first_imgDefinitionA dislocation is a separation of two bones where they meet at a joint. Joints are areas where two bones come together.A dislocated bone is no longer in its normal position.Alternative NamesJoint dislocationConsiderationsIt may be hard to tell a dislocated bone from a broken bone. Both are an emergency. You will need the same first aid treatment.Most dislocations can be treated ina doctors office or emergency room. You may be given medicine to make you sleepy and to numb the area.Sometimes, general anesthesia in the operating room is needed.When treated early, most dislocationswill not result in permanent injury.Injuries to the surrounding tissues generally take 3 – 6 weeks to heal. Sometimes, surgery to repair a torn ligament is needed.Injuries to nerves and blood vessels may result in more long-term or permanent problems.Once a joint has been dislocated, it is more likely to happen again. Follow-up with an orthopedic surgeon is recommended after a dislocation.CausesDislocations are usually caused by a sudden impact to the joint. This usually occurs following a blow, fall, or other trauma.SymptomsA dislocated joint may be:Accompanied by numbness or tingling at the joint or beyond itIntensely painful, especially if you try to use the joint or bear weight on itLimited in movementSwollen or bruisedVisibly out of place, discolored, or misshapenNursemaids elbow is a partial dislocation common in toddlers. The main symptom is refusal to use the arm. Nursemaids elbow can be easily treated in a doctors office.advertisementFirst AidCall 911 before you begin treating someone who may have a dislocation, especially if the accident causing the injury may be life-threatening.If there has been a serious injury, check the persons airway, breathing, and circulation. If necessary, begin rescue breathing, CPR, or bleeding control.Do not move the person if you think that the head, back, or leg has been injured. Keep the person still. Provide reassurance.If the skin is broken, take steps to prevent infection. Do not blow on the wound. Rinse the area gently to remove obvious dirt, but do not scrub or probe. Cover the area with sterile dressings before immobilizing the injury.Splint or sling the injury in the position in which you found it. Do not move the joint. Be sure to immobilize the area above and below the injured joint.Check the persons blood circulation around the injury by pressing firmly on the skin in the affected area. It should blanch white, then regain color within a couple of seconds. Avoid this step if the skin has been broken, to reduce the risk of infection.Apply ice packs to ease pain and swelling.Take steps to prevent shock. Unless there is a head, leg, or back injury, lay the victim flat, elevate the feet about 12 inches, and cover the person with a coat or blanket.Do NotDo NOT move the person unless the injury has been completely immobilized.Do NOT move a person with an injured hip, pelvis, or upper leg unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are the only rescuer and the person must be moved, drag him or her by the clothing.Do NOT attempt to straighten a misshapen bone or joint or to change its position.Do NOT test a misshapen bone or joint for loss of function.Do NOT give the person anything by mouth.Call immediately for emergency medical assistance ifCall 911 if the person has:A bone projecting through the skinA known or suspected dislocation or broken boneAn area below the injured joint that is pale, cold, clammy, or blueSevere bleedingSigns of infection, such as warmth or redness at the injured site, pus, or a feverPreventionPreventing injuries in children:Create a safe environment around your home.Pay careful attention to preventing falls by gating stairways and keeping windows closed and locked.Supervise children carefully. There is no substitute for close supervision no matter how safe the environment or situation appears to be.Teach children how to be safe and look out for themselves.Preventing dislocations in adults:Avoid falls by not standing on chairs, countertops, or other unstable objects.Eliminate throw rugs, especially for the elderly.Wear protective gear when participating in contact sports.For all age groups:Keep a first aid kit handy.Remove electrical cords from floor surfaces.Use handrails on staircases.Use nonskid mats on the bottom of the bathtubs and avoid bath oils.ReferencesBrowner BD, Jupiter JB, Levine Am, Trafton PG, Krettek C., eds. Skeletal Trauma. 4th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier;2008.advertisementChapman MW. Fracture healing and closed treatment of fractures and dislocations. In: Chapman MW, Szabo RM, Marder RA, Vince KG, Mann RA, Lane JM, et al, eds. Chapmans Orthopaedic Surgery. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins: 2000:chap 10.Foley KA. Knee dislocation. In: Rosen P, Barkin RM, Hayden SR, Schaider JJ, Wolfe R, eds. Rosen and Barkins 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins; 2007.Brabson TA, Greenfield BS. Prehospital Immobilization.In:Roberts JR, Hedges JR, eds. Roberts: Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine.5th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2009: chap 46.Ufberg JW, McNamara RM. Management of Common Dislocations.In:Roberts JR, Hedges JR, eds. Roberts: Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine.5th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2009: chap 49.Review Date:4/12/2012Reviewed By:Jacob L. Heller, MD, MHA, Emergency Medicine, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, Washington. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc.last_img read more

