The government accepted an amendment to the regulation for concessions on tourist land in camps

first_imgAt the last session of the Government, held on Thursday, “Decree on Amendments to the Decree on the Procedure, Manner and Conditions for Obtaining a Concession on Tourist Land in Camps Co-Owned by the Republic of Croatia”. Namely, the amendments are as follows: Article 10, paragraph 1, which refers to the deadline for payment of the variable part of the concession fee, now states that the payment is made no later than 31 May of the current year. The deadline is changed because the existing provision did not take into account the legal deadline for preparing the final financial statements. Article 3 of the said Regulation has been supplemented with a new paragraph which stipulates that the occupied area is considered to be the area of ​​the camp that was not estimated in the conversion of the socially-owned enterprise, and was part of the camp at the time of conversion. This specifies the concept of occupied area, which is stated in the formula, and whose meaning has not been specified so far. The amendment to Article 9 refers to the variable part of the concession fee, which is now calculated in proportion to the square meters occupied in relation to the entire area of ​​the camp, and according to the criteria in the figure below. Attachment: REGULATION on amendments to the Decree on the procedure, manner and conditions for obtaining a concession on tourist land in camps co-owned by the Republic of Croatia After Article 19a, Article 19b is added, which introduces and regulates the possibility of installment payment of the concession fee. The article stipulates that, at the request of the company, the obligation to pay the difference in the concession fee may be payable over a period of three years, in three equal annual installments, with each installment due on 30 September of the current year. The explanation of the amendments to the Decree states that the aim of the proposed amendment to the Decree is to remove the obstacle to the calculation of the variable part of the concession fee for the use of tourist land in camps, because the Ministry of Tourism is not able to issue invoices for the variable part of the concession fee. the amendment to the Regulation does not harmonize the criteria for calculating the fee according to the development index of the city / municipality in which the camp is located in accordance with the appropriate development groups into which local self-government units are classified in accordance with the new Decision on classifying local and regional self-government units. . Photo: Aminess Park Mareda, Camping.hrlast_img read more

‘Far from facts’: Novel Baswedan questions burden of proof ahead of Thursday’s verdict

first_imgActivists and members of the public also raised speculation that the two policemen were mere scapegoats and that the mastermind behind the planned attack was still at large.Read also: Prosecutors reject defense arguments in Novel acid attack caseNovel also expressed his own doubts that the defendants were the real perpetrators, asking why two low-ranking police officers would target a KPK investigator in charge of high-profile cases.The defendants have cited a “personal grudge” as their reason for carrying out the attack.Ahead of the verdict, Novel’s legal team expressed its hope that the judges would be objective and independent in ruling on the case. It also urged the Supreme Court to ensure that the judicial panel presiding over the trial would “act objectively and not take part in a misguided trial”.”[We also urge] President Joko Widodo to form an Independent joint fact-finding team, which we believe could uncover the attack on the KPK investigator, Novel Baswedan,” lawyer Kurnia Ramadhana said in a statement released on Wednesday.”If this is not done, then we deserve to say that the President failed in guaranteeing the safety of his citizens, given that the National Police and the Attorney General’s Office are directly under the President, adding to that the fact that the victim is a law [enforcement agent],” the statement read.KPK Employees Association chairman Yudi Purnomo also expressed hope that the attack on Novel would be fully uncovered to deter others from threatening law enforcement officers.”The public will certainly be watching to see whether the judges will punish [the defendants] lightly as the prosecutors demanded, or punish them harshly because the perpetrators attacked [a member of] the state apparatus in charge of eradicating corruption,” Yudi told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.”Maybe [the judges will] even clear the defendants because the facts [presented] in the trial prove that they are not the culprits,” he suggested.”But what is clear to us is that the long road to solving a case that has been going on for more than three years is not yet over. Because the [mastermind] has not been revealed over the course of the trial, and the motive for the attack remains unclear,” he said, noting that the case was built entirely around the defendants’ confessions.Topics : Senior corruption investigator Novel Baswedan has expressed skepticism over the trial of his suspected attackers as the North Jakarta District Court prepares to issue its verdict on Thursday.Novel said that it was difficult for him to remain hopeful about the legal proceedings.”It’s hard to speak of hope when the trial has deviated far from the facts of the incident. Not to mention the many irregularities and important witnesses who were intentionally not questioned,” the senior investigator of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) e said on Wednesday, as quoted by He continued that the judges should not push for punishing the defendants by manipulating the facts or fabricating evidence, and instead urged the court to find them not guilty if there was not enough evidence to support a guilty verdict.State prosecutors have demanded a one-year prison sentence for the defendants, policemen Chief Brig. Ronny Bugis and Brig. Rahmat Kadir Mahulette, who allegedly threw sulfuric acid on Novel, permanently blinding him in one eye.They were charged with Article 355 of the Criminal Code for planned assault. The article carries a maximum sentence of five years.The light sentence demand sparked public outcry over the prosecutors’ argument that the defendants “accidentally” threw the acid into Novel’s face in April 2017. Novel’s legal team also said that the prosecution neglected to summon several key witnesses, including Novel’s three neighbors.last_img read more

