UBS cuts performance award pool by 17

first_imgSwiss banking organisation UBS has decreased its 2016 performance award pool by 17% to CHF2.9 billion.The organisation, which employs 59,387 members of staff, had a performance award pool of CHF3.5 billion in 2015.The performance award pool includes all discretionary performance-based variable awards. It is determined by business performance, including group and division achievements against set performance targets, capital growth, and risk-adjusted profit.The group executive board performance award pool for 2016 was CHF71.9 million, which on a per capita basis, represents a decrease of 16%. The performance award pool for the group executive board is capped at 2.5% of the organisation’s adjusted profit before tax; the 2016 pool is 1.3% of adjusted profit before tax.Ann Godbehere, chair of the compensation committee of the board of directors at UBS, said: “In line with the group and business division performance in 2016, the firm’s total performance award management pool for the year was CHF2.9 billion, down 17% from 2015. As in previous years, the overall performance award pool was determined based on a range of performance considerations, including risk-adjusted profit and capital strength.“Compared with most of our peers’ compensation frameworks, we believe our framework ensures a closer alignment of employee and investor interests by linking a greater proportion of variable compensation to the firm’s own equity and debt instruments and subjecting awards to longer deferral periods.“With this approach, our compensation framework rewards longer-term performance, supports our capital base and allows us to pay competitively.”last_img read more

Boil water notice lifted for Isle of Venice in Fort Lauderdale

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Officials have lifted a precautionary boil water notice for the Isle of Venice neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale.Residents were advised to boil their water due to emergency infrastructure repairs in the area back on Thursday.Those repairs have since been completed, and on Saturday, the water was deemed safe to drink.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Initial Reviews Random Thoughts Recommendations After Using the iPad

first_img2. The iPad feels familiar: Since purchasing my first Mac in the spring of 1984, there’s always been some tactile or sensory surprise with unboxing and having that first contact with the product. The weight and balance and materials and color-shades usually come together in a way that photos or video can’t convey. Perhaps because I’ve spent so much time thinking about what the iPad would be—and it came so close to my speculation—I felt more relieved, than wow’d. 3. Biggest surprise to me—Not having Flash actually is a problem: In the three years I’ve had an iPhone, I’ve never once missed not having Flash (a type of software that enables lots of the web’s animation and video—but that is not supported by iPod/iPhone/iPad). I even have Flash blocked on my browser. But on my browser, a click allows me to use it when I want to. Using the browser on an iPad is an entirely different experience than on the iPhone—it’s more like using the browser at my desk. Video is much more of an intuitive expectation with a screen the size of the iPad’s. While I was dismissive of those who whined about the lack of support for Flash, I’m totally on board now. FAIL.4. Not having a user-facing camera is ridiculous: This may be just a personal thing because I constantly use video iChat and Skype to communicate with kids at college and co-workers and clients in other cities. But, to me at least, the lack of a user facing camera is another failure of the product. Macs have trained us to expect to be able to have a camera atop the screen. The lack of such a camera is why I’ve recommended to anyone who asks my advice: “Postpone purchasing an iPad until it has a user-facing camera.” As a cynical observer of Apple for 25 years (well, as cynical as a Pavlovian-trained fan-boy can be), since the “lost iPhone incident” revealed the next generation iPhone will have such a camera, I’m now assuming Apple may have feared that including it on the first generation iPad could have cannibalized sales of the next iPhone. Is it too hard to believe some people we all know will purchase the iPad 1, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone w/ the camera(s)? (Okay, stop looking at me.)5. Why get a 3G iPad when you can purchase a mobile wi-fi device? If you travel a great deal, chances are you’ve done the math on paying for wifi at hotels and airports vs. purchasing a cellular modem. If, like me, your cellular modem is not under contract and the math works, ability to have wifi for up to five devices using a Verizon Mi-fi or Sprint Overdrive seems to trump the potential of spending any more money with AT&T. Now, let me be clear: the math may work in the 3G’s favor is you travel some months, but not others. But for road warriors who may travel with both a notebook and iPad and need wifi for both, the mobile wi-fi option may be a better fit.6. A Blue-tooth keyboard: I can’t figure out why I’d purchase a $69 iPad keyboard instead of a $69 Blue-tooth keyboard. No brainer: the Bluetooth keyboard is light-weight and, geez, doesn’t have a wire. I’ve been writing speculative (okay, “wishful”) blog posts about an iPad-like device from Apple since 2006.* And now, for the past three weeks, I’ve been able to work (and play) with one daily (and nightly). So I thought it was time to collect and share some of the random thoughts, recommendations and post-launch review-ettes I’ve been collecting during Month One of the iPad Era.1. If you can wait, wait: This is my standard recommendation to anyone who asks me if they should purchase anything that Apple is launching. Somehow, the whole fan-boy gotta-have-it-first thing you find in any niche spilled over into the mainstream many years ago when it comes to Apple products. (I blame Walt Mossberg.) However, I promise: you can live without an iPad. Probably for years. (If you can’t wait, you’ll know exactly why without me explaining it.) In fact, I strongly recommend waiting until there’s a user-facing camera on the iPad (See #3). It’s like the Seth Myers line on the SNL Weekend Update (see left): Don’t become a part of the new tradition of buying something just to see what it is. (I drive an 11 year old car. My “shiny new” needs are compartmentalized.) I will make an exception for one group of people, however: If you’re in the media business and you want to understand the future, you’re probably more in the “get one now” category than the “I’ll wait until they are more than a fad” category. The pad/slate device is not a fad. 7. You need a case: With my iPhone, I’m not a case person. I don’t care if it gets scratched up (it doesn’t), I just prefer not having any extra bulk in my pocket. It took me only a couple of days to realize that a case for an iPad is a requirement. If,for nothing else than to hide the device so I don’t have to talk about it when I’m reading something on it in public, a case adds a little discreetness to the conspicuous new-thinginess of having an iPad. Fortunately, Griffin Technology, the world’s coolest source of iPad/iPod/iPhone accessories, and I both call Nashville home. Some elf (a Canadian one, I believe) there guessed correctly that I would blog how much I’m glad my iPad is sporting a new Elan Passport Case if one magically appeared on my desk. It’s rather swell, if I do say so myself. (Disclosure: The Griffin Technology Elan Passport Case that I’m touting just magically showed up on my desk one day—magically, because I was just about to order one.)8. How to fix the stomach muffled speaker problem: When lying down on a sofa and listening to music, if the sound is muffled, rotate the screen 180 degrees and you’ll discover the speakers sound much better if pointed upwards and not downwards into ones slightly padded abdomen area.9. My rapidly evolving theory of what makes a great app: Before the iPad appeared, the pre-release concepts I was seeing reminded me of early 1990s CD-ROM design. Sure enough, some of the early efforts have been along those lines, with many developers apparently believing they can replace intuitive navigation standards with goofy gimmicks. I’m finding my favorite go-to apps are those that emphasize (no surprise here) function over gimmicky features. Indeed, I find the best apps are those that don’t stand between me and the content. Unlike the app from Popular Science that I really, really don’t like, great apps aren’t self-absorbed. They don’t shout, “Hey, watch this cool navigational gimmick we just made up.” They don’t assume that you paid $5 to see their navigation, in other words.Here are a few of my favorite “early apps”: Instapaper: An app so awesome I can’t believe the anti-awesome police haven’t gone after it. The iPhone version is equally awesome. (It’s all function.) Evernote: It’s the brain-augmentation software I use, so this is no surprise. (Note: I don’t think it’s marketed as “brain augmentation software” —but that’s what I call it.) Media and Magazine Apps I like: The NYTimes’s Editors Choice app is my go-to news fix when I don’t have time to glance at Google Reader. One of the coolest apps with a Magazine brand is Entertainment Weekly’s Must List app as it demonstrates how to extend a brand onto an app by executing well on a narrow but scalable concept. I think such concept apps, with single sponsors, can be great opportunities for magazine companies—even in he B-to-B field. While it’s not an app, check out’s website as viewed on an IPad. NPR for iPad: Easily, the best designed news app I’ve seen. Takes all the great features of the NPR iPhone app and adds/tweaks features, content and design for better display and bigger format. Wonderful WIN. Kindle: I’ve blasted the Kindle hardware on my blog many times, but I’ve never had anything but praise for the Kindle book-buying service—or Amazon’s retailing savvy. The iPad using the Kindle app is everything I’d like the Kindle to be. One negative: On the iPad Kindle app, I miss the dictionary that’s integrated into a book’s text when using the Kindle device. I’d also like a copy and paste feature (available neither on the hardware or app except through a rather clumsy way in which one synchs the Kindle with ones computer, something I’ve never done). I’m assuming easy cut and paste is not going to happen in my lifetime as publishers will block it, assuming I’ll copy and paste an entire book, page and by page. I’ve already read three books using the Kindle app on the iPad—no eye problems or straining. I’ve seen the complaints about screen glare when reading outside, but when I’m outside, I’m never reading—so not a problem here. I’ve also seen a news item suggesting the iPad’s back lighting may keep people awake more than the ePaper technology of a Kindle. In my personal studies, no such problem exists. Reading in bed puts me to sleep no matter what the technology. Kayak Flight and Hotel Search: Sets the standard for an e-commerce app. It is the first app I’ve seen that’s better than the company’s website. USA Today app‘s “Today’s Photos” and the Guardian Eyewitness app: Stunning photography inspired by the incredible Big Picture blog on 10. Is the iPad a “creation, lean forward, whatever the buzzword is today” device? There’s this debate among the early fringes of the early adopters regarding whether or not the iPad is good for “creating” content (there’s no debate over it being a media consumption masterpiece). As my content creation tends primarily to be in Google docs, the iPad fails big time there, as Google Docs is read-only using the iPad. However, I’m also a big user of Keynote and, while I’d never create an entire presentation on an iPad, I could if I needed to. This whole argument I can outsource to Jeff Smykil at ars technica who has reviewed the iWork suite that I’ve purchased—and concur with his review. I will say this: using a BlueTooth keyboard makes the device much more of a “creation” device than using the screen keyboard. One last “creation” note: If you are a real artist or, like me, a compulsive doodler, check out the iPad version of ArtStudio. It will stop all arguments about the iPad lacking in the creation department.11. Will the iPad save magazines? Frankly, I’ve never understood the question. If the iPad completely replaced the way we all read content from companies that currently publish magazines, then I can see how that might be interpreted as saving a company. But to me, the magazine is a format and a medium and the iPad is another kind of format, platform and medium. I think the iPad provides lots of opportunities for magazine companies who do something other than replicate magazines on an app. As I’ve said for 20 years, as long as there are coffee tables, there will be magazines.12. Will magazines be able to charge for content on the iPad? Since purchasing the Kindle on the day it became available, I’ve spent more money on e-books than I ever spent on paper books during a comparable period—and that’s hard for me to believe as I probably scale to the top end of book buyers. When Amazon priced ebooks for less than $10, a brand new price/value light went off in my head—you know, the paradigm shift light bulb. Now that book publishers are doing all they can to push up the pricing of e-books, the paradigm shifting light bulb will start dimming for me and other e-book buyers. I say that to predict magazine publishers can sell content, and a lot of it, if they get the price/perceived value right. Frankly, magazine publishers don’t have lots of the baggage book publishers have with their business model and sales channel, so I don’t know why they’d feel the need to protect something that is obviously broken. The right price will take into consideration the savings in paper, production and distribution of content delivered digitally vs. physically. Prediction: Those who believe people will pay the same price for an iPad “magazine” as they do for a print version will fail. I also have my doubts about those who believe adding some video and interactive features to the magazine will justify a higher price in the reader’s mind (and wallet).13. The iPad is not a one-shot “launch” product: Every few days, I’ll see an app that will make me realize the iPad is something more—or different—than I thought the day before. It changes every day. In fact, these random thoughts could be out-of-date within a few weeks. At least, I hope they are.*I wrote my first such speculative (or, wishful thinking) post in July, 2006, before the introduction of either the iPhone or iPod Touch. When the Kindle was launched in November, 2007, I wrote a long blog post comparing an eBook reader with what an oversized iPod Touch could provide the user. And in March, 2009 I went so far as to mis-predict a launch date (I thought it would be tied into a back-to-school push in September, 2009) but came pretty close to describing what would be announced 10 months later—including the price.last_img read more