Indian U-17 girls finish fourth at rugby tournament in Dubai

first_imgMumbai, Dec 2 (PTI) The Indian Under-17 girls team has returned home after ending up fourth in the Youth Olympic Games Rugby Sevens Qualifiers held at Dubai Sports City, Dubai.A total of 12 countries from across Asia, including Japan, Laos, Kazakhstan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Philippines, China, Thailand, Malaysia, India and hosts UAE, fought for top honours at the championships that concluded in end-November.Japan were crowned the champions of the tournament after defeating China in a closely contested final, while Kazakhstan finished in third place, said a media release.In the opening rounds, the Indian girls defeated Laos 27-0 in the first game, but in the second lost to eventual champions Japan 0-50.Having qualified for the second phase, the Indian girls started off with a victory, defeating Hong Kong 24-7.However, they lost their next two games against China and Kazakhstan 0-43 and 5-22, respectively.The team participated under the aegis of the Indian Rugby Football Union (IRFU), the governing body for the sport in India, and was supported by Societe Generale, the financial partner of Rugby India. PTI SSR RSYlast_img read more

Nets Hi-Jack Warriors, 110-108

first_imgNEW YORK — There was no stopping Stephen Curry down the stretch, so Jarrett Jack shot over him.Jack made a tiebreaking jumper with 1.1 seconds left and the Brooklyn Nets overcame Curry’s stirring fourth-quarter comeback attempt to beat the Golden State Warriors 110-108 on March 2.Curry, in a breathtaking flurry of outside shooting, brought the Warriors back from 10 points down with under 4 minutes left to tie it. But he couldn’t get a final shot off after Jack’s jumper over his outstretched arms.“It’s all about being ready,” Jack said. “I didn’t have a huge game shooting the ball. I think chasing Steph around probably had a big, big reason to do with that. But it’s always staying ready.”Curry finished with 26 points, 18 in the final period, when he had opposing fans chanting “MVP!” and gasping every time he rose to shoot. Jack, however, calmly ran the clock down and hit the shot to beat his former team as the Nets won their first game at home since Feb. 6.“That’s what he does. He makes big shots,” Curry said. “I played the best defense I could on that possession, contested it and made him alter just a little bit, and he still knocked it down.”Brook Lopez had 26 points and Deron Williams 22 for the Nets.Andrew Bogut scored 16 for Golden State, but Klay Thompson shot 3-for-17. He was 1-of-9 on 3-pointers and finished with seven points.Alan Anderson scored 16 for the Nets, who had played eight in a row on the road since beating New York at Barclays Center on Feb. 6, a 24-day stretch between home games that ranked as the longest in franchise history.Now the Warriors can’t wait to get home, ending their six-game trip and a stretch of 10 road games out of 11.A night after overcoming a 26-point deficit to beat Boston, the Warriors looked as though they longed for their own beds for most of this one.Curry was only 1 of 6 for five points by the final minute of the third, but his 3-pointer with 11 seconds left in the period set him up for his big fourth.“Steph was amazing down the stretch. For a guy who didn’t do that much in the first half, got in foul trouble, he didn’t look like he had his legs and then to just explode like he did was just remarkable,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “He gave us a chance to win.”On the same floor where he won last month’s 3-point contest at All-Star weekend, Curry made four 3s in the fourth. The Warriors got the ball to him going toward the rim on an inbounds after Jack’s basket, but he couldn’t get a shot up before the buzzer.Lopez said the Nets thought the Warriors would go for a 3-pointer on the final possession.“Lots of capable guys in that situation, lots of guys we had to look out for, and we played it well,” he said.Williams’ basket made it 106-96 with 4 minutes left and the Warriors looked about finished. Curry then made a 3 and, after Jack’s jumper, nailed two in a row from behind the arc to cut it to 108-105.He missed another that would have tied it — drawing a stunned response around the arena — but tied it at 108 on a jumper with 1:09 to play.Bogut threw the ball away trying to get it to Curry, giving possession to the Nets. That set up the jumper by Jack, who also hit one here to beat the Clippers on Feb. 2.Thaddeus Young, playing his first home game for the Nets since being acquired for Kevin Garnett at the trade deadline, scored 14 points.(BRIAN MAHONEY, AP Basketball Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

