said that apart from having the right body structure with a tendency for suppleness, “if you have the mental power, we can work.”With the increased popularity of yoga in the West, many foreigners have become attracted to Kalarippayat. However, yoga requires the use of the body to achieve a state of mind, mainly through activating the endocrine system, Narayanan said.Kalarippayat “is a more dynamic science that works predominantly with the spine and neurological system as you try to connect your mind to the body through the spinal column,” he added describing the process as “a good amount of psycho-physical activity.”“That is what Kalarippayat is all about. The mind thinks that you want to do it, but then the body has to listen to it and find a good way of doing it. You have to find it in your own manner,” he added.Kumar showed an unusually high proficiency in the art and dreams of making his livelihood from it and spoke openly about how it has enabled him to control his anger.“Before I began to practice about five years ago, I was an angry person. I may still be angry, but I practice so hard, sincerely hard until the anger leaves me,” he said.Kumar was among a small group of C.V.N. Kalali practitioners who were recently invited to Shainghai, China, by renowned martial arts expert Jackie Chan to demonstrate their skills in a Chinese-English language film entitled The Myth part of which was set in India. (DPA)   Related Itemslast_img read more