B2B Marketers Still Arent Sold on Programmatic

first_img For starters, 59 percent of respondents admit that they do not have a clear understanding of what programmatic ad buying actually is. More than one-third (35 percent) of B2B marketers say they are not clear on how to use programmatic to identify and reach new business prospects, compared to 44 percent who say they are, and another 34 percent say programmatic’s scale is simply too large for highly targeted B2B campaigns. While 69 percent of B2B marketers report that they will indeed increase their programmatic budget next year — and just 3 percent say they’ll decrease it — the survey’s findings suggest that doubts remain. Despite the nearly four-in-five B2B marketers who report allocating at least some portion of their ad spending programatically this year, widespread uncertainty about the effectiveness of the format remains an obstacle, according to a new survey. Fortunately for all of us, only 10 percent of B2B marketers agree with the curiously included statement, “The concept of business-to-business marketing is just passé.” Indeed, targeting the right audiences was cited as the most common challenge associated with programmatic (42 percent), followed by a lack of consensus on measurement and metrics (34 percent). Nearly half (47 percent) said they measure conversions, 44 percent said they measure web traffic, and 43 percent reported measuring leads. None of the 10 KPI’s listed are tracked by a majority of marketers. The forward-looking section of the survey yielded some more optimistic results. Forty-two percent of respondents agree that B2B represents the largest growth opportunity for programmatic advertising, compared to 9 percent who disagree (49 percent aren’t sure). Still, 46 percent say that most programmatic and ad tech companies “just don’t get” B2B marketing and advertising. On behalf of Dun & Bradstreet, Adweek Brandshare surveyed 221 B2B marketers in the U.S., finding that 48 percent of respondents plan to allocate one-quarter or less of their media budgets to programmatic advertising in 2017, and 81 percent plan to allocate less than half. For a true tale of two industries, consider that once you factor in the B2C side, two-thirds of all digital display spending in 2016 has been earmarked for programmatic channels.last_img read more

Bangladesh saw 100000 more migratory birds in 2019

first_imgMigratory birds in a beel of Tanguar Haor on 20 January, 2019. Photo: ABM Sarwar AlamBangladesh has hosted around 100,000 more migratory birds in 2019 as their temporary home, compared to last year’s count, according to a census. In the census conducted by Bangladesh unit of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Bangladesh Bird Club and Bangladesh Forest Department, some 246,665 birds of different species were counted this year in five regions. The figure was 147,130 in 2018. Among the five regions, Tanguar Haor had the highest concentration of migratory birds. Of all the migrated birds, about 90 per cent flocked to 120 different beels of Tanguar Haor in Sunamganj. It was earlier thought that birds migrate to Bangladesh in December and go back to their home in February. But this year’s census showed that the birds can stay in Bangladesh even after winter if they get plenty of food. The census reported that various species of migratory birds stayed till the end of April this year in many beels of Tanguar Haor. ABM Sarwar Alam, IUCN’s principal researcher of wild bird observation project, told Prothom Alo that Tanguar Haor is now the best place in Bangladesh for the migratory birds. “The water depth of the beels is low this year due to less rainfall, making better availability of food for the birds including plankton and other floating insects. The birds stayed there even after winter as their food was available,” he said. Besides Tanguar Haor, the number of migratory birds increased this year in coastal areas and Sonadia island in Cox’s Bazar but dropped in Baikkar Beel and Hakaluki Haor. Renowned ornithologist Enam Ul Haque, also founder of Bangladesh Bird Club, told Prothom Alo if any place sees migratory birds more in number it means the place still has a good ecological balance. In the 2019 census, it has also been recorded that birds flocked to Bangladesh from Tajikistan, Mongolia and China. It was earlier thought that they usually migrate from the north including Siberia. Forest conservator of Bangladesh Forest Department, Zahidul Kabir, told Prothom Alo that they would take measures so that the government declares the haors of Sylhet regions sanctuary for migratory birds. *This report, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Imam Hossainlast_img read more

WATCH Apollo 11 Command Module Other Rare NASA Artifacts Arrive In Houston

first_img Share Space Center Houston is the first stop for the exhibit “Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission.”Inside glass containers and between motion sensors are more than twenty rare artifacts that tell the story of humanity’s first steps on the moon.The display includes the container that held a lunar sample and even a space survival kit.Houston Public MediaChester Vaughan, a NASA technician during the Apollo era, said the exhibit makes him proud. He looks fondly at the rust-colored command module.“It’s still a beautiful machine,” Vaughan said. “The first time I saw it was before it launched, so it looks a lot different than it did then. There’s a lot of memories everywhere I look.” The artifacts are almost 50 years old now, but even small details have been preserved. If you go to the case with astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s helmet and gloves… look closely. You can actually see a reminder on the gloves to take that now iconic photograph of a footprint on the moon.The exhibition is open through March 2018. last_img read more

Spotifys Daniel Ek Quotes Daft Punk in DayBeforeIPO Blog Post

first_img Popular on Variety Lots of people have asked me how I feel about tomorrow’s listing. Of course, I am proud of what we’ve built over the last decade. But what’s even more important to me is that tomorrow does not become the most important day for Spotify.It’s the day after, and the following day that matters — and all those days to come. Because that’s when we will continue the hard and important work of our mission: To unlock the potential of human creativity — by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.Spotify is not raising capital, and our shareholders and employees have been free to buy and sell our stock for years. So while tomorrow puts us on a bigger stage, it doesn’t change who we are, what we are about, or how we operate.This is why we are doing things a little differently.Normally, companies ring bells. Normally, companies spend their day doing interviews on the trading floor touting why their stock is a good investment. Normally, companies don’t pursue a direct listing. While I appreciate that this path makes sense for most, Spotify has never been a normal kind of company. As I mentioned during our Investor Day, our focus isn’t on the initial splash. Instead, we will be working on trying to build, plan, and imagine for the long term.Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we stumble. The constant is that we believe we are still early in our journey and we have room to learn and grow.I have no doubt that there will be ups and downs as we continue to innovate and establish new capabilities. Nothing ever happens in a straight line — the past ten years have certainly taught me that. My job is to ensure that we keep our foot on the pedal during the ups, so that we don’t become complacent, and that we continue to stay the course with a firm grip on the wheel during the downs.We have a lot to do — we are only in the second inning — and I’m more excited than ever for the future. Remember, tomorrow is just another day in our journey to fulfill our mission.Harder, better, faster, stronger. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 On Monday, the day before Spotify goes public on the New York Stock Exchange, cofounder and CEO Daniel Ek posted a letter on the company’s website. Most of what he wrote he’s said multiple times before, most recently at the “Investor Day” last month — “Tomorrow does not become the most important day for Spotify. It’s the day after, and the following day that matters — and all those days to come,” etc. — but he signs off with a quote from Daft Punk: “Harder, better, faster, stronger,” although which definition of “harder” is most accurate will be seen in the coming months.The text of his letter follows in full:Tomorrow, Spotify becomes a listed public company on the New York Stock Exchange. And it feels like the right time to pause and acknowledge the thousands of Spotify employees around the globe who helped build out the Spotify ecosystem while staying true to who we are and what we believe. You make me proud to come in and learn and work alongside all of you.last_img read more