This painting of NASAs late Mars rover Opportunity might make you sob

first_img Tags Share your voice 17 Photos NASA Opportunity rover witnessed the wild side of Mars Enlarge Image”Oppy” got in on the selfie trend in early 2018 with this self-portrait celebrating its 5,000th day on Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech A piece of NASA’s heart sits silent on Mars. The space agency called an end to the Opportunity rover’s epic Mars mission this week after months of failed attempts to revive the machine after a massive dust storm in mid-2018 blotted out its solar panels and destroyed its ability to communicate with Earth. Emotional tributes poured out from scientists and space fans alike. Uzbekistani artist Rostislav Shekhovtsov was so moved by the rover’s finale, he created a digital painting to honor Oppy. It’s a tearjerker. It shows two astronauts in the future finding the dust-covered rover on Mars. oppyfound3Artist Rostislav Shekhovtsov created this digital painting in Photoshop. Rostislav Shekhovtsov Shekhovtsov posted the image to Instagram, captioning it with “It’s time to go home, Oppy.” The artist says he created the work in Photoshop over the course of five to seven hours.What makes the art piece all the more touching is how one of the astronauts reaches out to Opportunity’s head-like camera array, an acknowledgement of how many of us have come to treat the rover like a person who should be mourned. Sci-Tech “Oppy is alive for me,” Shekhovtsov tells me. He’s convinced humans will one day fly to Mars and recover the rover.  Opportunity outlasted its original three-month mission in 2004 and delivered over 14 years of scientific discoveries and stunning Mars images.NASA’s longest-lived Red Planet rover couldn’t have earned a more loving tribute than Shekhovtsov’s hopeful and heartbreaking vision of the future.center_img Goodbye, Oppy Mars rovers NASA Space 5 NASA’s history-making Mars rover Opportunity declared dead NASA Mars rover Opportunity earns heartbreaking eulogies: ‘I’m crying’ Commentslast_img read more

Forts folklores and music

first_imgJust a few hours away from the Capital there is a musical storm building up. Rajasthan International Folk Festival, which is among one of the biggest music fest in the world is just round the corner. Millennium Post speaks to Divya Bhatia, the director of the fest to bring you insights what to expect this year.If you are a music lover take some time out in October and drive down to attend this year’s RIFF. The fest takes place every year on Sharad Purnima, this year it will take place at Mehrangarh Ford.   Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’What should music lovers expect this year?This year’s Jodhpur RIFF will bring together interlinked strands to create a captivating program built around the exceptional variety of Rajasthani music and countries rich tradition in percussion and the unique musical heritage of nomads. The multi-platform festival includes unique events from dawn devotional concerts to hip club nights; and exciting collaborations with musicians from across the globe.What are the key attractions of the fest this year? Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixOur focus on the Manganiyar community, the Gypsy Allstars, a Rajasthani percussion workshop, Manu Chao’s set, the legacy of Bhikari Thakur by Kalpana Patowary, Daud Khan master of the roabab, collaboration between an Australian and Rajasthani artists, a special performance by the Manganiyar artists among others!Tell us about the Jodhpur-RIFF from a director’s point of view?It is a dream project for anyone to do, it gives me an unusual context to work in, a wonderful vision to evolve that can be measured in decades (not years), stalwart mentors to guide, a unique city and stunning location to animate. It’s extremely challenging and therefore very satisfying if done well. Most of all, work with and for some of the best musicians in the world. Arranging the whole fest is a difficult task would you like to share any good/bad incidences that have taken place during the process?They have been mostly good. Being invited to present legendary folk musicians at the Edinburgh International Festival and the visit of the Scottish Foreign Minister to RIFF last year; facilitating and enabling the collaboration with Dharohar project and Mumford and Sons and the royalties to the folk artists after that; being on a list of best international festivals for four years in a row.Tell us more about the documentary Bidesia in Bambai?Bidesia in Bambai is an unusual film by film maker Surabhi Sharma – about the mobile culture, migration to Mumbai and Bhojpuri music in the city. Surabhi’s explorations are postmodern and they provide a perfect counterpoint to our presentations of pure folk, while opening new spaces for dialogue on modernity and folk music.last_img read more