250 Tyndall victims come forward, ask USC to break silence

first_imgAttorney John Manly, who represents several women who have filed complaints against former gynecologist George Tyndall, spoke at a press conference Thursday. (Sasha Urban | Daily Trojan)Attorneys representing more than 250 victims of former USC gynecologist George Tyndall held a press conference Thursday at the Radisson Hotel, after filing 93 additional lawsuits against the University. More than 15 of Tyndall’s accusers attended, calling on California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to investigate the University. The U.S. Department of Education opened a Title IX investigation into the University’s handling of allegations of abuse against Tyndall in June. The lawsuits allege that USC ignored complaints about Tyndall and knowingly concealed his actions throughout his time at the Engemann Student Health Center.John Manly and Andy Rubenstein, the attorneys representing the accusers, were present at the conference. Rachael Denhollander and Sarah Klein, who were victims of former sports physician Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse at Michigan State University, also voiced their support for a state investigation. “To the Attorney General of California, do it better this time,” Denhollander said. “Open an independent investigation into what went on at USC even faster than the attorney general in Michigan did.” Eleven women spoke about their experiences with Tyndall, and many testified that Tyndall photographed them naked in his office. “I couldn’t believe it when I found out that the LAPD has boxes of photos of our vaginas,” said Audrey Nafziger, a graduate of the Gould School of Law. “It’s absolutely disgusting, and it’s absolutely what a predator does. [Tyndall] keeps trophies.” One victim, who introduced herself as Sarah,  said she called to find out if the University was holding those photos. She said the experience was “chilling and shocking.”“To this day, they’ve never followed up on my inquiry,” Sarah said. The women and their attorneys also called on USC to break its silence and listen to the nearly 500 accusers. “USC is treating these women as their adversary …” Manly said.  “These women are not your adversaries, they’re your best friends. It’s like they came home to their mother and tried to tell her about their abuse, and their mother shut the door in their face and threw rocks to get them off the lawn.” Dana Loewy, a former USC student and victim, said she wants the Board of Trustees to change, and that she thinks it is ridiculous the members of its executive committee are kept a secret. “When, USC, are you going to respond?” said Brennan Heil, a senior majoring in communication. “When are you going to start setting an example for every other university in the country, who I almost guarantee you has the same exact issue?”Many women spoke about how proud they are to be Trojans, and how excited they were to come to USC as young women. Shernae Hughes, who graduated last May, said she was elated to be the first in her family to attend college, especially one that promised diversity and a commitment to its students’ well-being. But the reality she discovered was very different. Hughes said Tyndall made numerous racist and sexist remarks to her about black women’s fertility and sexuality.“I am well aware of the interlocking oppressions of racism and sexism, and it is unfortunate that I have had to experience these effects as a student at the university that I called home,” Hughes said.Manly said the survivors are calling on Becerra to launch an independent investigation because the University receives taxpayer money. He said that USC’s independent  investigation under O’Melveny & Myers LLP, a law firm retained by Chairman Rick Caruso, is insufficient. “I know who I am as a woman, as a mother, so I am all in to see this through and to tell my story, despite what anyone may say,” said alumna Amanda Davis. “I am hopeful that USC knows what’s at stake here.”last_img read more