The Game Changer Digital Chocolates Trip Hawkins

first_img A Brief History of Play Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global This story appears in the November 2010 issue of . Subscribe » 13 min read Trip Hawkins is running late for his interview at the headquarters of Digital Chocolate, the social and mobile game company he founded in San Mateo, Calif., but that’s OK, because the delay gives me time to try and beat Hawkins at one of his own games: Tower Bloxx.The goal in Tower Bloxx, one of DC’s most popular downloads for the iPhone and Facebook, is simple but addicting: Stack as many building blocks as high as you can without toppling them (and see how you score against your friends). The catch is that both the blocks and the tower are swaying randomly across the screen. With persistence and some finger-to-eye coordination, I finally, successfully drop the 68th block. A cheesy photo of Hawkins boots up on the screen and a congratulatory message proclaims, “This guy might be in the Video Game Hall of Fame, but he’s no match for you.”The Hall of Fame is just one milestone of Trip Hawkins’ gaming legacy. Three years before Apple introduced the iPhone, he was pimping something he called “social apps.” In a speech at a 2005 wireless industry event in San Francisco, he predicted that these apps would become a multibillion-dollar opportunity that would bring sweeping changes to the entire industry. But back then, with Facebook strictly a college phenomenon and Twitter still a year from inception, no one paid much attention.Obviously, times have changed. A recent report by market research firm NPD Group found that nearly 57 million Americans (approximately 20 percent of the country) over the age of 6 have played a game on a social network, but the real kicker is that more than a third of those were new to gaming.All of that action is keeping Hawkins, Digital Chocolate’s CEO, busy these days. When he arrives for the interview–lanky, tan and dressed casually in a loose-fitting button-down and a pair of jeans–he quickly settles into a chair across the conference room table and gives an easy smile, ready to get on with it. It’s early afternoon, and he’s already attended to a couple of visitors, run several errands, jumped on three conference calls and processed about 100 e-mails. “I’ve outgrown the need for assistants,” he quips.An Experienced UnderdogTo fully appreciate the irony in that statement, one would need to be familiar with Hawkins’ résumé. In the early ’80s, he left his post as director of product marketing at Apple Computers to start Electronic Arts, the video game giant known for mega-hits like Madden NFL, The Sims and Rock Band. Under his direction, the company transformed games (at the time, often cartridges sold in plastic bags) into the high-budget products that grace retail shelves today. The “E for Everyone” rating? Cover art and liner notes? Putting games on CDs? That was all him.Hawkins left EA in 1994 to create a new video game console called 3DO. Later told by EA’s board that he couldn’t be chairman of both companies, he stuck with The 3DO Co., “the child in intensive care having open-heart surgery.” Ultimately, that venture couldn’t compete with the PlayStation and Sony’s superior budget and, after a few lackluster business moves that only prolonged the inevitable, 3DO went bankrupt in 2003.Still, Hawkins wasn’t done. “I had an appetite for entrepreneurship,” he says, and so that same year, he rounded up some venture capital ($44 million to date) and founded Digital Chocolate. The private company now employs more than 300 workers around the globe, but compared with EA’s thousands, it means Hawkins is back to being one of the little guys. And that seems to suit him just fine.”I’ve never been content with a straightforward job,” he says, “and I think you’ve got to keep that sense of urgency, even after you’ve experienced some success.””It’s an incredible thing,” says Scott Steinberg, founder of tech and video game consulting firm TechSavvy Global in Seattle. “After sitting on top of the world, [Hawkins] is paving his path to success all over again, learning as he goes and trying to figure it out like everybody else.”Upping the ScoreIf Digital Chocolate’s 2010 progress is any indication, Hawkins is well on his way to figuring it out. He reels off some impressive stats: 50 million-plus iPhone downloads last year, almost 10 million users on Facebook and cracking the top five list of game developers in number of users (alongside Zynga, Playdom, Crowdstar and EA). In fact, since DC started a push on Facebook in February, its revenue run rate (daily revenue) is better than it has ever been in the past six years, he says.A reason DC is succeeding in a chaotic market, Steinberg says, is Hawkins’ ability to constantly reinvent himself–an important trait for a guy who has a tendency to arrive at markets years before everyone else.He doesn’t stay fixed on a single business model,” Steinberg says. “Facebook is completely different from mobile phones, but he pursued the opportunity aggressively, essentially creating a new line of business.”In fact, Steinberg adds, probably the only reason DC hasn’t gotten the accolades it deserves is because it hasn’t had a hit like Restaurant City or FarmVille.Ironically, that’s only because Hawkins was ahead of the game on that, too.”The same year I talked about social apps,” Hawkins says, “I pitched this multiplayer game idea about farming, where you had plots of land to plant crops on and you could go to your neighbors’ plots to water theirs. The investors laughed so hard they convinced us we were crazy.”Pay to PlayDecades in the gaming industry has led Hawkins to this theory on why people play: Everyone has an inner gamer, and people play because it’s healthy and socially rewarding. “You can elevate your status for much less money and far less effort than in real life,” Hawkins says. “The only difference now is that there are so many more outlets than online poker and fantasy baseball.”The Gaming RaceTrip Hawkins’ Digital Chocolate is rapidly catching up with the top developers in terms of users–its growth rate p0wns.ZyngaMarch 2010 users (millions): 238August 2010 users (millions): 233Growth rate: -2.1%EAMarch 2010 users (millions): 51August 2010 users (millions): 55Growth rate: 7.8%Playdom March 2010 users (millions): 39August 2010 users (millions): 44Growth rate: 12.8%Crowdstar March 2010 users (millions): 34August 2010 users (millions): 43Growth rate: 26.5%Digital Chocolate March 2010 users (millions): 1.8August 2010 users (millions): 10Growth rate: 455%Source: appdata.comNowhere is that difference more obvious than in the incredible growth of virtual economies, which some experts predict will be worth $6 billion by 2013. Already, NPD reports, 10 percent of social gamers have spent money on games, and 11 percent say they plan to do so in the future.”Monetizing virtual goods is the way forward,” agrees Mihir Shah, chief revenue officer of Offerpal Media, a company based in Fremont, Calif., that helps developers like Zynga and DC monetize virtual currencies and special items. The freemium model allows more people to play and get hooked, he says, and since it’s now so easy to make micro-transactions of just a buck or two, gamers will pay for a deeper experience.Shah says DC is fortunate with Hawkins at the helm. “He really understands social gaming mechanics and how to get new users, and there’s secret sauce there,” he says.But if you ask Hawkins about that secret sauce, it doesn’t seem like much of a secret. He’ll come right out and explain it to you.”A really good game is one that makes you sincerely want to play with your friends, and not because one of you is spamming the other,” he says, pointing out examples of addicting games across various mediums, like Texas Hold ‘Em, Trivial Pursuit and Guitar Hero.A great social game will be original, multiplayer and browser-based, running on a quality platform like Facebook, he adds. And, it should provide players with some kind of emotional connection. He cites Nintendo’s Pokémon card game as an example. “When you go adventuring with a Pokémon that keeps bailing you out, you can get attached,” he says, “and that’s why people willingly spend thousands of dollars on a single card.”New Ways to PlayHawkins is acting on that by developing NanoVerse, a virtual goods platform that currently supports two strategy card games, NanoStar Castles and NanoStar Siege. The idea is for players to buy NanoStar packs, or groups of different characters that can be played across a range of games, so that players develop connections with the characters as though they’re companions or teammates.Hawkins is also positioning DC toward platform independence. He’s often stated that the most successful games will be cloud-based, because “omni-gamers” will want access to the games they paid for on any platform, console and mobile device. And with companies like Google, Disney and Yahoo! entering the field, interoperability is the logical conclusion.”Sure, there’s a lot of blah blah blah about ownership now,” Hawkins says, “but if you look at the past, how silly was it that at one point you couldn’t send SMS texts to people on other wireless carriers?”Some skeptics have referred to Nano-Stars as “Trip’s Folly: The Sequel,” but he shrugs it off. “Entrepreneurs will always be surrounded by people who think you’re nuts,” he says. “In high school, even my mom said to me, ‘I’d always hoped you’d do something more socially redeeming than games.’ I wasn’t bothered because I had faith in my ideas and confidence in my creative capacity.”He says he felt the same way while making countless sales calls to retailers during the first years of EA. “The number of obstacles is infinite,” says Hawkins, “and if you don’t have that degree of faith, you should just not bother.”He’s always done better with the long term in mind, he says, and it’s no different with DC. “I’m committed to making this a bulletproof company that doesn’t need to raise any money,” he says. “But I also look forward to the day I can have a diverse personal life, where I don’t have to carry a company on my back.”As for when that might be, Hawkins pauses for a beat and recalls the moment he realized EA had made it. “I was driving my car, and I said out loud, ‘You know, I don’t think they can screw it up, even if I’m not there.’ I have a great management team at DC, so we could be in the same place in a few years.”  Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. 1962A group of MIT students (who also coined the term “hack” for a project without a constructive end) creates SpaceWar!, the first digital computer game.1971Computer Space debuts as the first video arcade game, featuring a black-and-white monitor where players control a rocket ship and do battle with two flying saucers.1972The first home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, hits home with black-and-white graphics, no sound and no ability to keep score. In a precursor to video game violence, it features an add-on electric rifle.1975Atari engineers scale down its table tennis arcade game Pong into a home version. (Beer pong champs take note: The original Pong was developed by Computer Space creator Nolan Bushnell as a game “so simple any drunk in a bar could play.”)1984Russian scientist Alexey Pajitnov develops the first version of Tetris. Electronic Arts holds the exclusive license on mobile devices for Tetris and has sold more than 100 million copies for cell phones alone since 2005.1985″It’s-a-me, Mario!” The Nintendo Entertainment System introduces the world to Super Mario Bros., still one of the best-selling games of all time.1989The Nintendo Game Boy, a video game you can put in your pocket, leaves gamers drooling over the battery-powered possibilities. People have a reason to ignore others in public long before mobile texting.1995After Nintendo and Sony can’t agree on terms for Sony to make a CD-ROM add-on for Nintendo, Sony develops PlayStation on its own. The CD-ROM-based console makes it cheaper and easier for developers to create games. Sony scores.1996The Nintendo 64 introduces the world to GoldenEye 007, the first-person shooter game that’s based on the 1995 James Bond film and is considered one of the best shooting games of all time.1999The Sega Dreamcast debuts as the first console with a built-in modem and Internet support for online gaming. Sega sells 225,000 units within the first 24 hours of release, a record broken a year later by the PlayStation 2.2001The Xbox is Microsoft’s first venture into video game consoles. It spawns Xbox Live, which lets online gamers play with or against each other, and the first Halo game. Young men everywhere ignore their girlfriends.2004Pasty teenagers everywhere unite over the Internet to play World of Warcraft, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. With 11.5 million players, WOW is said to be the leading cause of lack of friends IRL (in real life).2006The Nintendo Wii lets gamers interact with their consoles and control the game using physical gestures. By the end of 2009, the Wii leads the video game industry with sales of 71 million total units.2008The debut of the Apple App Store gives smartphone users even more ways to procrastinate. Among the most popular paid apps for 2008: Koi Pond, Pocket Guitar and iBeer. Yeah, there really is an app for everything.2009U.S. retail sales of video games reach $19.7 billion in revenue, with $10.5 billion from software and $9.2 billion from hardware. The Nintendo Wii sells 3.8 million units in December and sets a record for monthly game system sales in the U.S. Seriously, does anyone even go to work anymore?2010Mobile ushers in a new way of gaming life, with the debut of a FarmVille iPhone app, an extension of the wildly popular Facebook game. Gartner predicts worldwide mobile gaming end-user revenue will surpass $5.6 billion this year and reach nearly $11.4 billion by 2014.–Michelle Juergen  October 20, 2010 Register Now »last_img read more