Is VoIP Right for Your Company

first_img 2 min read Enroll Now for Free This story appears in the March 2006 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Curious about VoIP phone service? PhoneGnome is a low-cost way to see how VoIP fits your company before you start incurring monthly fees. The wallet-size device lets you make free internet phone calls without any change to your current phone numbers, services or handsets.Once connected to a traditional phone jack, the $119 (all prices street) black-or rather, gray-box serves pretty much the same IP/PSTN conversion function as the ATA adapters you get when you sign up with Covad, Vonage or other VoIP providers.But unlike with those services, you’ll never have to change or add phone numbers to get service–a potentially significant expense for growing businesses. There’s no disruption of aux-iliary services–911, directory assistance, answering machine, TV, security–that rely on PSTN protocols. There’s no risk of losing phone service during a power outage (which happened to me five times last year). Unlike IM-based calling from AOL Instant Messenger, GoogleTalk or Skype, there’s no software to use when making calls.You dial using the same phone you always have. PhoneGnome automatically detects and routes calls between devices compatible with session initiation protocol, or SIP, entirely over the internet. Calls to or from non-SIP devices are routed over PSTN. Setup? Just plug PhoneGnome’s phone line and Ethernet cable into your phone and broadband loops, respectively. The hardware configures itself.The bad news is that, at this stage in our long transition from PSTN to IP calling, there isn’t just one way for VoIP devices to talk to each other. While Earth-link and Free World Dialup speak SIP, PhoneGnome can’t make an all-internet connection to the non-SIP hardware of popular services like Skype and Vonage.One approach is to buy two or more PhoneGnomes to make free calls among branch offices and the homes of key employees (a two-pack is $199). The PhoneGnome website also lists compatible VoIP services offering calls to U.S. landlines for as little as 2 cents a minute.There are new ways to make internet calls coming out every day. PhoneGnome is one that asks for very little of your time or money. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now March 1, 2006 This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience.last_img read more

Machine generated videos like Deepfakes – Trick or Treat

first_imgA Reddit user named “DeepFakes” had posted real-looking explicit videos of celebrities last year. He made use of deep learning techniques to insert celebrities’ faces into the adult movies. Since then the term “Deepfakes” has been used to describe deep learning techniques that help create realistic looking fake videos or images. Video tampering is usually done using generative adversarial networks. Why is everyone afraid of deepfakes? Deepfakes are problematic as they make it very hard to differentiate between the fake and real videos or images. This gives people the liberty to use deepfakes for promoting harassment and illegal activities. The most common use of deepfakes is found in revenge porn, fake celebrities videos and political abuse. For instance, people create face-swap porn videos of ex-girlfriends, classmates, politicians, celebrities, and teachers. This not only counts as cyberbullying but poses major threat overall as one can create a fake video showing world leaders declaring war on a country. Moreover, given that deepfakes seem so real, its victims often suffer through feelings of embarrassment and shame. Deepfakes also cause major reputational harm. One such example is of a 24-year-old, Noelle Martin, whose battle with deepfake pornography started six years ago. Anonymous predators stole her non-sexual images online and then doctored them into pornographic videos. Martin says she faces harassment from people till this day. Other victims of deepfakes pornography include celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Ivanka Trump, Kate Middleton, and so forth. But, Deepfakes isn’t just limited to pornography and has made its way to many other spheres. Deepfakes can also be used as a weapon of misinformation since they can be used to maliciously hoax governments, populations and cause internal conflict. From destroying careers by creating fake evidence of them doing something inappropriate to showing soldiers killing innocent civilians, deepfakes have been wreaking havoc. In defense of deepfakes Just as any tool can be used for good and bad, deepfakes is just an effective machine learning tool that creates realistic videos. Even though deepfakes are majorly used for inappropriate activities, some have put it to good use. For instance, GANs or generative adversarial networks (which help create deepfakes) can create realistic images of skin lesions and create examples of liver lesions, which plays a major role in medical research. Other examples include filmmakers using deepfakes for making great videos with swapped in backgrounds, snapchat face swap photo filters, and face swap e-cards (eg; jib jab app) among others. Are deepfakes trick or treat? If we make pros and cons list for deepfakes, cons seem to outweigh the pros as of today. Although it has its potential good applications, it is majorly used as a tool for harassing and misinforming people. There is a long way to go till deepfakes achieves itself a good rep and right now, it is mostly fake videos, fake images, false danger warnings, and revenge porn. Trick or treat? I spy a total TRICK!last_img read more