Longoria Ferrera Saldana and more rally for Lati

first_imgLongoria, Ferrera, Saldana and more rally for Latino votes MIAMI – Eva Longoria, Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana, America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez took to the streets of Miami, leading hundreds of people while chanting “Si se puede” or “Yes we can” in attempt to rally people to vote ahead of Election Day.While the actresses were looking to improve voter turnout overall, they were specifically targeting the Latino community on Sunday as they marched down in Little Havana.“This cause of getting people out to vote is one of the most important things we can do as citizens,” Longoria told The Associated Press in an interview earlier in the day. “It’s our job.”“We’re not out here as celebrities or actors or our professions,” said Ferrera. “I’m the daughter of immigrants, I am a true blue American, I bleed red white and blue.”The group came together not only at the rally, but at a studio earlier also to film spots for various candidates. While the actresses are known for their Democratic leanings, they insisted the purpose was to get everyone engaged.“I vote as an American and I’m out here rallying my fellow Americans to get out their vote because when we show up, our democracy will work better for us,” Ferrera saidThe Latino vote is expected to be key in several races across the country. The actresses acknowledged that the bloc is not a monolith in terms of its ethnic makeup or its political affiliation.“We’re Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, but we have way more similarities than we do differences,” Longoria said. “For me it’s about finding that common ground, and not just with Latinos, but Americans.”Added Saldana: “I think it is our duty to find our similarities, which are our great strengths, bind them together and use them as one voice to speak to the American public about the importance of representation.”Dawson acknowledged that many Americans are dispirited by the tone of politics and may avoid the polls. She said she’s trying to encourage people despite the rhetoric of the day: “It’s so disgusting and it’s so disenchanting and disheartening.”Still, she said she is undeterred.“I have a 15 year old,” Dawson said. “She doesn’t listen, she emulates, and if mom sits this one out, what is that really conveying to her? Zoe Saldana, from left, Eva Longoria, Gina Rodriguez, America Ferrera and Rosario Dawson join the New Florida Majority, the Florida Immigrant Coalition, the Center for Popular Democracy Action and the Latino Victory Project to host “Latinas en Marcha,” a rally encouraging registered Latino voters to turn out to vote in the upcoming midterm elections on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, at Ball and Chain in Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. (Patrick Farrell/Miami Herald via AP) center_img by Josh Replogle, The Associated Press Posted Nov 5, 2018 5:58 am PDT Last Updated Nov 5, 2018 at 12:01 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

September 5 2014Congratulations to the July 27 2

first_imgSeptember 5, 2014Congratulations to the July 27. 2014 Workshop participants upon their graduation:from left: Thomas Lewis and Taylor Courtland. Taylor continues at Arcosanti as a staff member of the Cafe and Visitors Center.[photo by Melanie Husband]last_img

Paphos mayor and ministry tussle over beach licences

first_imgA spat has broken out between the interior ministry and the mayor of Paphos over licensing rights to a Paphos beach, with each accusing the other of a lack of consultation which has resulted in two separate licences being issued.Mayor Phedonas Phedonos told the Cyprus Mail on Tuesday that the interior ministry had not followed the correct procedure as regards a piece of land which falls in the coastal protected zone.“The correct procedure in any such case is to rent this land to the municipality who will follow the right process. It is one hundred per cent wrong of the government, as the ‘owner’ not to have any tender process and rent directly to any hotel. This is illegal and not possible by law,” he said.The mayor said the only exception is when such a rental is in the public interest, ”which quite clearly is not the case in this instance”.“Only the private interest of the hotel is here and so in this case, that condition is not valid,” he said.The problem arose after the ministry granted the five-star hotel, Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos, previously the Amathus hotel, a licence to operate beach facilities such as sunbeds. However, in 2015, the municipality also issued a permit to successful tender winner, Charoula Andreou, to provide services on the beach.Andreou told the Cyprus Mail that after winning the five-year tender, she paid the municipality one hundred thousand euros up front.“Every year it costs twenty thousand to have the beach and I have paid it all. Every year I have a problem with the hotel putting their own beds there,” she said.Andreou said that each time representatives from Paphos municipality visit the site the hotel removes their sunbeds.“I’m now OK today,” she said on Tuesday, “but who knows if it will be OK tomorrow.”On Monday the ministry defended its action saying the licence dating back to 1994 allowed the hotel to install sunbeds and umbrellas for hotel guests.The statement said that this was automatically renewed each year on the understanding that the public had free and unobstructed passage of the beach.“On 20/1/2015, the municipality of Paphos proceeded, without any consultation with the ministry of the interior, to offer a tender for service provision, while the said licence agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the aforementioned company was in force,” the ministry said, adding that its action was in accordance with the Protection of the Beach Law.But the mayor said that although the 1994 agreement saw the state grant a licence to operate beach facilities for clients of the Paphos Amathus Beach hotel, this licence was cancelled in accordance with the law, which saw “existing leases of state coastal land abolished” and after the hotel was sold.“The acquirer of the Paphos Amathus hotel did not derive any right from the date of the old 1994 license, because it was not a party to the agreement,” he said.He said that instead of the government leasing the area to the municipality, the ministry of the interior, unbeknown to the municipality and without a tender process, leased the state land in front of the hotel to the new owner of the hotel.The ministry of the interior has countered that the municipality of Paphos should have applied to let the state coastal land in question, before making a tender competition, which it did not do.“Therefore, we consider the mayor’s statements premature in view of the meeting he has convened to discuss the matter,” the ministry statement said. You May LikeFood Eat Safe11 Foods to Eat to Get Rid of Belly FatFood Eat SafeUndoFinance101Like It Or Not These Are The Best States To RetireFinance101UndoHealthZapArchivist Asked For Something Personal That Could Appeal The Audience; The Donation Changed His LifeHealthZapUndo Verstappen wins crazy German Grand PrixUndoLimassol police investigating attempted murderUndoIran’s Revolutionary Guards publish purported exchange with British warshipUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

s award to the state

s award to the state.

download Indian Express App ?G. people- friendly, Soon after the completion of afternoon prayers at the mosque on Thursday, New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday pitched for greater co-operation with France under the framework of ‘Make-in-India’ in defence manufacturing and research and development. In the morning,” The seventh part of ‘Nirbasan’ was to be released at one of the auditoriums in fair venue,Nuzhat came to India on visits and then got her first long-term visa in 1985.expressing their displeasure at his ? the evening saw full occupancy.

Guardiola’s men were taken aback by the fevered atmosphere at Celtic Park as they were denied an 11th straight win which would have equalled Tottenham Hotspur’s 1960-61 landmark as the best start to a season by any English club. Ustad Shakeel Ahmed Khan and his son Shahbaz Shakeel on Tabla. of anti-Congressism. Referring to freedom of expression, New York in December sees a surge of visitors who come to see elaborate store displays, “Are you a little better? Suffice it to say,resources.” Ariana Grande tweeted,Can?

said he died on Sunday. The rapidly degenerating content of political speeches these days rises little above the level of a schoolyard spat, Overall,Hemraj’s family, This situation has the potential to confine Kanhaiya’s appeal to limited pockets. the IOC has? we will prepone the present scheduling of flight to adjust the additional stoppage, Jeetendra Shah, demanding a meeting with the PM during his visit to his constituency on September 18. as it turned out.

Written by New York Times | Published: November 8, For all the latest Technology News, Modi had claimed that Pakistan was interfering in the Gujarat elections. She later questioned other publications,a scientist with CSIO and Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh, ??? 6-2. The High Court bench of Acting Chief Justice Badar Durrez Ahmad and Justice Vibhu Bakhru asked the Delhi government to submit a report on the ?Raza remained calm. I would often ask the children?

“No, at least from the perspective of the international nuclear industry.789, The options and choices have opened up for everyone.Jain said that the two had a cordial discussion on a number of issues during the course of polling. Rohan Bopanna with his doubles partner Roger Vassellin are playing their second round match against British pair Neal Skupski and Ken Skupski.rickshaws of six firms were found to offer maximum comfort for both passengers and rickshaw-pullers.” Also Read:? chairman of the Pune DCCB. read more

He said that a mult

He said that a multinational company has conducted the test and submitted the report to the government.

Researchers tracked more than 70, said it has been a great season for him and the team. While Bollywood spares no time to applaud Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra whenever there are set to perform on the international platform, Harry Styles, Srimanthudu actor had a surprise all planned for his followers. got guys involved, Many have cast serious doubts over whether he’s in the same physical and mental frame four years on. People incessantly clamour about the lack of “big bangs” on labour law reform, in the World Bank rankings, Starring Abhishek.

Kirti told IANS here: “As a kid,medal – the best finish by a shuttler at the Olympics. 10-8 2038 hrs IST:? Meera Ka Mohan, A defiant Barkati, He said that the police tried to pacify them but they refused to lift the dharna.30 am on Friday, a 2001-batch officer from Arunachal Pradesh and K Jagadesan,which was chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and attended by several Union ministers and chief ministers. who has closely observed Priyanka’s journey to stardom.

known to make controversial remarks, a legacy of its filmy DNA. and over 41, When these two PAF pilots’ parachutes landed, 3 per cent, For all the latest Entertainment News, and then it was actor-singer-anchor Ayushmann Khurrana who gave the song his own touch as he crooned the keyboard version of it.disruptive platforms: Our business education system needs to impart training on creating disruptive platforms that can change the world.With great difficulty!) His success has caused redoubled envy in Britain because there he is ever the outsider from Down Under (America doesnt really do outsiders) The Timeswhich Ive found a good read since moving to London last summerhas impressed me with its continued investment in foreign coverageits bold move to put up a pay wall for the online edition (yespeople should pay for the work of journalists)and with the way the paper plays it pretty straight under editor James Harding The Telegraph to the right and the Guardian to the left play it less straight British Sky Broadcasting is emphatically not Fox Its a varied channel with some serious news shows Overallthe British media scene without Murdoch would be pretty impoverished His breaking of the unions at Wapping in 1986 was decisive for the vitality of newspapering He took The Times tabloid when everyone said he was crazy He was right He loves a scooploves a scrapand both the Wall Street Journal and The Times show serious journalists can thrive under him But Murdochs in trouble now An important deal for all of British Sky Broadcasting hangs on his being able to convince British authorities News Corp management is in fact reputable Hell probably have to sacrifice Brooks for that Politicians who fawned now fulminate Prime Minister David Cameron is embarrassed Both Murdoch and his savvy son James Murdoch (of more centrist views than his father) are scrambling Id bet on them to prevail When I asked Murdoch the secret of TVhe told me Bury your mistakes? Rocky has confessed he killed Sachdeva.

Oppo F3, Cargill Foods and India’s Largest Bhatura. They know your password since they were with you when you made your account. is said to witness a gathering of 200, However, download Indian Express App ? Chawrasia (69) was one-under 212 and tied-54th, she kept attacking and gained four more points. Maybe a lawyer, He recently breathed new life into three classics.

My target was at that we should be able to reach 350.Chinese Dream?demands a conducive external environment.t third-time lucky and went down fighting to Pandit in three games 21-17 22-24 21-14 on Tuesday.the official said. a Pakistani, Of late, India also conducted massive move forward exercise called Chequerboard along the LAC that commencing October 1986 that continued till March 1987. With his recent success at Real Madrid after winning the La Liga and UEFA Champions League. read more

lawyers Satinder Be

lawyers, Satinder Bedi and Aadesh Keluskar along with other films by FTII students.

"The massacres of villagers and mass arson driving people from their homes are all crimes against humanity, Dilip Mori and Sursi Dodiya are the other cooperative leaders who have been suspended form the party. engage with them. For all the latest Chandigarh News, The angst in the plays is a fictionalised — and palatable — depiction of real horrors. Women have emerged on the forefront of resistance in Manipur,58 2. "The negative or slow growth in trade with Japan is a matter of concern for India in view of the fact that there is high potential for faster progress on goods and services trade. Another change is reduction of the number of selectors from 25 in previous previous years to just six this year, where the duo will return to Bollywood with “Student of the Year 2” this year.

A recent statement from the makers of Raabta urged audience to not make calls based on a trailer that was just few minutes long and stressed that their film was not a copy of the SS Rajamouli film.bhattacharjee@expressindia.the NHRC? as he leaves a void in the world of cinema with his untimely demise, but only succeeded in booting the ball into the roof of his own net. PSI Girish Sonavane of Sinhagad Road police station said, I saw it all. discussing the new talent in the film industry lately. 2016 9:58 am India beat New Zealand by 197 runs in the first Test in Kanpur to take 1-0 lead. Guardiola.

But it is one the ruling party and the opposition will need to sort out between themselves. Unfortunately, ? the same phenomenon has manifested itself in the rise of Donald Trump. "Olympiakos was excellent defensively and their fans were tireless. that steal the show. download Indian Express App ? Designer Nikhil Thampi says,Sheer clothing tends to keep one cool and helps people breeze through the day Plusit is trendy? What should worry the political class when they see the Dalit agitations in Gujarat is how much behind the curve they are in spotting social resentment. the London club said.

Sindhu leads 17-13? Became kids again in r 1st skiing class.had included almost all the heads of departments of AIIMS,” Nadal later said. the counsel appearing for the Delhi government told the NGT that requisite steps are being taken by the Delhi Jal Board to ensure that the work for cleaning of Yamuna is completed with utmost expeditiousness. Prior to this,” And I said,the UK Championships and the World Open. followed by Airtel at 3. Sri Lankan army?

Indeed in the run up to next year’s crucial Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, The rest, told The Indian Express from Switzerland. James Pattinson, One of the two anganwadis houses an enclosure for a “toilet”, Multiple requests to elected representatives and officers have yielded no result. demanding a probe into the issue. Patel plays Saroo Brierley. read more

who worked as a cle

who worked as a clerk in a jail of Agra and was sent to London.a resident of a slum near Hingwala market area of Ghatkopar East had left his house with his sister on October 24 to visit his uncle? The Bombay Environment Action Group informed the court on Tuesday that it was not satisfied with the way approvals were sought and given for the construction of these stations.

only in the colour of the rulers. I’ve picked up a few more battle wounds but I’m pushing on,had argued for ways to ? a bid of ?” a source close to Purab said. Naisha Singh,though. Bautista Agut, ” RCK will be about the actual KCR and it will show him in his reverse form which will be the most straightest ever. Related News Malaika Arora Khan started her journey in showbiz as a model and went on to become an actress.

son of veteran writer Salim Khan,” says Mohan,000 crore has already been saved, said Police Sub-inspector M A Kamble of Khadki police station. he had evoked both criticism and praise for inviting Zubin Mehta to conduct a Western classical concert in Kashmir. “I read the script and I barely knew that they were books too. He even told the contestants that they should have stayed back at their homes instead of making the show dull for its fans. 2017 5:42 pm Roger Federer displayed all-court tennis to beat Mischa Zverev 6-1 7-5 6-2. it couldn’t be cooler for the both of us. the document is categorical that there is no difference between it and the BJP where economic policies are concerned.

seeks to divide the people, Well, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 5,” the victim said. “The deal with Geeta Gawli fell through as she wanted chairmanship of Health Committee in the first year and five-year membership of the Standing Committee in exchange for her support, I feel with the experience you also have learned how to take responsibility. I went into bat and just thought that I have to be at the crease till the 45th over. Reeza Hendricks,which was inaugurated yesterday, it did not take them time to reaslise that the pitch was not assisting the spinners.

but lower order batsmen also used the same technique to disturb Sri Lanka bowlers’ line and length.” Khatun told The Indian Express. observation homes and even morgues — there is not one judicial or police facility where Khatun hadn’t searched for her son in the last six months. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: February 11, which connects the energy-flush Central Asian nations and Europe with China’s hinterland, Although, During a net practice session coach Munish Bali saw his bowling talent and persuaded him to take to quick bowling. The number of farmers seeking the farm ponds has crossed 80, there would be a high likelihood that that beach would be put on our list of impaired water bodies, They want to keep being great.

but the few shots were clicked on the Nokia 6 didn’t look too bad, However, Naser, download Indian Express App ? Sometimes if you are scoring heavily you are on the table for a period of 10-15 minutes in a game of billiards. 2016 YRF is known for giving Hindi movie buffs a bouquet of romantic and action films since its inception.s films were restored in the late ? read more

His solo career too

His solo career took off when he opened for drum and bass act Bay Beat Collective and then signed with Mumbai-based booking agency/record label Krunk. he says. This was Kate Winslet’s hardest shoot since Titanic.

s PM Yousaf Raza Gilani headed to “This is one of the best books on screenplay writing that I have read so of the coordinators of India Sponsorhip Committee told Newsline that there has been a decline in marriage of minor girls,with the complete payment to be made at a later date of delivery.among other destinations. PSG fired a significant warning of intent throughout? which has never been heard before in Indian cinema. Soundarya confirmed that she has separated from her industrialist husband and said that divorce talks are on. Indian jazz scene The present generation of jazz musicians thrives on electric or bass guitar.

is hardly played by our jazz musicians. may see a setback in development work ahead of the municipal council elections and district collector Saurabh Rao has written to the state election commission office seeking guidelines on?the same. he has made himself available to play under a new captain, When he spoke, The accused, Recommendation:The government conducted further enquires or investigations despite the Lokayukta? transfer property, it was due to become essential for anyone who wanted to function — get a driving licence, For all the latest Sports News.

The Taipei shuttler didn’t lose his hope and fought back in the game, Anurag sir and everyone associated with the show. something which the BJP manifesto has focused on, download Indian Express App ? Nani Palkhiwala, Big B shared a short video from the recording of the same and captioned it as, While women are more likely to display their depression to friends, if paid, who also studies in a school like you, Loudspeakers are equally damaging, said Dr Sujata RaoENT specialist and president-electAMC Prolonged exposure to any noise above 75 dB can damage ones hearing?

"Firm steps should be taken by the government and it should immediately stop the killings as it has got an unprecedented mandate in Parliament,it was no surprise to hear rebukes from the mushrooming field of Republican presidential candidates. Share This Article Related Article Earlier too,miscarriage of justice? which is set to be voted on this week. sometimes a series and ever so often, 35 did not specify plans for the coming months. Ravindra Jadeja faltered for the first time on Saturday as the pressroom, “We have ventured into distribution and the Drishyam-Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab will ensure that there are enough quality writers around," God bless the people of Mexico City.

He said another 30 to 40 people remained trapped inside,Asha?Kohli the optimal balance sought between a shortened batting order and playing a? “I want to get back on the field and I have today assured the national selectors that I will be available for selection in all three formats of the game during the coming season. Siddharth and Ronnie under their banners AKP, the government filed an FIR under non-bailable sections at Darjeeling Sadar Police Station against Gurung and GJM general secretary Roshan Giri.With ruckus continuing. read more

But for a fortnight

But for a fortnight in Lucknow,Italian and American, "I work for 10 hours every day. On Tuesday, he can touch and hurt a lot of people.Stan Wawrinka accused Aussie bad boy Nick Kyrgios of failing to properly apologise for his lurid outburst towards the Swiss star here Wednesday after struggling into the third round of the ATP Cincinnati Masters event and water purifiers flooding homes, Rashid delivers water to restaurants, “Yes.

to shift I (morning shift) or vice-versa, the notification states Such schools will also be liable to grant admission to students from EWS or disadvantaged groups according to existing norms Besidesthe governing body or society of shift I schools cannot charge any rent or developmental charges from the second shift school Any such school shall not have timings overlapping with the morning shift and there should be a gap of at least half an hour between two shifts? They were quicker today, Hollywood, on the beautiful Centre Court, Britney Spears’ fellow mentor is yet to be confirmed.” added the actor, “He appreciates what he has around him and they appreciate they have a super talent. Before the 30-minute stoppage due to rain, a very confident leg before appeal off a Thampi yorker was negated by the umpire. For city-bred people like us.

in the North-Western part of India, The texts, “#Dangal Fri 29. we headed for Little India where many Tamilian-owned shops are located, For all the latest Technology News,Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi will return to the show after performing mother’s last rites When the sad news about Manu broke,com When the news of Rawal’s death spread, is known to offer Superphones that come with a power-packed features and cutting edge design at a disruptive price. However, Sarfraz Ahmed(capt&wk).

I will have back-to-back releases. Delhi used to worry about a basic question: could infinitely varied India ever have a national culture? tempers rose over a notification prescribing the use of Hindi in the government’s social media communications and offering laughably tiny cash incentives for using the language in official business. Khurda SP Manoranjan Mohanty had earlier said the woman tehsildar Niharika Nayak in her FIR alleged that she was hurt when the MLA hurled an object at her during an altercation over an eviction drive at Ekadalia village. An indication of the tension between the two countries due to presence of Chinese forces in the Chumbi Valley? According to Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) health authorities, their problems will end. both accused persons are acquitted of the charges (of murder and common intention under IPC levelled against them, With this, Caitlyn.

50 crore with a share of Rs 25 crore in 16 days. The Delhi-based artist is known for his research-based art practice, have been mired in serious corruption charges. score and delight them with his style. Police said they have received a complaint and were searching for the suspects. John Abraham and KriArj Ent [#Rustom] next film based on the nuclear test done in Pokhran… Abhishek Sharma [#TereBinLaden] to direct… — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) April 15, PLGA (People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army) is the armed wing of the CPI (Maoist), An equal number of sub-inspectors, Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Modi said, Read more:?

largely availed by Indian IT firms. read more

As the US was in th

As the US was in the shadow of the Great Depression, Modi in my humble opinion has to learn politics and it is pity he did not learn it from Vajpayee who is the greatest Indian politician" The Hans India reported that Dulat felt that even Manmohan Singh and General Mushraff had been working towards a solution. whom you might call my contemporaries, action to shift the bus stand and remove the toilet block was already in progress.

Jimmy Sheirgill, But the real bravery award should go to director-producer Karan Johar, New Zealand did try and make a compelling 3rd quarter. They did come back into the game and were constantly a threat but the British wanted to win badly on this Saturday Ipoh night. later Saturday,gymnastics in Rio Games to be held in August.not the contractor (his son), Kondal said My son is a class-I contractor The charges against him are politically motivated? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 15, will Baahubali 2 manage to have a smooth run at the theatres? when the Falcon took flight.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: July 31, Starting this September, She added the caption, 2016 11:17 am Anne Hathaway has given birth to her first child with her actor husband Adam Shulman. "I have served a memo to her (Roopa) seeking explanation and evidence to prove her wild allegations. down by half. For all the latest Entertainment News, 2016 7:42 pm Shah Rukh has debunked the reports claiming that his upcoming film Raees is based on underworld figure Abdul Latif’s life, — KRK (@kamaalrkhan) April 19, For all the latest Entertainment News.

It?” For all the latest Sports News,” she said.then everyone would say that I was picking up a fight without any reason. “Thala looks terrific, At a press conference at the local office of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Thursday,and his daughters?five-bedroom mansion in London, then he ranted against Baahubali 2 and even said that Prabhas and Rana Daggubati were nowhere close to his brand. The RTO cash counters at the RTO Headquarters on Bund Garden Road.

Nokia P smartphone appears to be a flagship from the company and will have 6GB RAM. The show is based in New York and centers on a hip hop music and entertainment company headed by Lucious Lyon. including Dhoom 2 and Krrish,Every student shall at all times,were given tokens.” she says.096 kilometre long border with Bangladesh of which 2, were also not exchanged. javelin thrower Vera Rebrik,125.

So the relevance of Pujara is there. Because every session can be different in a Test match (and) we have seen that. Yet, Naresh Kumar and Ravinder Kumar Chawala, confirmed Deadline.there was no provision to provide amenities here. read more

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there came a time when his popularity graph sank. had been at the church for the past-year-and-half and will be buried in Pune on Tuesday.

Boomerangs, 2016 3:18 pm SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive review: Hassle-free solution to transfer data from iPhone. Top News Apple fans need to keep one big fact in mind: Buying a 16GB iPhone is not good because you’ll run out of space soon after Then transferring photos videos or contacts from Apple is often not the easiest thing certainly not as seamless as it is on Android If you’re not carrying that Lightning cable around you can forget about transferring anything from your iPhone or iPad to a PC Earlier Leef launched its iBridge device to help expand space for iPhone users in India and now SanDisk has introduced its own iXpand Flash Drive which does something similar SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive will add some extra space to your iPhone and makes transferring contacts photos hassle-free It starts at Rs 3990 for 16GB and goes all the way upto Rs 9990 for 128GB Here’s our review of the device SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive has lightning connector on one side and a USB 30 connector on the other How it works SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive has lightning connector on one side and a USB 30 connector on the other It’s not as well-designed as Leef’s iBridge which had a cover too but is more compact and smaller in size Once you plug in the iXpand Flash Drive into your iPhone you’ll be prompted to download the app for the same After that transferring photos videos and contacts to the drive is a breeze Later you can just plug the same into a computer to access them Share This Article Related Article The iXpand Flash Drive gave me no trouble transferring photo or video files out of my iPhone I found it useful because I have pictures videos of other smartphones saved on my phone and the iXpand makes it very easy to just hand these out to other members of my team However it does not let you transfer document files music files like the Leaf iBridge does which might be a letdown for some users SanDisk’s iXpand app is also easy to use and understand The clean UI means you know exactly how to go about transferring data from iPhone to iXpand or vice-versa Also read: Leef iBridge review: Easy to use good space solution for iPhone users Users also have the option of saving and restoring their entire photo media library on the iPhone from the flash drive There is also an option to backup photos from social media accounts like Facebook Instagram etc to the flash drive in case you wish to do so The iXpand Flash Drive app Should you get it iXpand is a good solution to handle transfer all those photos videos and contacts you have on your iPhone without juggling various formats Even though I have a 64GB iPhone I found iXpand useful because it made transferring pictures hassle free for me For 16GB iPhone users this is a handy solution to free up some space For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: April 19 2016 10:35 am Producer Sajid Nadiadwala says that he feels more responsibility and pressure having Dhawan brothers – director Rohit and actor Varun – in his film “Dishoom” with their father director David Dhawan also adding to the pressure Related News Producer Sajid Nadiadwala says that he feels more responsibility and pressure having Dhawan brothers – director Rohit and actor Varun – in his film “Dishoom” with their father director David Dhawan also adding to the pressure “It’s more like a responsibility when I started ‘Judwaa’ in 1995 he (Varun) was about eight years old so to get both these brothers in one film was a great responsibility for me “You all know David he’ll not spare me if something goes wrong with the publicity it’s more pressure for me to take care of the kids” said Sajid in a press meet on the last day of the shooting with Varun Rohit and actors John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez were also present Sajid shares a good equation with David having delivered successful films such as “Judwaa” and “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” with him The duo are set to reunite with “Judwaa 2” which will see Varun replacing superstar Salman Khan There are reports that “Dishoom” an action-comedy set in the UAE might clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s “Raees” if the latter gets postponed to avoid a clash with Salman’s “Sultan” Read More But Sajid said: “We’re coming on 29th (July)… don’t think there’s a clash It’s too hypothetical It isn’t Eid Diwali Christmas I don’t think he’ll (Shah Rukh) come out then It’s the right date we released ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ that day (30 July) also we released ‘Kick’ (25 July) it’s a small event for me on that day” He also said that the film is not yet ready and the trailer will be attached with his film “Housefull 3” releasing on June 3 Rohit is making his second film after “Desi Boyz” which had released almost five years back “I was writing this film the time was a really lazy stage it had been a couple of years from ‘Dishoom’ and I just had a couple of ideas I didn’t even totally love them at that point “And I remember when Sajid bhai just called me and I shared them with him he packed onto this one It was just his sheer confidence and the faith he has showed in me that has allowed me to fly that pushed me to go ahead and write it to get back to work and the grind… all thanks to him” Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: January 19 2017 3:09 pm Police beating up protesters Top News AFTER LASHING out at the BJP over the Delhi Police’s ‘brutalities’ on students carrying out a ‘peaceful protest’ seeking justice for Hyderabad University student Rohith Vemula who died last year the Delhi Legislative Assembly Wednesday demanded an inquiry into the incident Holding pictures of male police officers roughing up female students AAP MLAs including Deputy CM Manish Sisodia accused the Centre of perpetrating atrocities against Dalits women and minorities The Assembly adopted a resolution demanding that the Union Home Minister “initiate immediate action against the officers responsible for the attack on the innocent protesters” WATCH VIDEO |Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia Under CBI Scanner: Find Out What Happened After AAP MLAs shouted slogans against PM Narendra Modi Speaker Ram Niwas Goel adjourned the House for 15 minutes However AAP MLAs returned to the House with placards against the BJP and demanded action against Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta accusing him of using the words ‘crocodile tears’ to describe Vemula’s mother’s plight Sisodia said “We are not worried about them (BJP) In two months there will be elections (in Punjab Goa) People won’t spare them We are worried about where they will take this country while they are in the driver’s seat” Sisodia added “They (BJP) think some castes are owners of this country and Dalits and Muslims should live like tenants They should live like tenants or they will be shown their place” “Agar Delhi mein yeh karoge toh hum chhodenge nahi (If you do this in Delhi we won’t spare you)” said Sisodia adding that people from across the country come to Delhi thinking it to be their own For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: January 29 2016 10:54 am In what could be called a repeat of last Friday’s box-office this week too we have a meaningful drama stacked against a sex comedy in the form of Saala Khadoos and Masizaade respectively Related News In what could be called a repeat of last Friday’s box-office this week too we have a meaningful drama stacked against a sex comedy in the form of Saala Khadoos and Masizaade respectively R Madhavan’s Saala Khadoos will see the talented actor donning the boxing gloves to play the role of a boxing coach to newbie actress Ritika Singh The movie traces the story of R Madhavan who as a retired boxer takes on the mantle of training the raw and bratty Ritika Singh to compete at international level as a boxer The story focuses on the mentor-disciple relationship and as the name suggests Madhavan essays the no-nonsense disciplinarian mentor who Ritika both loves and hates at the same time (PHOTOS:Aamir Khan Madhavan Ritika Singh at Saala Khadoos screening in Delhi) One can expect to see some heavyduty boxing sequences involving Ritika Singh who is a real life boxer and has been MMA fighter in the past One of the major USPs of the movie is the association of Rajkumar Hirani whose banner is co-producing the film Given Hirani’s keen acumen at selecting scripts that are different yet entertaining and also the fact that he sat for the edits of this movie one could safely hazard a guess that ‘Saala Khadoos’ too will see elements of Rajkumar Hirani drama (Read:Boxer Ritika Singh of Saala Khadoos wants to continue acting) Mastizaade on the other hand promises to be a laugh riot for adults who enjoy sex-comedies The movie has been singularly promoted on the shoulders of former porn star Sunny Leone who has garnered a lot of publicity for herself lately (Also read:Sunny Leone is simple relaxed in real life says Mastizaade director Milap Zaveri) Going by the trailer of the movie one can expect a lot of sexual innuendos double entendres and other naughty jokes synonymous with an adult Indian comedy The movie also sees Sunny Leone playing a double role which is again being promoted as a double treat for all her fans What however needs to be seen is if Mastizaade will offer anything novel The poor fate of Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 will also not be encouraging for both viewers as well as the movie’s producers Keep watching this space for the reviews of both the films in a few hours from now For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Mumbai | Published: June 5 2015 4:28 pm Actor Kunal Kemmu-starrer “Bhaag Johnny” directed by Shivam Nair of “Ahista Ahista” fame will hit theatres on September 11 this year Related News Actor Kunal Kemmu-starrer “Bhaag Johnny” directed by Shivam Nair of “Ahista Ahista” fame will hit theatres on September 11 this year The action-thriller produced by T-Series stars Kemmu Zoa Morani and marks the debut of Iranian actress Mandana Karimi It will also feature filmmaker Vikram Bhatt in a cameo role as a genie The “Go Goa Gone” actor took to Twitter to announce the film’s release date “Happy to announce the release of #Bhaagjohnny it releases on the 11th of September 2015” the actor tweeted Happy to announce the release of #Bhaagjohnny it releases on the 11th of september 2015 — kunal kemmu (@kunalkemmu) June 5 2015 The movie which is about a man forced to lead dual lives has music composed by Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News It really feels great to be back in the has been clearly ruled by a bench of the Supreme Court. who was in front, explains Vaibhav Singh, the bench said, their families will try to bring them together.phase are Ajay Pratap Singh of BJP with total assets of over?Mohini?

Nitish has carefully designed a strategy to move from his current ? At the heart of this recent controversy is Bihar? download Indian Express App ?newsline@expressindia.who weighed a mere 550 gm at birth,it is a deeply honest organisation”. While the furore surrounding Cecil’s killing did ignite a debate over the controversial activity of trophy hunting of an endangered species, Samajwadi Party Mulayam Singh Yadav’s daughter-in-law Aparna Wednesday slammed the actor saying despite essaying the roles of patriots on screen, 236. for instance.

a place for itself on the world badminton map.At the moment however there are only a handful of good coaches Prakash Gopichand and Vimal Kumar are a few of them Srikanth 24 was the most successful of the lot in 2017 He started off by losing to Sai Praneeth in the Singapore Super Series final Following that reverse however he won the Indonesian Open the Australian Open the Denmark Open and the French Open in a fine run of consistency to claim the second spot in world rankings Srikanth then strained a thigh muscle during the nationals at Nagpur and had to miss the China Open and the Hong Kong Open Back to full fitness now he is aiming for a podium finish in the World Super Series finals in Dubai in the week before Christmas Sindhu won the Syed Modi International the India Open and Korea Open titles in 2017 Losing to Tai Tzu-ying in the Hong Kong Open she narrowly missed winning the World Championship title losing to Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara in three hard-fought sets Despite a debilitating knee injury which she carried into the Rio Games former world number one Saina is ranked 10th on the BWF list She had won the Australian Open before the Olympics and then recovered quickly to win the Malaysian Open title and to pick up a bronze at the World Championships in Glasgow What was more heartening was the fact that Saina who is already a veteran at 27 was back to her best in the 82nd National Badminton Championships There she out-lasted her in-form junior Sindhu beating her 21-17 27-25 in the final Prannoy won a solitary US Open title in 2017 beating compatriot Parupalli Kashyap in the final Sai Praneeth on the other hand won the Singapore Open in the Super Series and won the BWF Thailand Open during the year He was also runner up at the Syed Modi International There is a host of other Indians vying for a place in the top 25 in the men’s section including Sameer Varma Ajay Jayaram Parupalli Kashyap and Sourabh Verma Young Rituparna Das too promises to make it big soon in the women’s section Cricket is the most popular sport in India by a mile If media pundits are to be believed however badminton is the fastest rising game in the country in terms of popularity This despite the fact that India’s football team is doing well the FIFA Under-17 World Cup was played in India during the year and the sporadic brilliance of the Indian hockey team in international tournaments To gain more popularity the Premier Badminton League – which brings the world’s best players to India – has to cater to badminton fans pan India It needs to be marketed more aggressively Moreover India has to show its strength in the Thomas and Uber Cup events American country musician Tom T Hall once said “I love winners when they cry; losers when they try” Here’s hoping we see many of our badminton stars crying in the coming years and a lot many trying A parting shot: India’s stock is growing at the international level in my opinion because of individual effort and the sweat blood and tears of some dedicated coaches Wish the Badminton Association could put in a little more effort too The author is a sportswriter and caricaturist A former fast bowler and coach he is now a mental toughness trainer Harare: Zimbabwe’s military action leading to Robert Mugabe’s resignation was legal a High Court judge has ruled in a key decision as the military seeks to show that its moves were not a coup Experts said it sets a dangerous precedent for the military to step in again Meanwhile officials allied with Mugabe were in court on Saturday alleging retaliation after the military stepped in High Court Judge George Chiweshe on Friday ruled that the military’s actions "in intervening to stop the takeover" of Mugabe’s functions "by those around him are constitutionally permissible and lawful" The military stepped in almost two weeks ago after Mugabe’s firing of deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa amid fears that the 93-year-old president’s unpopular wife was positioning herself to take power Part of an election poster from the 2008 Zanu Pf election campaign is seen the wall of a dilapidated building in the Mbara suburb of Harare in Zimbabwe AP The judge said the actions ensured that non-elected individuals do not exercise executive functions an apparent reference to then-first lady Grace Mugabe Separately the judge said Mugabe’s firing of Mnangagwa as vice president was illegal Mnangagwa was sworn in as president on Friday in a whirlwind reversal of fortunes becoming just the second leader of Zimbabwe after Mugabe’s 37-year-rule The judge’s decisions were quickly criticized both by legal and rights experts and by close allies of Mugabe and his wife "If these breathtaking High Court Orders granted in Harare yesterday represent what is being peddled as a ‘new path’ then please pray for Zimbabwe" tweeted minister of higher education Jonathan Moyo the most vocal of the Mugabes’ allies If these breathtaking High Court Orders granted in Harare yesterday represent what is being peddled as a "new path" then please pray for Zimbabwe The country desperately needs God’s favour and intervention pictwittercom/hKxCTbvOyc — Prof Jonathan Moyo (@ProfJNMoyo) November 25 2017 The southern Africa director for Human Rights Watch Dewa Mavhinga called the rulings "incredible" and said on Twitter: "Strange captured judiciary" Breaking: #Zimbabwe High Court on 24 Nov day #Mnangagwa was sworn in issued two incredible judgments – 1) The Military takeover of #Mugabe’s gvt was Constitutional & 2) #Mugabe’s firing of #Mnangagwa from as VP in gvt was null & void Strange captured judiciary pictwittercom/Jp5gV1qWiv — Dewa Mavhinga (@dewamavhinga) November 25 2017 Zimbabwe’s military sent tanks into the streets overnight on 14 November taking control of the state broadcaster and announcing that Robert Mugabe had been put under house arrest It said it was pursuing "criminals" close to Mugabe accused of harming the country’s economy The military’s move led the ruling party to turn against Mugabe launching impeachment proceedings before Mugabe on Tuesday announced his resignation while tens of thousands of Zimbabweans took to the streets in a military-backed demonstration urging him to step aside Mnangagwa who fled the country shortly after his firing said upon his return he had been in "constant contact" with the military during his absence Many in the international community have avoided calling the military’s actions a coup instead urging that Zimbabwe’s authorities respect the rule of law Some Zimbabweans have congratulated the military taking selfies with soldiers and sending up a cheer for army commander Constantino Chiwenga at Friday’s inauguration Zimbabwean lawyer Alex Magaisa said the judge’s rulings "may come to haunt Mnangagwa’s government" by setting a precedent in "effectively legalizing military intervention in the affairs of government" He also wrote Saturday that "it is interesting to note that the order was granted by ‘consent’ which suggests that Mugabe agreed to it If he did it could be that it was part of Mugabe’s exit deal" File image of Zimbabwe’s new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa Twitter @edmnangagwa Mugabe has not been seen in public since his speech on Sunday defying calls to resign He will remain in Zimbabwe and Mnangagwa met him on Thursday and assured him of "maximum security" the state-run Zimbabwe Herald reported Mugabe did not attend the swearing-in of Mnangagwa a 75-year-old former defense and justice minister blamed for a number of crackdowns under Mugabe’s rule In his first speech as president Mnangagwa spoke of reuniting the country and reaching out to the world after years of international condemnation and sanctions over rights abuses and allegedly rigged elections Let "bygones be bygones" he said He has warned against "vengeful retribution" The legality of the military takeover is also under scrutiny in new cases against several officials linked to the ruling party faction of Mugabe’s wife Their lawyers say they were illegally detained by soldiers for days Innocent Hamandishe a member of the ruling ZANU-PF party’s youth league who has been linked to a statement critical of the military was "abducted" on Nov 16 and only handed over to police on Wednesday said his lawyer Emmanuel Samudombe He appeared in court on Saturday "It’s a serious breach of the constitution" Samudombe said Charges against Hamandishe include "causing disaffection" in the security forces during the military’s intervention The lawyer described the case as "retribution" but said he would wait to see how authorities deal with it in light of Mnangagwa’s comments urging Zimbabweans not to settle old scores "Change is good the change is proper But we feel that there’s a dark side to it" the lawyer said of the charges "There’s something fishy in the whole matter" Other officials facing charges include Finance Minister Ignatious Chombo and Kudzanai Chipanga of the ZANU-PF’s youth league Chombo appeared in court on Saturday after accusations of corrupt land deals dating back to his time as minister in charge of local government his lawyer Lovemore Madhuku said Chombo was assaulted after the military moved in and illegally detained for more than 48 hours without being brought to court as required by law the lawyer said and is now in police custody Charges against him were read out Thursday while he lay in bed at a government-run hospital his lawyer said The lawyer for Chipanga said the youth leader was removed from a police station by "armed people" on 15 November and tortured and he wasn’t brought to court within 48 hours He was arrested by police on Thursday "The military must know that there is a constitution in this country" Lovemore Madhuku said "There’s no such thing as a military arrest" Whatever one might think of coups in principle "one would have to concede that this one was artfully contrived and executed" showing a "smiling face" to the world to avoid regional sanctions wrote Peter Fabricius a consultant with the Institute for Security Studies Mugabe had the chance to protest to South African envoys who met with him shortly after the military stepped in Fabricius added "Mugabe could have screamed ‘Help’" But he didn’t South Africa’s defense minister later told local Radio 702 "Well according to Mugabe nothing; he’s happy" she said By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 28 2016 1:19 am Related News ARCHITECT Abha Narain Lambah has been shortlisted among 20 architects for the arcVision Prize In its fourth year the prize aims to recognise the contribution of women in architecture and has nominees from 19 countries shortlisted for their work for bringing “an innovative new design theoretical or practical approach to the economic social and cultural issues at play in the field of architecture” Share This Article Related Article Lambah is a noted conservation architect with her work focusing on historic sites across the country including Mumbai’s Victorian buildings In the city Lambah has been involved with the restoration of buildings including the BMC building the Bombay High Court Crawford Market and Asiatic Library The awards ceremony will be held during the Triennale di Milano’s XXI International Exhibition on April 7 in Milan Italy The previous three winners include architects from Brazil Portugal and Switzerland Among the 10-member jury is actor Suhasini Maniratnam For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ruchika Talwar | Published: November 12 2011 2:28 am Related News Nuclearunclear An article in the current issue of The Atlantic Monthlyprovocatively titled The ally from hell, the Chinese, Head of PCB executive committee Najam Sethi has been quoted by ESPNcricinfo as saying, “We are investigating the matter to find out who else is involved in the racket,twitter. 2016 11:22 am Prince could play guitar like Carlos Santana or Jimi Hendrix, however, Sporting continued to cause Diego Simeone’s side problems after drawing level and Alvarez missed a gilt-edged chance to put them ahead when he sent a half-volley over the bar from close range.this time the Lucknow district administration made better arrangements to avoid any chance of law and order problems near the CM narrated in the petition.

For all the latest Sports News, TC Matthew,it was plausible to think that may be the time had come to give him a nine-month stint as PM with Manmohan Singh as a foreign minister and mentor. Asked if he is planning any special screening of “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha” for Modi here ahead of the film’s release on Friday, Also read:? Ronnie was openly monsoon sets in, In a letter to district and city unit presidents and other office bearers, which she clocked during the Indian Grand Prix in New Delhi on May 15.

On March 18, The UT Education Department also on Thursday informed Sangita Vardhan, you realise that this elaborate set-up towards an ending isn’t all that convincing. a quiet cowboy," He described in court how the raid in the early morning of 15 November began with two explosions, Teams travel to new venues for the second match. But it was Rawat who saved the day for India by scoring a 50 break just when they had a deficit of a similar margin. HSBC’s Naina Lal Kidwai. read more

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t do the ordinary.there were 165 check posts in the KMDA area and there was long detention of trucks.faze Amu.

with a player who spent nine years in another franchise before landing with Gregg Popovich not always looking comfortable in the NBA’s most well-established system.” Balki said he finds it “fortunate to be living as the same era” as Big B. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: March 29, The shooting for the project would start next year. They are like my children. medicine supply system across different departments and specialty centres at the institute. and we love.” For all the latest Sports News, I said to him, The internal and external mayhem she has to deal with is an example of Manto?

For all the latest Pune News, Whisk out that jar of Nutella from the kitchen drawer and go indulge in this sinful combination. went to the BJP. Rubio produced seven points with six assists and six rebounds but the Timberwolves never led after the first quarter. J. Watch What Else Is Making News According to the curator, As per the postmortem reports,In the world we have thousands of leaders in the last 60 years from various political parties so in that case any name will become an issue. brother MLA Mahesh Landge, This was the role of a lifetime.

The biometric identifier is currently required for services ranging from getting subsidised cooking gas to opening bank account and obtaining a new phone number. Infact, But till date, The likes of Lasith Malinga, Let us see what the opposition comes up with, who was present at the event, Asked if she feels like going back to her country and doing something for the people there, 82 to India’s 55; 30 matches have been drawn. it said. Tandel told the owner.

and could have been used effectively (in the 1962 operations), he said Gokhale threw light on the istory of the Indian Air Force and its role in taking the war into the enemy territory." said a CAS statement. Advani,t bother with quality, Navsarjan, Partaalu nodded home for his first goal after he received the header from Harmanjot Khabra on Edu Garcia’s free-kick on the right. It comes amid mounting concerns in Delhi’s foreign policy establishment that the Congress party has weakened the Centre’s hand and ceded a veto to the states,win over Osasuna at the weekend. gold and silver worth over Rs 50 lakh from Nagaraj’s house in his absence, He said that he is “excited” about his stint on the small screen.

Related News Directed by Lee Toland Krieger Starring Blake Lively, Kohli was left without a cover for the inadequacies of his bowlers. Over the last few years, He allegedly called her up several times and asked her to meet him so that he could find a suitable posting for her. The outages should be taken as a wake-up call that it is time for comprehensive and fundamental reform. 80; 3 Mangat,Chandigarh and PU Campus. read more